cash loans for the unemployed in Ireland

In today’s world of neck-to-neck competition, every possible way of promoting your business is crucial in building up sales for your business. There are many strategies used for tapping into a new potential customer’s base. Email marketing is one of them.

What is email marketing?

Email marketing is one of the cheapest and popular marketing strategies where you can get in touch with a large set of consumers. Through email marketing, you can share your product & services information to a more extensive base in a much cost-effective manner than too repeatedly.

A typical email marketing campaign can target select customers, share new information with a broader audience, and provide customer information regarding challenges and tips to overcome. They can be combined with loyalty, promotional and sales campaigns.

For example, supposedly, you are a cash lending company. You are also providing loans for the unemployed. You can design your campaign to talk about cash loans for the unemployed in Ireland to tap the target audience.

A successful email marketing campaign

You need to ask yourself if you are getting good returns from your email marketing or struggling. Here are some tips shared to make the right use of your email marketing campaign.

1. Plan what you want to achieve

Decide on your objectives and goals for your campaign before you start. An email marketing campaign should be used to both inform and sell your product or service.

There are many successful businesses in which email marketing campaigns are contributing mainly to sales. Post deciding the objectives for the campaign, you will be better able to utilise the tool.

You can target the right set of customer’s base as per your goals. You can communicate the right marketing solutions or services, developments of your products and send out discounts or offers to potential customers.

2. Build a huge contact list

A huge contact list is imperative for any email marketing campaign to be successful. This list can be built in two ways. First is by capturing customer data as and when they make the enquiry about your product or service.

The second method is to buy the customer data from any reputable source. It is very important to choose your data provider carefully in case you are purchasing the contacts.

It is about the traffic and how you will use your marketing list to derive a return on investment.

3. Have engaging or catchy subject lines

The subject line of your email is the first thing that any consumer would see. It must be unique and different so that it catches the eye. A subject line will also differentiate a mail from being spam to something worth reading.

While there is no specific rule about it but make sure that your subject line is personalised, showing relevancy to each individual and demonstrating targeting a particular customer segment.

Write a few subject lines first and select the most appropriate one. Test your subject chosen line to a smaller audience than your target group.

You may have different subject lines for different consumer segments. Understand through the customer insights and find out what offers and communication are of the best interest to your customers.

4. Using ‘@noreply’ is a big NO

When you use a ‘no reply’ email address, you lose the opportunity of the customer to connect back. It also shows or gives the impression that you do not wish to hear back from them.

Always provide means for your customers to communicate back with you. Do not make the consumer search for a way to communicate with you. If they do, they will probably find it annoying and will forget about you.

Hence providing an opportunity for consumers to communicate or connect back to you is very crucial in your email marketing campaign.

5. Avoid landing in the ‘junk mail’ folder

If your emails are landing up in the spam folder of your customer, then more than 50% of your recipients are not reading them. Nobody has the time or patience to read spam mail.

You cannot guarantee that your email will not reach the spam folder. Avoid keywords such as ‘sex’, ‘pill’, ‘lottery’ etc., which often makes the email spam mail.

There are email marketing solutions that offer tools. These tools help you filter such words, which will make the mail spam mail. Use these tools to avoid such keywords and make your mail reach the inbox rather than the spam folder.

6. Research what is best for your clientele

Researching about what your customers would need is very important. You may ask some short questions whenever they contact you. Or you can test out your email communications and find out what is working best and what is not working at all.

With all these information areas, you will be better able to connect with your consumers and avoid irrelevant offers and information. Inspire by giving reason to your customer to act. It is also known as a ‘call to action’.

Personalised subject lines and email content will help you achieve better mail readability rates.

It is also essential to understand that aim is not to sell everything through an email. An email will only introduce the offer or the concept to the consumer.

The rest is the job of the salesperson. Hence the length of the email becomes essential. If it is too long, nobody would have time to read them. If it is creative and catchy, it will attract the eyes of the target audience and reserve a place in their mind.

For example, if your email talks about providing bad credit loans and features instant decision for people of Ireland, adding such keywords to the subject line and content will force such target audience to open and read the email.


Email marketing is a very efficient and inexpensive marketing tool for any business. It needs to be used effectively.

When used properly, you can connect your target audience and make them aware of your product or service. Ultimately this helps in increasing sales and getting revenue for your business.

By Anurag Rathod

Anurag Rathod is an Editor of, who is passionate for app-based startup solutions and on-demand business ideas. He believes in spreading tech trends. He is an avid reader and loves thinking out of the box to promote new technologies.