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When you’re traveling for business, it’s a lot different from traveling for leisure.

You usually stay in one place and have one goal. You aren’t there to do anything casually but are there for work.

However, whether you’re traveling for leisure or work, you can benefit from packing light in both instances, including on a business trip.

If you’re looking for tips on how to pack light for a week-long business trip, here are several ideas that you can apply:

Pick the Right Luggage

When picking your check-in and carry-on luggage, you have to be deliberate. Moreso, if you are bringing items with you that you don’t usually bring for leisurely travel.

With the help of the right luggage, you’ll be able to pack your things more efficiently, and you won’t have too many unnecessary items in your pack.

You can use your carry-on to double as your hand-carry bag throughout your business meetings. That way, you won’t be bringing another bag with you. But this also means that your carry-on luggage should be light and professional-looking.

Pick Neutral Colors

The clothes you need to bring with you for a trip are usually the ones that take up the most space inside your luggage.

Since you’re traveling for business, you don’t need that many clothes with you. You can stick to neutral colors when you’re picking clothes to bring with you so that you won’t have to bring all sorts of clothes with you.

Clothes in neutral colors are easy to mix and match. Thus, you can bring a few pieces and ensure that you look sharp.

Pack a Few Versatile Accessories

Since you’re bringing neutral-colored and basic clothes with you, it can be hard to emphasize your style. Just because you’re on a business trip doesn’t mean that you don’t want to add your style to your outfit.

One way you can add a new spin to your neutral-colored and basic clothes is by packing a few versatile accessories with you.

Adding accessories will also help differentiate your pieces of clothing from one another. This is also a sneaky way of repeating what you wear without making it obvious.

There are many accessories that you can choose from in your arsenal.

For a masculine appeal, the best accessory to bring with you would be a reliable wristwatch. A wristwatch is an elegant and timeless piece, yet understated and adds a pop of clean style to your outfit.

For feminine touches of style, earrings and a necklace are great touches that will make you more stylish.

Limit Your Footwear

You don’t need to bring in too many pairs of shoes when you’re traveling for business. At most, you shouldn’t exceed three pairs of shoes, and even that should be excessive if you’re solely there for business.

You should bring formal dress shoes with you, a more casual pair of sandals or sneakers, and some flats or comfortable shoes. Limiting your footwear will reduce your luggage’s weight so you won’t have to worry about excess baggage fees.

When going on the flight, make sure that you’re wearing your more massive footwear pair to add to the weight of your luggage.

Wash and Wear

You can also reduce the number of clothes you bring with you by washing your clothes.

You can either book a room or accommodations with a washing machine and a dryer in it or have a laundry service to wash your clothes for you. If you’re going to hire someone, though, make sure that you get your clothes as soon as possible.

You won’t need to pack too many clothes with you because you can wash, dry, then wear them almost on the same day. Bringing laundry bags with you will help you keep your unused and used clothes organized.

Only Pack What You Need

Remember that your main goal for your trip is to complete business goals, so you shouldn’t pack anything unrelated to that. Outside of your necessary items, it would be best if you kept your extras to a minimum.

From toiletries to your work tools and equipment, these are the only things you should be bringing with you.

If you want to pack anything extra, make sure that you bring items that you’re sure will benefit you in some way for your work.

Use Cloud-based Storage

If you don’t want to bring loads of flash drives and storage devices with you, you might want to invest in cloud-based storage.

That way, you won’t be walking around with all sorts of hard drives and flash drives in your bag throughout the trip. Plus, it’s easier to organize files and documents between your storage.


Using these tips and tricks will help you have an easier time while you’re on your week-long business trip.

You won’t make it harder on you by packing light than it should be to move with your bags. Plus, you’ll be able to focus solely on the work that you need to do on your trip.

Next time you have a business trip coming up, try these tips in this article so that you won’t have to worry about bringing too many bags for your trip.

By Anurag Rathod

Anurag Rathod is an Editor of, who is passionate for app-based startup solutions and on-demand business ideas. He believes in spreading tech trends. He is an avid reader and loves thinking out of the box to promote new technologies.