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What should be the average cost for your eCommerce Website.

What should be the average cost for your eCommerce Website.

Developing an eCommerce website is ideal if you want to enhance your business to go global. Every day a number of businesses want to dive into the eCommerce market and puzzle about what it needs to do in order to get started. They wonder about the cost and things needed to do in particular for eCommerce website development. The most common confusion comes while doing the budget planning for eCommerce website development.  

In this article, we will shed light on things needed to do while eCommerce website development. We will cover all the necessary things and the cost of eCommerce website development. 

The average cost for E-commerce Website

Developing an eCommerce website is a combination of different steps. It goes from one step to another before completely launching an ecom website. Upon completing all the steps a full-fledged ready-to-launch website is made. 

Domain and hosting charges: The first step of building an eCommerce website is researching the domain name and buying a domain that best describes and suits your business. Domain Research is the most important thing that should not be taken lightly. The entire branding of the eCommerce website is dependent on the brand name. There’s an SEO perspective of the brand name too. Hence, the selection and the choice of the domain name are important. The domain hardly costs 10-20 dollars on average. But if you go for a premium domain then it’s cost will go into the thousands. 

Hosting: The next expenditure that comes into the account is hosting. There are plenty of hosting companies available in the market with different plans as per needs. One should select the hosting as per his requirement. But it would be better to get a seo consultant to know about the hosting requirements. Generally hosting costs $29 – $250/month for small businesses with less traffic. 

Custom Website development. This is the most crucial and budget taking step — The website development. Although there are plenty of options available to start an ecommerce store. This includes Wix, Shopify, Weebly, wooCommerce, and so on. But still, Most businesses want to get their website built with custom codes from scratch. They generally hire eCommerce website developers to build the website. The cost of custom development can vary from agency to agency. But ideally the custom web development service costs between $10000 – $30000. This cost may go up/down depending on the place from where you are taking the eCommerce web development services

Custom CMS: After building a website, you need a custom CMS (content management system to run the website. The custom Content management system er WordPress, Joomla can be used to run the newly made eCommerce store. Custom CMS is used to do real-time changes on the website. This includes updating content, updating product images, tracking orders,s and so on. The most popular CMS system is WordPress that is currently free. Anybody can install it and run its e-commerce store on it. 

Extra plugins, subscriptions: Running an eCommerce store needs additional plugins and set up subscriptions to leverage the entire eCommerce business model. This includes buying paid subscripts data collection and analyzing systems, premium plugins for additional utility, Integrating checkout systems, and so on. The entire cost can go up to  $500-$700 on average.  

SEO charges. Once the eCommerce website development is done.  It needs an SEO expert to keep it alive and make it as per the Google requirement. A website is of no use if no userland on the website. An SEO expert does the job of ranking keywords on the search engine and provides all the technical help in maintaining and managing the eCommerce store. An SEO expert works with a team hence, the cost of hiring an SEO expert is somewhere between $700 to $3000. The cost can go up depending on the experience and agency background. 

PPC charges: If you want to get an instant result, then paid advertisements on search engines are a must-done task. PPC stands for pay per click. It is done to get paid traffic to the eCommerce store. This traffic is highly intentive to buy your product or service. Hiring a PPC expert is costly. This includes your budget for spending + Fee of PPC expert. The fee of a PPC expert will vary from $2000 to $5000/PM.

Maintenance Charges: Apart from this, there is a continuous need for maintenance of the eCommerce store. This includes changing the current design, changing the color code, using custom codings, and so on. All these needs development work and requires work by developers. This also includes cost. This cost can be voluntary but most probably, you’ll need this while running an ecommerce store. 

What’s the sum of Ecommerce website development ?

If we sum the entire cost of ecommerce website development from scratch to advance. The cost may go upto $45000, depending on your project needs. This cost may go up or down, if you change your requirement. Another thing that puts a huge impact on the cost is the agency you are getting the ecommerce development service form. The actual price depends on several factors, the agency is one of them.


Having an ecommerces store is ideal if you want to grow your traditional business by extending it to the online platform. Getting an ecommerce store developed may look a costly option for many, but it’s really worth it. The outcome produced by the ecommerce store not only adds feather store’s caps.

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