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What Are Graywood Beads? Are They Different From Other Wood Beads?

What Are Graywood Beads? Are They Different From Other Wood Beads?

Wood beads have been admirable throughout history. They are continually used as attractive accessories, in jewelry-making and decoratives as well. While some other people wear these as a spiritual practice. Such beads are known for their therapeutic qualities and their importance in yoga, meditation and prayer activities.

It is a well established fact that such accessories calm the soul and symbolise creativity & liberty. Over the years, many trends have transformed the accessories industry but beads made of wood are consistent in the fashion experts’ minds. These are used in necklaces, bracelets, and clothing.

There are many online stores that deal in wood beads but the most reliable one is Dream of Stones. They have a wide variety available in varied sizes and specifications, that fit every need of the buyer. These are perfect for craft and jewelry-making. The good quality beads are long-lasting and visibly soothing. Rosewood, Palmwood, Ebony, Whitewood, Nangka, Graywood beads are available along with other non-wood varieties. These are worn by men and women alike, according to their specific reasons and beliefs.

Graywood Beads

Originating from Philippine Kunawom Tree, Graywood beads are shiny and gray, or sometimes blended with brown,  in color. These are very smooth and have tight wood grain, which make them perfect for jewelry making. These are also lightweight and are easy to wear & carry around

. Why these are so interesting is because these have a smoky gray color when exposed to heat and light, preferably natural light or sunlight. These are one of the best of beads and are widely used for decorative and spiritual practices also. Because of its grounding, balancing and healing properties, it is also actively used in therapeutic practices.

These beads have significant historical value and can be made a part of daily life. Cleansing and soothing properties are common among all the beads and so, can be found in these as well.

Other Types of Wood Beads


Ebody beads have tight wood grain and are refined & beautiful. These beads are the most favourable for making jewelry and have gained an importance among the spirituals. These are seen in soothing hard and brown color and have an attractive edge to them.

Ebony beads have a natural sheen, which is prominent on skin. These add up to the beauty of outfits and make trendy accessories. Among other qualities of ebony, its protective qualities are very significant ones. These are worn in malas, bracelets, as decoratives, etc.


Rosewood beads, made out of wood originating in the Philippines, are hardwood and extremely strong. With an enchanting pale color and pink undertone, these are quite favourites of jewelry makers. These have loose wood grain and are smooth & feel-good.  Rosewood is known for its fostering feelings of love, harmony and spirituality. Not only this, these also have therapeutic functions like improvement of circulation. Rosewood is quite efficient in protecting against negative energy and is warming to the soul.


Originated from the Philippines as well, like the Graywood beads. These are cut out from palm trees like coconut and dates. Palmwood beads have parallel grain marking-like natural self-design which makes it attractive to the eyes and do not require additional coloring or decoration for use. Their lightweight and smooth design makes them ideal for jewelry-making. Palmwood beads symbolise physical & spiritual healing and well-being.


Jackfruit tree traces its origins from India and Southeast Asia. Where it is generally known for its hard & smooth wood properties and is generally used for making furniture & musical instruments, its Nangka beads are used for making jewelry and decorative accessories. It comes in a beautiful golden-brown color with loose wood grain. These are known for their calming & soothing effects which increase positive energy. These have significant meditative, healing, spiritual and creative value.


These beads originate from Philippines white, natural and Pangantun wood. Whitewood beads are well-known symbols of development and continuous evolution. These promote adaptation, connection and growth throughout. These types of beads have a natural white color and make attractive jewelry and decorative accessories. These are unique in their use and have therapeutic qualities.

Specialities of Dream Of Stones

  • Dream of Stones is one of the best choices to get all types of wood beads, whether it’s graywood beads or any other.
  • They have an elaborate collection of wooden & gemstone beads and these are available in a wide variety of colors and sizes.
  • The interface of their online website is user-friendly and they are committed to provide authentic beads to serve your specific motives like jewelry-making or spiritual practices.
  • Their beads can be used everyday and as part of your outfit, which also portray your unique personality.

Wood beads are eye-warmingly aesthetic and have a multi-purpose use. Beads can be used in combinations, in simple & complicated designs, which perfectly depict the wearer’s outlook and beliefs. The warm colors and tones are internally soothing and give a lift to your everyday outfits.

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