Are you looking to have a fun and exciting party bus tour in Toronto with your loved ones? If yes, then this article will list out the places that you must visit in Toronto to know about its fabulous culture and scenic attractions. But first, let’s know about choosing the best party bus for your luxurious travel.

Renting the best party bus in Toronto

To have the best city tour, you must hire the finest party bus service in Toronto. There is a wide availability of party buses for rental in Toronto. So, look at the online reviews, ask for referrals from your circle, and look at the party bus service providers’ websites to know the premier party bus service amongst the lot. Then, book that party bus service which you feel is the topmost in Toronto. 

Discovering Toronto’s Famous Landmarks On A Party Bus

CN Tower:

It’s one of the foremost attractions of not only Toronto but Canada. In fact, it is a part of the modern wonders of the world. It stands at 533 metres and is the most beautiful defining feature of Toronto’s skyline. 

Royal Ontario Museum:

You don’t wanna miss visiting the biggest museum in Canada, and that too, when its themes are natural history and world cultures. It has something of interest to everyone. Be it exploring extinct dinosaurs or famous paintings, you will find plenty of categories that you can seek out. Moreover, you can explore the different cultures of the world; here as well.

Ripley’s Aquarium of Canada:

Visiting this aquarium will literally transport you to the marine world. There are more than 16,000 marine animals in this biggest aquarium in the Ontario Province. Its main attraction is its stunning tunnel that is built underwater with a sidewalk. You will get a surreal experience here as you will see the ocean life live with your own eyes.

Casa Loma:

You will be surprised to know that Casa Loma is the only castle in the whole of North America that is still intact in its actual size. Experience how royalty and luxury can make you feel by living here in the winter season. You will be mesmerized by the light shows and live performances that are organized in this castle.

Rouge National Urban Park:

It is the largest urban park in the whole continent of North America. The thing that makes this park so famous is its accessibility and presence in the Greater Toronto Area. This park has farms, creeks, marshland, forests, and trails. Moreover, free guided walks are available here.

Hockey Hall of Fame:

Being in Canada’s most populous city and not exploring the Hockey Hall of Fame will be a crime. Ice hockey is not only the most popular sport in Canada, but it is what defines the country as well. So, discover the mementos, trophies, and artifacts in this museum. You can also test your ice hockey skills here, by playing in the game facility of the museum. 

The Art Gallery of Ontario:

If you love art, then you can’t afford to miss visiting the art gallery of Ontario. It has more than 90,000 artworks placed for public viewing. Moreover, this art gallery hosts the “Group of Seven” art collective, which is part of the biggest Canadian art collection in the world. The art gallery itself is a work of art as it’s very beautiful in its design and look. You should visit this art gallery to see the amazing artwork of prominent artists.

The Distillery District:

Toronto’s Distillery District hosts restaurants, boutiques, cafes, galleries, and the annual Christmas market. It’s a very big attraction in the city because of its heritage buildings of the Victorian Era. You can shop, eat, purchase gifts, and have wholesome fun here with your family and friends. 

The Ontario Science Centre:

This science centre is known for its interactive learning. You can let your curiosity run loose here and explore science in its depths here. Visit the science arcade and the dome theatre present here to watch the fusion of science and entertainment. Moreover, the regular demonstrations and live exhibitions that take place in this centre will satisfy the scientific bug in you. 

Yonge-Dundas Square:

It’s a must-visit destination in Toronto because you get to feel the opulence of the city in this place. When you visit here on the party bus, then you will feel that you are truly in Canada’s financial capital. This square regularly hosts annual events and live performances. So, it’s a possibility that you can witness them when you visit this square. 

The Toronto Zoo:

This zoo is not a traditional zoo, as it has many pavilions, greenhouses, and indoor exhibits. There are four main pavilions here, namely Australasia, Americas, Indo-Malaya, and African Rainforest. Moreover, you can satisfy your food cravings by eating at the restaurant or snack bar present here. There are more than 5,000 animals present here, belonging to 500 different species. So, it will be an enchanting experience for you to visit this zoo. 

The Scarborough Bluffs:

Although it’s a little outside of the main city of Toronto, it won’t take you much time to reach there on the party bus. Along these bluffs, there are nine parks in which only Bluffers Park has a beach. You can have a walk on the beach and enjoy the beautiful views of Lake Ontario while seeing the geological wonder of the Bluffs.

Wrapping Up!

Toronto is a wonderful place where you can enjoy modern wonders like CN Tower and historical wonders like Casa Loma Castle. The happening nature of the city makes it the best location in Canada for hiring a Party Bus and having an amazing time. You just have to choose the best service amongst the topmost party buses for rental in Toronto, and you will be set to experience Toronto in a luxurious manner. So, what are you waiting for? Book a party bus right now and explore the magnificent city of Toronto like never before.

By Anurag Rathod

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