Useful Tips in 360 Virtual Staging a Commercial Space

If you are in real estate, the idea of virtual staging is not new. It is something that you get to know as you explore the industry.

Given this, you should have at least an idea of how the whole staging process works and its popularity, especially in residential properties.

It is the magical solution to most residential listings, but what about in commercial spaces? Is this also an applicable technique?

Well, the definite answer is yes. It is applicable for commercial properties, whether it is regular or 360 virtual staging.

So, if you plan to utilize this technique to improve your listings and improve sales, here are some useful tips to consider.

Before the Shoot

Once you have a scheduled date for the property’s shoot, it is necessary to prepare the space. Keep it clean and presentable, and ensure that you have all the deliverables in your checklist done.

A typical pre-shoot checklist consists of the following:

  • Declutter every room, keeping unnecessary things out of sight.
  • Turn on the lights in every room to provide more lighting. Otherwise, if the room has big windows, take advantage of the natural lighting from the outside by cleaning the windows thoroughly and not using dark curtains.
  • Open the doors at all times.

During the shoot

Choose the Best Angles

Present the property with its best angles. Do not waste your time taking shots of it with weird or unpleasing angles.

Since everything is done virtually, it is always a good idea to capture the important fixtures of the room. This will make the final images look more reliable and unedited.

Here is an example. Say you are shooting an office space, it makes sense to show the reception well and emphasize it on the shots, together with other furniture or fixtures that describe the room.

Capture the Whole Space

Since you are doing a 360-degree virtual shoot, there is more space for you to showcase the whole area. For example, capture the entire office spaces and other rooms so the buyer can see how spacious they are the first time.

After the Shoot

Now, in the post-production stage, it is essential to pay keen attention to details if you do not want to miss the important information of the processed images.

Your editing skills are vital in ensuring that the commercial space is staged properly. At the very least, there should be relevant furniture to add accent on the area and other fixtures that will highlight its commercial space features.

Also, ensure a high quality of post-edits quality checks by rechecking each photo for any odd parts or renders.


Again, 360 virtual stagings are not limited to images, so you can also freely create a 360 virtually staged video out of it.

This can add additional value to the property’s listings to entice more prospective buyers. Leverage your listings by using such a powerful tool. It has many potentials aside from just encouraging the buyers to take a look at the property.

In the light of this pandemic, people interested in investing in real estate prefer virtual tours of the property. But if this is not an option, you can pitch virtual images and guide them through as they browse the photos.

In the end, virtual staging remains a viable option to highlight your commercial space listing. Just utilize it well and ensure that you get a team of highly qualified photographers and editors to do the work.

There will always be the best real estate photo and video editing company in the area that can help you get high-quality images at a great price.