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What is Entity SEO, and Why Is It Important?

What is Entity SEO, and Why Is It Important?

Over the years, many different forms of digital marketing have arisen. As a marketer or business, it’s difficult to keep up with the trends. As an example, you may have seen entity SEO mentioned recently…but what does it mean?

What’s Entity SEO?

When it comes to SEO, we’re accustomed to using keywords. Customers use specific keywords and phrases when searching for information in our niche, so we target these same keywords to appear in all the right places. However, entity-based SEO is all about using context instead.

Keywords have been useful over the years, but they don’t always reflect how we search. Often, one word can have several meanings. After not appearing in the first search result, users adjust their search to get it right the next time. Therefore, entity SEO focuses on the entity itself, the singular thing, rather than keywords.

An entity is a place, item, person, idea, or another individual thing that exists in the world. If a Google user is searching for something by name, this is classified as an entity. Over time, Google is steadily growing its entity database and making them easier to find. Interestingly, Google is scouring knowledgeable databases like Wikipedia and IMDB to fill its entity list.

If you’re unsure whether something is an entity, type the name into Google and you should see that it has a knowledge panel on the results page. If not, it either isn’t considered an entity or hasn’t been uploaded to the Google database just yet.

Why is Entity SEO Important?

As a business, you can appear as a knowledge panel on the first page of search results. As mentioned previously, this is designed for people who search by name. In other words, consumers type the name of your brand into Google and a knowledge panel displays at the top.

In this panel, customers see your logo, link, some basic Wikipedia information, a description of your business, and some other links on your website. Consequently, you must start building your entity on Google. For starters, use the Google Knowledge Graph and add your entity. When a user types the name of the entity, they see information in a knowledge panel rather than links to random pages.

Unless you have Will Smith or Sylvester Stallone working in sales worthy of a knowledge panel, the brand itself is the easiest thing to transform into an entity. Of course, it’s difficult to achieve this if your brand name isn’t unique. If you have a brand called Pigeon, you’ll find it tough getting the knowledge panel for searchers. On the other hand, a fictional name is easier for entity SEO.

Another step to help your entity SEO journey is to claim your Google My Business profile (if you haven’t already!). Although free and simple, it’s still something that businesses ignore. By claiming your business, Google can use the information you provide to help others. You’ll help your local rankings and again make it more likely to appear at the top of search results.

While entity SEO is unlikely to replace keywords in the months ahead, it will gain in value and perhaps find level ground with it. Consequently, you should consider investing in both traditional keyword SEO and entity SEO this year.

In a year where you want consumers to see you as credible and reliable, entity SEO Agency  is the way to go. A knowledge panel appears at the top of searches, and you’ll generate more clicks and conversions.

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