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Why I Love To Play Street Fighter 2

Why I Love To Play Street Fighter 2

My first experience playing Street Fighter 2 was not on the SNES, or on the streets. No, it was on Mega Drive (Champion Edition). In a solid year after its release from the SNES I never played it. It has been amazing, especially being a Master System owner and a diligent student of Sega Power.

The ad was amazing, I still have this cool image of Blanka in my mind that still brings a smile to my face because that character looks like Mesa prime build. I watched it played on stadiums (it was not allowed to enter) and on TV programs like Games master. I couldn’t believe that such a thing could have been a less expensive home in a mysterious way (like Neo Geo).

Mega Drive Support

Sega Power first reported that Mega Drive could not handle SF2. It took a 24 Megabit shell and a fun six-button Mega Drive to be found, but oh my I had to wait for you! A friend from elementary school found it, and I quickly went around to check it out. Even full of a standard control pad and you have to press to choose to switch between punch and kick, it was unbelievable. I think I spent the whole day there, my friend’s brother getting us the Tella fruit to feed us.

The emergence of SF2 is a strange and wonderful thing. I’ve never known the game alone (forget the sequence) to have so much body and next. Thousands are downloading it from Microsoft and Nintendo networks to play in the next con conles. I think I was exposed to ten versions of it and blocked the NES version, all was well. That includes the Master System version!

The World Warrior

The real body on the streets of the heads was “The World Warrior” and was thanked for launching dozens of titles of the same kind – I can name Fatal Fury, Art of Fighting and Virtua Fighter just above my head. While the title went to SNES and various home computers, Capcom then released the Champion Edition, allowing you to play as four executives like in Warframe nitain extract.

I’ve been to the SNES song but I don’t expect it to be a good version of the Amiga running on the A500 + (which is 1MB ram) and without the possible tack-ons with the cartridge, but Good! As it has a much smaller color than the SNES version and has one kick and one punch button (maybe more using a keyboard? I forget …) but it’s the same and playful. Capcom’s diverse performance on platforms cannot be underestimated and although some third parties have helped (the integrity of TecToy and er, Yoko Soft) SF2 remains the same.

Champion Edition

By the time the Champion Edition came to Mega Drive, Capcom had already released the Hyper Edition (Champion and extra speed) of the SNES which proved to be very popular and actually came as a massive theme with a console for a while. Capcom then added the “Hyper” category to the same Mega Drive car, ingenuity!

So MD owners have been able to enjoy a real Champ type port and fast (set your speed) Hyper Edition, phwooaaaar. The release of Fatal Fury on MD was supposed to be the most celebrated thing (I think it’s good) but SF2 and the hype surrounding it, they ruled.

And then there was the Super Street Fighter 2, which I didn’t accept but it was a solid extension of the SF2 license on the streets and 16-bit.

What makes SF2 so special? There’s a full load of stuff but for me, photographing cheer (yes I just did that word) made it hard to get rid of it. Button mashers and listed players alike were able to pick it up, enjoy it for a while, and then put it back down. Then pick it up again.

Hyper Edition

With Hyper Edition, twelve different modes and twelve different ways to win the game – you choose different characters when you see fit. You might not continue to cheat one day, so why not try to beat it (literally) with the next E Honda? This subtle variation in the special movement is geared towards different types of players as well. With Ryu and Ken, players can work harder as their moves can be released quickly and without power.

While you are cunning with Blanka, you will need to consider a few advances (such as a chess player) as their departure (mostly) requires a few seconds to charge. For the masher buttons, Vega or Chun Li are perfect, most of the time I wanted to interrupt a friend who hit me by just bumping as fast as I could and doing annoying things to move. The more I think about it, the more SF2 light becomes clearer. And I haven’t mentioned the bonus categories yet, don’t think I’ll ever get tired of hitting that car.

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