degree certificate attestation procedure

Attestation is the process of document verification and validity which is particularly based on the requirement of designation country. In simple way it means getting an official stamp from Ministry Of External Affairs for attestation of individual documents. MEA is a central department which deals with the external affairs of foreign countries.

Hence if he/she wants to go out for study base or business they need to get first attests their first documents and certificates for verification and approval stamp. This document legalization is the mandatory step to approve their documents. Eventually, they are basically responsible for documents attestation. But getting MEA attestation can be complex and complicated process but can make it easy by degree certificate Apostille in Pune.

Importance of MEA attestation

MEA attestation are most important as without getting its stamp and attestation citizen are not eligible to go other country either based on educational, work, or tour. All original documents require attestation by the State government for further process. The process of attestation certificate from MEA can be done by Indian Authorities.

Procedure of authentication certificates

This procedure is depends upon type of documents:

Non-educational documents:- documents like- birth, death, marriage etc are important to be first attested by the state department. The authentication done by the name, desire designation and sign or stamp by the MEA department.

Educational documents:- the documents should be attested by the department of the concerned state government first. Only with proper documents and degree certificate attestation procedure can give approval to visit next countries.

Commercial documents:- commercial documents need to pre-valid by commerce champers before attestation by the Ministry of External Affairs. The stamp should be posted on each document along with individual name and designation for authorized signatory.

Documents to be needed

The ministry of external affairs does not charge any fees or fixed payable amount for general attestation of documents. However, it has fixed some of the following payable charge given below:

  • Original document
  • One clear photograph
  • One clear photocopy of the passport

MEA attestation procedure

Ministry of external affairs attestation requires some prior stages before verifying the documents. The whole process of attestation is depends upon the documents required like- educational, commercial and non-educational. The following procedure is listed below:-

Regional level:-

It is a regional stage of authentication of the documents. This procedure can be further legalized by the University from where the documents have been issued.  For commercial documents purpose it became a main requirement at regional level from Chamber of commerce.

State attestation:-

To legalize the documents from the state it is performed by the three main and different organizations according to document type. SDM is independent of the state government and verification connected by its authority.

MEA attestation:-

Ministry of external affairs is the last stage of documents authentication from government. After this the stamp is applied to the documents. MEA is a central government which is connected and responsible for the foreign affairs of the country.

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