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Montreal is an amazing city that is accompanied by so many faces. It has a French heart and, it hails with a charm that is Canadian as well. This city demonstrates the fusion of Europe’s traditional charm and North America’s modern aura. While being here, you are surely going to have the best time of your life. If you want to get customized travel plans and affordable flight booking options, you can easily search for the platforms which provide you flights to Montreal option. 

Before ultimately moving on with the confirmation of your flight tickets, you should ensure that you have done in-depth research of the city. You need to be well aware of the facts, historical sites, and other relatable aspects of Montreal. Let us know more about this destination in detail further in this content. 

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Languages Spoken

French is considered to be the native language in Montreal. But, the majority of the people are well-versed in English as well. Thus, you don’t have to be a part of any kind of hassle while book flights to Canada and  touring in Montreal. You would be able to communicate with the locals here in the English language with no shortcomings. 

Availability of banks and credit cards’ acceptance 

If you are buying across the border, then the banks are surely going to hit you with higher foreign transaction fees. Thus, the best thing to do is just have access to an ATM nearby. You can keep your credit/debit cards safe for purchasing any higher-priced item. ATMs are easily available in Montreal and so, you need not worry about the same. 

Weather conditions

The winters in Montreal are cold and snowy. During the wintertime, the temperature generally stays not more than twenty degrees Fahrenheit. You might need to wear jackets during springs as well since the temperature during that time is low. Talking about summers, they are quite humid. Thus, you need to plan your tour to Montreal accordingly. 

Best time to visit 

If you want to explore the city in all its glory and charm, you can visit it from March to May and from September to November. It is because, during these months, the weather is pleasant and also, the hotels are less crowded. But, on a whole, any time is not a bad time to visit Montreal. The city looks its best at every point in time. 

Getting around

  1. Via cars: If we talk about driving in Montreal, it shall turn out to be quite tricky. It is because the street signs are prevalent in French and also, parking here is expensive. So, it is highly recommended for you to rely on public transportation. 
  2. Via metro: The transit system in Montreal is praiseworthy. On a whole, the city has 8 metro stations and four lines. Thus, with the help of the same, you can commute to any place in Montreal. 
  3. Via bus: Buses’ availability is quite common here and they are known to run every 10-15 minutes. They can take you anywhere in the city. 
  4. On foot: If we talk about walking, it is surely an awesome experience in Montreal. It’s because. The city can be conquered at its best on foot. So, if you want to move from one neighborhood to another, you can cover that distance via walk. 

Accommodation facilities in Montreal 

Whether you are looking for mid-range, budget, or luxurious accommodation, Montreal has got every type for you. Also, irrespective of the accommodation category you’re staying in, the hospitality there would be top-notch. Also, the majority of the hotels here are conveniently located and thus, you won’t feel any hassle in traveling around the city from there. The hotel categories include hostels, boutique stays, resorts, villas, etc. All you need to do is just consider your budget and other relatable preferences for deciding the kind of accommodation you’re looking for. 

Eating options in Montreal 

There are loads of varieties when it comes to eating in Montreal. There is a wide range of food and each one of them is beyond the French charm. While being here, you can get every type of cuisine that you would be craving. These include Thai, Middle Eastern, and other Quebecois dishes. 

What to see in Montreal?

While being in Montreal, you are going to come across a lot of tourist attractions here. They are mentioned below: 

  1. Mont-Royal: It is located at an elevation of over 233 meters and contains a lush-green environment. If you take a stroll amidst this amazing park, the visitors would be able to witness the breathtaking sites of Montreal.
  2. Vieux-Montreal: Also known as the Old Montreal, here you are going to witness a lot of buildings existing back to the 17th, 18th, and 19th centuries. While being here, you could see the Parisian-style quarter located amidst the business hub and waterfront. 
  3. Jardin Botanique: This is a botanical garden that is known to be the hosting ground of the Summer Olympic Games held in 1976. It has got more than 30 themed gardens along with an array of 10 exhibition greenhouses. 
  4. Notre-Dame Basilica: It is considered to be the oldest church in Montreal and was founded in 1656. The amazing interiors of this place were designed and maintained by none other than Victor Bourgeau. 
  5. Oratoire Saint-Joseph: The Oratoire Saint-Joseph is located at Mount Royal Park’s notable western exit. Notably, it is known to be dedicated to the patron saint of Canada. It has a basilica hailing with the Renaissance-style dome marketing its existence from 1924. 

After having a look at our all-in-one guide to Montreal, you might have got an idea about the city. We feel now you are ready to head towards this city’s journey. All you need to do is contact My Tickets To India ca, which is surely the best platform to get competitively priced flight tickets. Also, you can communicate with its experts anytime you want. Once you have got your tickets booked affordably via them, you can keep a check of your flight status via the ‘my flight to Montreal’ option. They would tell you your tickets’ update in no time. 

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