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Nowadays, porcelain wall tiles are increasingly used with architectural works in the country and the world. Porcelain decorative tiles gradually replace the use of paint color in the monochrome walls in the house. That is considered an innovative solution for creativity and is becoming a design trend for buildings today.

Why should we use porcelain tiles?

Compared to high-quality wall paint tiles, high-quality tiles cost relatively less than painting, but come with that; porcelain wall tiles have quality, durability, and warranty—security for users. Therefore, high-end tiles gradually replace with the paint.

Tiles also differ in various ways in different places, such as indoor tiles (living room, bedroom, kitchen), bathroom tiles, exterior tiles, tiles. Let’s take a closer look at how to choose bricks in different locations.

Wallcoverings on the market have many types to choose the most suitable wall coverings to create the perfect space. Before choosing tiles, people often pay attention to check the quality of tiles, colors, patterns. To test the water permeability of the tiles, soak them in water for about 24 hours. If the tiles gain weight by more than 10%, it means that the tiles are highly permeable to water. If used for construction, there will be many disadvantages.

Checking the wall tiles is a necessary step. But it is not only a test but also a way to choose the wall tiles for each space to create the perfect space. How to choose tiles together, we learn more carefully with each different spatial location!

1. The porcelain tile trend

Furniture in general, including the living room, kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, are jobs associated with life. Therefore, the choice of interior bricks is essential. Many types of tiles can be used indoors, from stone veneer, wood veneer, metal veneer colors are also extremely diverse; you can freely choose depending on individual aesthetics. However, you should use matching colors with the space of each room.

  • Polished Glazed vitrified tiles

PGVT tiles, the polished glazed vitrified tiles are a series of tiles with a surface covered with a glass layer and good gloss, tile patterns with delicate lines, and high aesthetics. Italy’s technology, especially glass tiles, are quite diverse in texture and size, including large tiles. This is a line of tiles with luxurious modern beauty to bring perfection into the home space.

  • Rustic & wooden tiles

These tiles as an alternative to traditional wood products, wood grain planks outweigh the disadvantages of conventional flooring entirely, brick surfaces have a rustic and authentic design with inspiration. Infinite in nature. The veins and the natural color of the forest’s wood will bring a comfortable environment as an intimate harmony with nature.

  • Brick grains pattern

The model is a line of products considered to be of higher quality and quality than natural marble. The colors, along with the delicate beauty of the sketched stones, will bring an elegant space and retain the primitive natural beauty that the attraction to the area creates.

  • Cement brick model

Cement brick wall is a brick wall product inspired by thick cement floor; the surface represents a rustic concrete texture that brings sharp contrast. It is considered a tile line wall with creative projects for architectural works of high artistic application.

  • Metal brick

 With attractive beauty, metal tile is one of the latest design trends on the market today. The brick surface is a flexible combination of effect tiles and metal contours to create an innovative and robust style, making a classy difference to your home.

2. Choose tiles for the living room.

The living room is the first impression when visitors come to the house, and this is also the face that shows the aesthetics of the owner. So this is also the area where homeowners often focus on design. The luxurious living room, the aesthetic orientation of space’s design, is quite a factor.

For rooms with a small area, we should use brighter colors to help make the living room visually wider. If the ceiling is low, don’t use bricks that are too long and vertically paved, as it will accidentally make the room go down. It would be best if you chose small blocks, and horizontally it will help your house to be visually taller.

3. Choose the tiles for the bedroom space.

This is a private area so that the bricks can be used according to individual preferences. However, this is an area of ​​rest after a tiring day of work. For the bedroom space, we should choose soft and warm colors on the wall, because the bedroom is a relaxing space after a hard day of work. Using too bright or warm colors can sometimes make relaxation difficult.

For bedrooms, suitable wall tiles with simple designs, with sizes of 900*1800, 800*1600 large format porcelain slab, not too big so that the room will become narrow. The bedroom can choose glossy or matte surface tiles according to your preferences. However, experts recommend the use of low-gloss bricks to create a warm feel for the sleeping space.

4. Choose tiles for the kitchen space

A kitchen is where the whole family gathers at each brunch, enjoying a delicious meal when the entire family gathers during the day. The choice of tiles or interior decorations in the kitchen is oriented towards one primary objective: comfort, convenience, and appetite. Therefore, the right wall tiles for the kitchen space are light-colored bricks, simple patterns with no color conflict. You need to create beauty and an overall image, rather than beauty in detail.

For the kitchen space, similar to using tiles for the living room, most of us will use the same type of tiles with the living room to create a common consistency and harmony that will make the whole space of the entire house get bigger.

  •  Exterior cladding

For the exterior, your choice is endless; you can use many different types of bricks: stone grain brick, metal grain brick, wood grain brick, and various colors depending on the friendly aesthetic. You can also use natural materials such as stone, wood, but the cost will be very high, and maintenance is extremely difficult.

Exterior wall tiles are often used to make tiles and floors. Exterior wall tiles come in a variety of styles for you to choose from. Tiles with stone granules, metal tiles, wood tiles, etc. can use because the exterior will be exposed to many weather effects like sunny, rainy, windy, dirty. Therefore, it is necessary to choose tiles that are durable, waterproof, without getting dirty.

  • Coatings for the bathroom

  Bathroom tiles often use enamel tiles that have a shiny surface, are easy to clean, and in particular, have anti-corrosion properties. In terms of colors, depending on the current trend, it is recommended to use colors that contrast with the sanitary equipment, making the bathroom more prominent. In terms of size, because the toilet is often small, the size of the selected bricks is usually smaller.

By Anurag Rathod

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