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Why Do Rappers Wear Masks – The Truth Finally Revealed!

Why Do Rappers Wear Masks – The Truth Finally Revealed!

Do you remember about Jim Carey? Though this man didn’t make any hit movies in the past 10 years, he made The Mask! If you watched this movie before, you may have thought about the transformative power of the green mask in that movie. It is not just about that movie; you would find that almost all of your superheroes wear masks.

Nowadays, different types of facial masks are popular among the youth. People love to wear masks at Halloween parties. Rappers also wear masks like it is a trend for them. MF Doom first came on the stage wearing a mask and after that it has become a facial fashion for all rappers. Masks play a significant and important role to present the rapper’s identity. It is normal to think about why rappers wear masks. 

Here is the answer to your question.

Why do rappers wear masks?

I would not make you wait and dive to the answer straight! Each rapper has their reason for disguising their identity but I think that the reasons are quite similar for everyone. Though I am not entirely sure about the reasons but these reasons are the possible one.

1. To stay hidden from their family and friends

The rappers may want to keep their artist life a secret from their friends and family because some of them are not so supportive to them probably. Maybe they would stop them to continue their profession as a rapper.

2. The gang culture

Most of the rappers are a part of a particular gang. By revealing their real identity, it may be a threat for them. For example, if they mention something funny about a city or town or about any particular famous person, they may become a target then. Perhaps they just don’t want to broadcast their gang membership publically.

3. The paps

When the rappers’ music becomes successful, it could come along with various media exposure not each time for the right cause. By wearing a mask, they are able to guard their own privacy and also keep the home and work life separate. It is quite a good way to avoid getting harassed by the media or paps.

4. The stereotype

It happens that the rappers had to remove tracks from YouTube because of the police. Most of the rappers take music as a form of their self-expression. Sometimes, they risk themselves by associating with an overinflated stereotype of the media and that’s why they may wear a face mask to secure their identity.

5. Psychological reasons

It’s obvious that the artists have their alter ego being a superhero. There is the simple person who leads life like us and then they become the rapper who is popular among his fans. It is like living two people in one body. Perhaps it is the reason for them to wear masks. It works like a psychological barrier among these two people pretty much like a superhero.

6. Court cases

Sometimes rappers, especially drill rappers, are banned in a particular area. If they enter the area without wearing masks, they probably get arrested. But the rapper wearing a mask could easily post videos online of the show and also the possibilities of getting arrested is less.

7. Fashion sense

The main and most possible reason to wear a mask may be for fashion. The rappers could uphold the trend of music by wearing a stylish mask. After all, wearing a fashionable mask is not less than catwalk in a show.

Hopefully, this article could give you the answer for why rappers wear masks. You might learn something new after reading this blog as well. Enjoy reading such blogs and gain knowledge!

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