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Hair loss is common among young people. Hair transplants are the only solution for hair loss. You can also go for the hair transplant treatment if you have hair loss. For treatment, you should go to Hair transplant in Jaipur. This post will learn about the types, benefits, and hair transplant results.

Types of Hair Transplant

Follicular Unit Extraction

FUE treatments are well-known due to the widespread usage of hand devices. FUE is a technique that removes each follicular unit of the scalp in a single step without taking out any tissue. It is possible to remove random hair follicles from the donor area and transfer them to the recipient area, which will produce less dense hair.

Benefits of FUE

High Graft Quality

The computer system allows live analyses of each hair follicle and calculation of its properties. They choose healthy and strong hair follicles for the harvest and transfer.

Natural Looking Result

FUE provides your hair with an authentic look and cuts your hair however long you like without worrying about visible marks.

Less Discomfort

The FUE procedure utilizes local anesthesia that results in minimal discomfort. A majority of patients experience minimal pain from the FUE transplants.

Recovery Time

No stitches are used during the procedure. The recovery process following FUE transplants can be speedy. Many patients can get back to regular activities within a couple of days. The entire process only takes 8 hours.

Little Scarring on the Donor Area

The hair follicles are taken randomly. The appearance and density of the donor area are only marginally affected. FUE is the most suitable alternative for those who want to cut their hair shorter towards the ends. The donor area appears not to affect it.

Follicular Unit Transplant

FUT is a hair restoration method that involves removing the thin, long strip of tissue that contains hair transplants from the donor area in the back and sides. Stereomicroscopic dissection allows the hair Follicles to be taken out of the strip and later transferred into their recipient areas.

Benefits of FUT

Quick Recovery Time

A FUT procedure generally requires between 10 to 12 days for recovery. FUT is more painful as compared to other surgical procedures. It is because of the possibility of swelling around the region which the scalp had been removed. The doctor recommends taking painkillers when having pain.

Higher Rate of Follicle Survival

FUT takes hair located in the donor’s middle area, where the bulk of the hair is permanent. Patients with limited hair supply in their donor area could be considered for FUT treatment. It permits the cautious harvesting of hair follicles while maintaining the protective tissue, so that hair grafts are high-quality and durable.

Natural Looking Results

The process leaves a small linear scar less than one millimeter in length or less. It is almost unnoticeable and possible to enjoy longer-lasting hair with no visible hair transplants.

Time Duration of FUE and FUT Surgery

Hair transplant using FUE takes a long time to remove individual hair strands successfully. It is important to have an ability to articulate and a certain skill level. Unintentional mistakes can result in damage to hair strands and lead to failure. FUT is faster to take out and put in installation. Hairs are not chosen for viability or health. FUT surgery takes time longer than FUE.

Hair Transplant Results

The natural results may take between five to nine months to appear after the surgery. The average growth of the transplanted hair will start to normalize after three to six weeks. For the best outcomes from hair transplants, the patients must follow all instructions from their surgeon after the procedure. It will increase the rate of survival and blend the implanted hair with regular hair to give a natural appearance.

FUE is a complicated procedure that requires experienced surgeons who can create a masterpiece in hair restoration. Both methods produce acceptable results. The outcome is contingent on what the patient wants. Some patients don’t want to shave. FUT is ideal for these situations since long hair can hide cuts and wounds. FUE hair transplants are accessible to people who don’t mind shaving.

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In this article, you learned about the hair transplant results. Suppose you’re suffering from hair loss and are looking to undergo a hair transplant. However, it is essential to be aware of the different hair transplant treatment types and their benefits and disadvantages.

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