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Every domain is full of champions and leaders. Likewise, web design is no exception. Web developers are professional website creators who also specialize in creating the latest web design tools. 

If you belong to the IT industry or engineering background, these terms may be pretty common for you. Even if it’s not, we are here to cover it for you.

Before we explore the top-of-the-line web developers for you, let’s explore a little more about the types of web developers we have in the industry. 

Web developers – who are they & what they do!

Web developers fall into two major work categories. Here are them listed below.

  • First are the ones who design the UI/UX part of the websites using tools or frontend programming. They are commonly known as web designers.
  • Second are the ones who develop the websites using programming languages, known as web developers. They mainly handle the backend part of the website to make things smoother and scalable. 

If you are just starting a career in web development or planning to do so in near future, you are in luck. First of all, you need to identify some of the best developers out there to learn the designing and development the right way.

All you need is to follow their past actions and make them suitable for yourself as per your needs. We wish you all the luck to find your dream job/ clients and get rolling in the domain of website development.

6 Web Developers Who Can Inspire You To Create a Compelling Website

Here comes the 6 Web Developers who can inspire you to create a website for sure:

1. Sara Soueidan   

Sara is a Lebanon Frontend UI developer and author, with a lot of big companies like Netflix, Smashing magazine, Level access, Khan Academy, Bosch, etc. She helps companies and organizations build modern websites with beautiful web user interfaces and designs with a strong focus to deliver the best user experience out there. 

She has even worked on many projects, ranging from small-scale micro websites to larger government-based web applications as well. Click here to know more.

2. Chris Coyier 

Chris Coyier is known for HTML and CSS. He is one of the leading front-end developers on the internet with CSS expertise and HTML tricks. Throughout his whole career, he has published and written many articles, tutorials, and scripts about how to play using HTML and CSS. 

He is also a co-founder of codepen.io. A community where frontend developers from all over the world come together to share their code. Chris Coyier and his close pal Dave also run a weekly podcast where they limit the discussions to talks about building websites and share various tips & tricks. 

You can catch some amazing insights on frontend programming – WordPress, HTML & CSS, Elementor, and many other such frameworks and tools for website development. All of them are available on their podcast ShopTalkShow. Check it out here.

3. Karen McGrane 

Karen McGrane, a UI/UX expert, says on a good day – make the web more awesome and on a bad day make it suck less. With 15+ years of experience as a content strategist and user experience designer, she stands out from the crowd.

4. Dan Cederholm 

Dan Cederholm is a long-term web design practitioner. He is the author of the five web design books, including everything from standards-based code methodologies to SaaS as well. He is a writer, web designer, and a well-known speaker.

He is the co-founder of the popular website dribbble.com. The website allows designers to upload micro-shots and showcase their work in progress. 

5. Jeffrey Zeldman

Jeffrey Zeldman is the most popular of all. He is the author of the key book covering “Designing with web standards,” a book that drives newbies to learn about the online world and websites.

He has been designing and consulting companies from MTV, Ben & Jerry’s, and Stanford University, Etc. To know more about his previous work and skills, click here.

6. Rachel Andrew

Rachel Andrew is an avid writer, speaker, and web developer. Her few notable books are namely SitePoint, Apress, and Five Simple Steps. All of them focus on PHP web development, CSS3 layout Modules, and Adobe’s Dreamweaver web design tool. 

Besides her speaking and writing career choices, Rachel works as the Managing Director of edgeofmyseat.com. The company deals in development consultancy, best known for its Perch CMS app.

Web Design Leads The Online Way

The top-notch web developers rule the world of web designing. The above-listed industry leaders have set a high mark for newbies to touch their art of work. However, they continue to share ample resources for people to learn and hone the basics.

Website development and designing form the major stays of working professionals and internet enthusiasts. If you are someone with a desire to get the best web designs for your needs, you should choose a web and graphic design company that can make things easy for you.

Pick up a web designer that gives you compelling websites to match all your business needs. 

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