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Have you heard a lot about user-generated content? Are you confused by hearing about UGC from every second person? No worries, here you will get answers to all your questions and come to know about what exactly user-generated content is and why businesses need UGC as an essential part of their marketing campaign.  

What Is User-Generated Content?

As the name suggests, user-generated content is a type of content which is created by users itself, by their will. It can be anything blog, images, videos, text, testimonials, or any other thing that people like to share with others and let people know about their feelings. 

Nobody pays them to create the UGC but they from themselves share their reviews, images, and other media on social media and other internet platforms. 

These platforms can be like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, or Blogs on their account and let other people know what they are feeling after using products and services.

For brands and businesses, UGC  plays an essential role in engaging with their customers and building strong relationships. It is because people share products and services on social media where half million people come to know about your brand. 

You can use this UGC to display on your website, social media account, or any other place where you interact with your customers. 

User-generated content comes with lots of benefits for brands not only engaging visitors but there are many more benefits. 

Let’s learn what are the benefits of UGC for business and why they need it. 

Why Businesses Should Use User-Generated Content?

You may be thinking now what is the big deal in using the user-generated content and how it will help your business in this tough competition. 

Here below are key reasons why businesses should adopt UGC as their next marketing strategy.

Develop Trust In Your Customers

Before customers buy anything from your brands they first need to trust your product or service, only then they are ready to buy from your brand. 

Customers want 100 percent satisfaction before they buy any product and services from your brand. 

Research studies show that customers only buy products when they get complete trust on the brand and research about the product or service by reading reviews and asking people they know. 

People don’t believe in what the brands are saying about themselves but they believe in what existing customers are saying. 

Today’s marketing strategies are all about building trust in people and make them satisfied before they even purchase the product. 

People get trust when they hear and read recommendations from the people they know or the existing customers about the brand. 

User-generated content is all about content developed by the users itself, not by the brand. You can generate this content using social media aggregation tools and display on your website, social media account, or any other platform. 

Create Authenticity Of The Content

Authenticity of the content creates a good impression of the brand in customers’ minds. They easily believe in the images, videos, reviews, and recommendations shared by the people over social media platforms. 

According to Business Wire, people like to view 2.4 times more UGC instead of the content created by the brands itself because of the authenticity. 

User Generated content, gives brands a credibility boost as they share authentic content created by their existing customers. What is more authentic than people sharing their personal experience with the product or services brands do not pay them. 

To create reliability in your new customers and engage them with your brand then UGC is the key area where you should focus and use on your website. Not only will it add unique content to your website but it will also improve interaction time with your brand. Creating authenticity of the content in the mind of your customers is highly important and you should focus on that for building a strong brand presence and stand ahead in the competition.

Turn Visitors Into Customers

As user-generated content helps in building trust and authenticity of the content you are sharing with your customers, this ultimately helps in turning them into customers. 

When people get satisfied with the content and what the people are saying, this creates a good impact on your visitors and they are ready to buy things from your website. 

A survey study shows that about 80 percent of people are likely to buy products and services when they have checked the people’s reviews and recommendations. 

They first read user-generated content instead of what the brands are saying about themselves. 

Thus, if you are not using user-generated content in your marketing strategies then you are missing out the great opportunity and so many potential customers will not get aware about the importance of your product and services. 


Remember user-generated content is free but does not allow you the  rights to use them for your marketing purposes. You have to ask permission before using it. 

However, UGC plays a huge role in creating effective marketing strategies and connecting with your customers.

You should use it and make an impactful market in this highly growing competition. 

By Anurag Rathod

Anurag Rathod is an Editor of, who is passionate for app-based startup solutions and on-demand business ideas. He believes in spreading tech trends. He is an avid reader and loves thinking out of the box to promote new technologies.