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Boost unavailable on Facebook can have many different reasons. These reasons can be solved easily but for that, you  must understand what went wrong first.

Below we have enlisted some of the reasons for Facebook boost unavailable with their appropriate solutions. To know how to apply those solutions, you can refer to the official website of Facebook too.

Cover Photos

Cover photos are boost unavailable in Facebook because boosted posts include budget. The boost enables you to engage more with the audience beyond your followers and spread brand awareness. If your cover photo is good enough to be boosted, then upload it again as a post and boost it.

Cover Videos

Similar to the cover photos, cover videos are also boost unavailable in Facebook. It is suggestable to apply budget to a post that will help you establish your brand. Therefore, to share something with a wider audience, make sure it is worth the price you are investing in the boost.

Specific Posts

If there is a Facebook boost unavailable for a specific post, the reason can be that it is not the right post. To make the most of your post,  Facebook decides to let you boost a post which gives you larger opportunities. If a post has been proven less optimal for advertising, then Facebook suggests you to boost some other post.

Shared Posts

Boost Unavailable Facebook post is there for a reason. Facebook advertisements show the original account who has published a post. Therefore, the shared posts can not be boosted. All the viewers must be able to know whose post it is. So, in order to boost a shared post, post it again and boost it.

Shared Albums

Boost Unavailable Facebook albums have similar issues to be confronted as the posts. You can not boost them when they are shared. According to the terms of Facebook, the viewers must know who initially published the post or album. Therefore, in order to boost an album, post it again on your feed.

Expired Posts

If there is a boost unavailable in Facebook, then the reason could be that the post has expired. The expired posts are not useful, neither for you nor for your audience. Hence, the suggested opinion is to choose another post  to boost. However, if you find an expired post worth it, you can always re-post it.

Boosting Expired Offer

Expired offers are like expired posts, which do not serve any good. So when a Facebook post is not boosting the reason could be an expired offer. Therefore, Facebook suggests creating a new offer in order to boost it. It offers proper utilization of the resources.

Page is not Published

Another reason why a Facebook boost is unavailable could be that the page is not published. These pages cannot be boosted because of the same reason. Therefore, boost a page which is published or create a new one and apply your budget accordingly.

Permission Required

Sometimes Facebook boost unavailable buy facebook followers means that you are not authorised to do so. Your role on a page determines what you can do and can’t do. On a Facebook page, either an admin, advertiser, moderator or the editor can boost a post. So, ask for the existing admin’s permission to grant you one of these roles before boosting a post.

URL Issues

Often a boost unavailable Facebook post means there is Facebook Click ID at the end of the URL. The Facebook Click ID disables the boosting of a post because it is visible when someone clicks on the link. Therefore, create an identical or similar post again to boost it.

Disable Ad Account Status

Disabled Ad Account Status can also be a reason for a boost unavailable in Facebook. This means that your ad account was flagged because an unusual activity has been spotted. Therefore, you are not able to run any ads. Check your ad accounts status and try to find what went wrong.

Payment Disabled

When unusual or unethical activities are spotted, Facebook automatically restricts your account to run any advertisement. To undo your Facebook boost unavailable or if it’s a mistake, you need to request a review. Once this problem has been solved, Facebook opens the payment gateway again.

Advertising Not Allowed

The pages which do not follow the rules and guidelines of properly got restricted from advertising. This is one of the reasons why a boost is unavailable on Facebook. The admin, advertiser, moderator or editor of a page can, thus, request a review, if it has happened by mistake.

These are the common reasons and mistakes for a boost unavailable on Facebook. However, they can be solved easily too, if you know the correct reason behind it. 

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By Anurag Rathod

Anurag Rathod is an Editor of Appclonescript.com, who is passionate for app-based startup solutions and on-demand business ideas. He believes in spreading tech trends. He is an avid reader and loves thinking out of the box to promote new technologies.