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What Role Does Proportional Needle Valve Play in Mechanical Industry

What Role Does Proportional Needle Valve Play in Mechanical Industry

A proportional needle valve is a valve that provides the change in the output pressure or flows in a similar ratio as a change in the input. For instance, when the input pressure is double then, the output will also double. The electronic flow control proportional valve is interconnected and uses the output valve, which is basically used as input. Most of the valves are programable, along with the onboard diagnostics. This is what makes it best to use in industry system design.

How does the Proportional Valve work?

We need to first re-memorize the basic solenoid principle. Let’s take an old example that you might have heard in your school days. An experiment in which current is applied to the coil that creates the magnetic field. When the magnetic field is ready, it will attract the magnetic material in the magnetic field’s premises. In return for the force of attraction on the magnetic material, its valve increases the strength of the magnetic field. The proportional needle valve contains the geometry that ensures the constant field strength along with the given current over the stroke of the magnet.

In the automatic water flow control valve, a spring is used to counter the magnet’s force as it compresses by the motion of the magnetic material. The reaction force of the spring increases until the valve balances the magnetic energy. A considerable fact about the electronic flow control valve is that it is attached to the spool in the valve. The proportion of the current can be controlled by the applied pressure and flow on the solenoid.

How to Select the Best Proportional Valve?

You need to keep in mind some of the parameters while selecting the electronic water flow control valve.

  • Which thing is being controlled: pressure, flow, or any other characteristics?
  • What are the required ranges and flow rates required for the proportional needle valve?
  • You should have to check the operating temperature of the proportional valve that a valve will experience.
  • AIs there any environmental considerations available like dirt, wet, and explosive applications.
  • Check the working process is static, step by step, or dynamic.
  •  It is essential to figure out the response time and performance of the electronic water flow valve.
  • Last but not least, the cost for the electronic flow control is a factor that is important of all.

Applications of a Proportional Valve:

In the mechanical industry, the proportional flow controlling valves are the best for the application where output pressure and flow are different. This pressure is needed either during the process and from one process to the other. The electronic water flow control valve is dependable, cost-effective, and offers fast response & consistent control. The proportional needle valve allows to reduce the cycle time by getting a stable pressure or flow.

Bottle Filling:

The proportional needle valve is used in the mechanical industry because it maintains a stable pressure at the filling reservoir, irrespective of the liquid level. The pressure sensor of the reservoir sends feedback to the proportional valve, which ensures that the constant volume of the liquid is transferred to the bottle in a given period.

Furnace Control:

In the mechanical industry, the proportional valve is used to regulate the gas supply. Control gas supply uses the different temperature signals as feedback for the controller to shut down the gas flow when the temperature is too high.

What are the Key Features?

The proportional valves are best suited for the application where the output pressure is different whether it is in steps or continuous. The stepped output pressure means that the pressure is constant at one point on the valve where the pressure is increased to another valve. continuous output pressure on the valve where the pressure is continuously increased at a particular rate.

The proportional valve is interconnected with each other; for instance, the output from one valve is being used as an input of the other. Most of the valves are programmed with the onboard diagnostics that makes them highly suited for the industry 4.0 design system. They are great at performance and they are also cost effective and provide fast response with consistent control.


In this guidepost, we have discussed the role of the proportional needle valve in the mechanical industry. We also list the applications of the electronic flow controller in the mechanical industry. We hope that this guidepost was very informative for you.

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