dlink wireless router device

In the office as well as the residential area the wireless network connectivity is needed to do every online work. Suppose, if you take the online lecture on your desktop computer then you need to ensure your computer is connected to the WiFi network. If the WiFi network is not connected to your computer then you cannot take the online lecture. To enjoy the wireless network in all devices then you surely install the Dlink wireless router device.

Because it fully supports many client devices and securely provides wireless network connectivity. With this network device, you securely connect your wired device to this router and then enjoy the network connectivity in this device. Through the LAN port, your device is quickly connected but the cable is mandatory to make the connection among this device. 

The Dlink wireless network router enhanced the dual-band networking technology that raises the network signals as well as network coverage. Although, the external antennas also bring in the top panel that entirely enhance the network coverage. If you wish to configure the networking setting of this wireless router then you need to know the web address then you do configure it. While using dlinkap local and then quickly configure the settings of this device. 

Configure the various settings of the Dlink Wireless Router Device

The Dlink router comes along with many components then you usually easily install this router without using any extra components. The Dlink router. Quick installation guide, ethernet cable, USB cable, user manual, more comes along in the packaging box of the router device. But this networking router has various settings, if you wish to approach the high-speed WiFi network signal then you need to configure various types of the setting then the signals are raised. If you don’t configure the various settings then you can face the interrupted or buffering signals. 

Configure wireless settings

If you wish to configure the setting of the Dlink router, firstly configure the wireless setting. In the wireless setting, you absolutely configure the wireless. Under this setting, you find out many options then, you need to select step-by-step. You need to select the wireless option and then enable this option. If you do not use the wireless device then you cannot enable the wireless option.

Then, you select the wireless network name and then you quickly configure the network name in an accurate manner. Because the network name is mandatory for the client to get the network signal. Then, click the 802.11 modes and select any one mode to enhance the network signal. Many modes are there like 802.11b, g, n, ac. Next, you can select the wireless channel and then select any one channel to increase the network range. 

Network setting configure

Next, you need to configure the network setting. In the network setting many settings are configured such as IP address, subnet mask, local domain, enable DNS relay. Firstly, select the IP address option if in case IP address not worked can use ap.setup, but for this login to the account of the Dlink router then you properly reach in the settings. After login the account, you surely reach the network setting and configure the IP address with the IP address option. Next, you manage the subnet mask, enter the new subnet mark in the field, and the default subnet mask is Now, enter the domain name in the local domain column. Now, you enable DNS relay with the presented DNS relay option.  

Advanced network setting

The advanced network setting is there in the d’link networking router. In the advanced setting, you really configure the UPnP setting. If you use universal plug & play then you absolutely enable the UPnP setting. Then, you need to configure the WAN ports speed. If you configure the WAN port speed then the network signals improve as well network coverage also improve. Then you perform the various settings in the advanced setting option in the dlink WiFi router. 

Advanced wireless setting

In the advanced wireless setting of the D’Link networking router, you perform various settings. The main setting of the advanced setting is wireless security modes. This setting usually protects your device from various types of malware & viruses. If you surely enable these features then your device is fully protected & secure. Then, you surely enable the security setting in the wireless setting.

Configure the internet connection setting 

There are many types of internet connection and you can configure the internet connection to amplify the speed. Firstly, configure the PPPoE internet connection, to amplify the WiFi network connectivity. In the internet connection setting, you quickly configure the PPPoE internet connection. Then, you need to configure the dynamic internet connection. In the internet connection setting, you quickly find out the dynamic connection and then enable this option. Thus, all the settings of the Dlink wireless router device are surely complete.

By Anurag Rathod

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