business loss

I was on the bed and saw the rising sun from my home’s window, I was enjoying the scene. Suddenly my phone rang. It took me a while to realize, that my life has turned upside down.  My company lost $ 5 million and lost my luxurious life to debt.

 My memories flashed back, I was heading a team of over 500 people.  I was earning in 6 figures. I had a big car. But now I witnessed that everything around me will vanish. I just had some savings, to do my day-to-day shopping like buying bread, butter, etc.

 I learned a valuable lesson that success is not easy to get and I was not the only one who experienced this downfall. The important thing to consider is not falling but to stand up and come back stronger.

 Life can surprise, it can take an unusual turn with any prior notice. I soon realized that I should take my business loss as a challenge and take it as an opportunity to dream big, work smarter and make stepping stones for another success story.

 I am going to share my experience and put forward the roadmap for the years to come:

1. Mechanism For Change

 I was worried and in a state of denial. I was thinking about the loss which I incurred. At some point in time, it made me terrified. I was not able to take new risks. It took me a while to recover from these thoughts.

 I concluded that I can come up with innovative ideas; I can work on redefining my planning. It is key for making me more successful. I had made up my mind to turn around my business.

2. Redefining my goals:

 I had a feeling that my hunger for what I like was still at its peak. It was the motivation for me to keep moving forward. This and the business plan go hand in hand. Even the loss cannot shatter it. My main reason was to pursue my dream through this business.

3. Action plan after the loss:

 I talked to my team, noted the main issues of the current situation. I was able to figure out the flaws. I had faith in my leadership style. I re-planned the new strategy with my team. We discussed in detail, every aspect of our company.

 The whole process took us a while to streamline our company. It was not a piece of cake. I took interest in every step. I defined the key performance indicators so that they will help us to understand where we stand in terms of our milestones.

4. Relearning:

I think to stay at par, learning plays a critical role, in getting more ideas and the ability to widen up my horizon. At times many significant changes have hit the market. I started to look for answers that popped into my mind now and then. This was my first venture, so more and more difficulties were about to come my way.

 I soon realized that there were other people like me, who have faced such a predicament, so I started making a list of the best books for starting a business. They discussed in detail the ups and downs they faced during keeping their company afloat.

 The key takeaways were to look for decision making, being confident, and never giving up on my dreams. I made up my mind to stay positive, take them as my role models in taking my business to next level.

5. Self Development:

I allocated sometime after I came to myself. I started new hobbies like walking every day in the evenings. I joined meditation classes online. I started taking more salads, fresh juices.  I also turned around my life. I took a holistic approach to it. In the coming months, it just paid off. I was a different person altogether.

 I started enjoying the meetings, we cracked jokes. My company started to recover in few months down the road. Everyone was happier to see me. I even improved on my decision-making skills. It should up in my income statements.


I have described what I was going through during my difficult times. I have become more consistent, resilient, focused in life for achieving my dreams. I have started taking a systematic and rational approach towards my life. I don’t allow my negative emotions to overpower my key decisions in life.

 It is also worth noting that staying in positive people’s company also feel fulfilled and satisfied with whatever I do. I feel that I still have to go a long way. Success is not a destination, it’s an ongoing journey.

By Anurag Rathod

Anurag Rathod is an Editor of, who is passionate for app-based startup solutions and on-demand business ideas. He believes in spreading tech trends. He is an avid reader and loves thinking out of the box to promote new technologies.