what zebra blinds

A new entry in the market for window treatments, Zebra shades are not well-known to the average homeowner. There are a few in the wild. they’re becoming a sought-after option for retail and restaurant shops and are now making their way into homes. It’s about time the best zebra shades in Canada are introduced to your home!

Zebra Blinds

With alternate stripes of sheer and opaque fabric, zebra blinds Canada are an excellent choice for those seeking total privacy control and views. A single shade that floats on two panels for the most customizable options.

Cover the opaque panels with a layer to diffuse the sun while blocking the external views of your home. Arrange them in a way that creates a private space and keeps the outside world out. When you wish to enjoy your view and let the sunshine pass through the window, roll your shades upwards to fold them inside the hidden valance.

Zebra shades are a combination of sheers, roller shades, and window treatments that are not cordless. Instead of having to buy many window treatments, a single zebra shade will provide the same benefits such as:

  • Variable levels of privacy as well as views-through
  • Sleek, modern design
  • Many cordless options are available
  • Compatible with motorization systems

Adding Zebra Shades To Your Home

Get your creative juices flowing with zebra shades by making them components of your next house design. Making the switch to new window treatment is a fantastic method to freshen up your home without the need for a massive home improvement. An excellent choice of design and functionality for blinds. Zebra blinds can be the perfect solution to many common design issues. With total control over the level of privacy and light in the space, these shades make a room appear dark to live in. An open-concept style feels more inviting.

We often see our customers installing these shades in their dining rooms, as well as offices because they are excellent for daytime use. While zebra shades offer privacy and block sunlight, they aren’t shades that are blackout. They work with windows throughout the home, Yet, our experts usually suggest other shades for bedrooms.

They are available in a variety of textures and colors Zebra blinds are certain to fit with your current décor. If you’re looking to revamp your entire home take advantage of the designed Zebra blinds of Weblinds to help inspire you to create the next style!

Benefits of Zebra Roller Shades

If you’re looking for window treatments it is important to make certain that you get the most value. Zebra roller shades have many benefits that make them an excellent investment. Including their flexibility, customization practicality, as well as aesthetic appeal.

Aesthetic Appeal

Modern and traditional homeowners will appreciate the appearance of the zebra shades. With their interspersed stripes of dark and light shades, they’re elegant and timeless online blinds canada. They are perfect for any style. It’s not necessary to install the valance as there’s nothing unattractive or unsettling about how these shades are.


In contrast to vertical blinds, Zebra shades do not let streaks of light through the space. They align so that light is completely blocked. Also, they’re made from fabric, so it is possible to customize the shade with blackout fabric.

It’s not the only component of these blinds that you can alter. No matter how big your window frame – whether the design is big windows or floor-length windows or small windows or another design – you can alter the size of the fabric roller to fit.


Wood blinds, as well as other wood-based treatments, can be beautiful additions to your home. Particularly to create a natural and rustic feel but when you live in a humid climate then you might want to stay clear of wood. Fabric can stand against the elements (and mold) far better than wood.

The installation of Zebra shades is useful and easy. The majority are attached to two metal hangers This means that they’re simple to remove and put on. If it’s time to alter the window treatments, there won’t have to be fighting with screws, glues, or any other difficult mounting techniques.

They are also an ideal solution to provide complete privacy. The solid panels are difficult for people outside to peek into bathrooms and bedrooms where privacy is essential. When it’s time to get some fresh air the light-colored stripes allow enough sunlight without compromising privacy.


In the end, Zebra shades are among the most adaptable window blinds available in Canada. They are suitable for every room, in any window, and offer the perfect level of light and privacy. It’s rare that you will locate a space where the zebra shade isn’t the most practical and attractive choice.

There are many benefits when you install zebra shades in your home There aren’t any disadvantages. This is one reason that so many people are into a love affair with the zebra shades in comparison to other types of blinds.

If you’re thinking of purchasing Zebra shades for yourself, take a look at the low-cost options available from Weblinds in Windsor for blinds gallery. They have an array of shades to pick from. All of which are covered by the warranty when you pay for your purchase and you’ll be sure to get the right shade that will fit your needs.

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