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When you present your CV to a recruiter, you usually have between 10 and 30 seconds to persuade them, so don’t let your CV become a wasted CV.

You must understand how to write a fantastic CV customised to the position to be used, and how to avoid traps that might endanger your prospects. You must obtain a chance to acquire the job.

Below are my top 10 theories as to why and how to correct your CV.

A Ridiculous Email Address

You could be Alan Partridge Fan, but still need your email address [email protected]?

Only personally communicable email addresses like these may be used. It takes just five minutes to establish an email address with a “professional look” on Hotmail, Yahoo, Google or some other free e-mail service.

We find some very amazing email addresses that quickly shed a hard light on an applicant. Try to use your name if you have an email address. What a pity would it be that your “funny” email address is the ideal candidate for an employment that is refused at the first hurdle?

Spelling & Grammar

There are no real excuses for this, but it’s surprising how many CVs come out with spelling errors and bad grammar. And the word resume has been misspelled on occasion. Know that this is a text that reflects you, and any errors will reflect poorly on you.

Test and double-check your CV. Then send it to a friend who will look it over and give you some positive feedback. Sitting back and reading your CV out loud is a perfect way to double-check it. This will draw attention to any lines that are too long and have additional punctuation.

A Candidate Picture

This could be suitable on the mainland, while the recruiter could get a headshot on your resume in the UK, but it would probably just take one step to the ‘no’ pile of your curriculum vitae.

You don’t have to have a beautiful picture of yourself unless you have the perfect job imagination, such as performing or modelling, on your field of work. The capacity of a candidate to accomplish the job will be considered on the basis of their abilities, background and training not because he has at least a lovely face!

You can also keep the CV in a word format rather than a PDF or ZIP file, for example. Give the recruiter a good reason to reject your CV, and they’ll accept it! Again, keep in mind that the Word-based CV would be the one that gets into the recruiter’s HR programs and is shared on work boards.

If you’re a graphic designer or multimedia artist, fight the urge to only submit a shortcut to your CV’s download page from your homepage. Again, a simple Word-based CV will do, and once you’ve piqued a recruiter’s attention, you can still point them to some supporting content.


There’s nothing more aggravating than looking at a CV on a tablet or on paper and trying to find out where each section starts and ends. Not only would poor formatting frighten recruits, but it would also harm career boards for a candidate. Any work boards would have trouble seeing a badly formatted CV at all.

Too Much Personal Information

It is a waste of space that can harm your chances that there will be a job to add too much personal information not relevant to the task, just as attaching an image to your resume makes no sense.

If you don’t pitch for a date, should a recruiter know your age, weight, religion, political or marital status, or sexual identity?

Silly Fonts

We get a lot of CVs where the writer has gone a little ‘artistic’ and used five different fonts in every color of the rainbow. The Only one readable typeface, such as Calibri, Arial, or Times New Roman, which is your journal font of choice, must be used as a golden CV guideline. Do not read fonts like Blackadder ITC and fots like Comic Sans, which are tough to read. The objective is often to maintain at least 10 font sizes. Reducing your CV to 8 is perhaps too busy for your CV.

It’s still worth printing a copy and showing it to people for feedback and then acting on that feedback.

Lack of a covering letter

Like a personalised curriculum vitae, a covering letter is frequently seen by applicants as a nicer than a must. However, whether you obtain an interview or not will make a considerable impact.

A properly prepared cover letter attracts the attention of an employer and gives them excitement to study the CV immediately.

Work to ensure that the cover letter does not fit blandly, one-size-all, like you did with your resume. You want to make your talents brief and cute and why the firm you apply to would be a fantastic fit.

Meaningless Introductions

Incorporating as many meaningless clichés as possible into an introduction can irritate and put off a potential employee. So You are a hard-working, detail-oriented and good working ethic team member seeking for a new career advertisement. You merely had to write blah, blah, blah for all the effect the phrase would have.

We’ve also seen CVs that begin with a Winston Churchill or Shakespeare quote. A surefire way to get your CV thrown out.

In a succinct introduction, list which sectors you’ve excelled in and what expertise you’d add to your new role. Don’t squander this opportunity to inspire by reciting pointless soundbites. Often take the time to tailor your introduction to the role you’re applying for.

Weird Hobbies

Another common job seeker blunder is listing some bizarre hobbies in an attempt to make themselves look much more fascinating than they are. If anyone lists “a curiosity in guns” or “collecting stuffed owls” as a hobby, it does not give the appearance of a well-rounded individual.

Be open and frank about your interests and hobbies. Anything else will cause you to make a mistake during questioning.

A Picture or a URL Link

Whichever way it is, but a headshot on your CV can delight the recruiter, but it very sure might move your CV closer to the ‘no’ stack.
You don’t have to have a beautiful picture of yourself unless you have the perfect job imagination, such as performing or modelling, on your field of work. The capacity for a candidate to accomplish the work will not be assessed on the basis of a grin, his ability, career backgrounds and skills.

If you’re a graphic designer or multimedia artist, don’t just submit a connection to your CV’s download page from your homepage. Again, a simple Word-based CV will do, and once you’ve piqued a recruiter’s attention, you can still point them to some supporting content.


Resumes must be updated on a regular basis as your work and life advance. Making minor revisions to your resume on a regular basis will make it updated and available for future updates. So, writing your resume using these methods would keep you on track and even make it easier for recruiters to pass judgment on your resume style and material.

The portals aren’t made by humans. They adhere to a set of rules. As a result, don’t be imaginative or assume that your CV will be immediately understood. Recruiting contractors and corporate recruiters must sift through hundreds of CVs, and they are most likely to use keyword searches on a data-bank to shortlist resumes – so make sure the resume and application process address both of the above issues. This will make your CV show up in the first search results.

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By Anurag Rathod

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