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We are living in the times where adoption of technology and modernization is must. In fact, technology and modernization have become part of our lives with which we engage with several times in a day. For instance, a mobile phone is one such tech gadget which almost every person from the age of 13 onwards has it. When mobile phone was not enough, then came the smart watches – yetanother valuable addition in the line of smart gadgets. Even the modern day houses showcase extensive use of technology.

5 Cool Gadgets for A House

The today’s topic is particularly with regard to ‘must have’ tech-gadgets which can greatly increase the beauty of your house.So let us begin with the most cool looking and highly convenient ‘must have’ gadgets in your home.

1. AI Mop & Vacuum

Forget the old obsolete ways of hard-cleaning your house’s floors and carpets because you can easily find AI based mops and vacuum cleaners. These smart gadgets are capable of keeping the carpets and floors neat and tidy. More importantly, they function without making loud noises that their predecessors used to make. It is highly affordable and can be purchased quite conveniently because they are highly accessible. 

This robotic mop and vacuum cleaners can be controlled through a remote. Alternatively, they can be paired with computers, laptops, tabs, mobile phones and smart watches. In addition, they can even come with the function of ‘voice command’ and ‘voice recognition’. A single full charge can enable the user to give this tech-gadget the task of excellent cleaning for 3 non-stop hours at least. 

2. Universal Charger

Having smart gadgets is though highly convenient and useful but the charging of such devices has been a major issue. Although these gadgets are power-efficient yet the excessive-use requires a user to charge not one but several devices at least twice a day. Or in the alternative, a Universal Charger can be brought into home which is a worthy addition to your tech-devices. 

Universal chargers are capable of charging multiple brands devices and have multiple types of ports in them. You can charge your mobile phones, tabs, laptops, ear pods, smart watches and other such devices. Interestingly, they can charge 3 to 4 devices at a time, depending on the number of charging slots. Most importantly they use less than 65 watts and charge devices very quickly. Their prices are cheaper while their benefits are promising. 

3. 4K+ Streaming Player

Using a 4k smart TV for streaming movies could be difficult, and even more if you are trying to download a 4k+ movie. Now you can get over with this issue with the 4K+ Streaming Players which are easily available in the market. This very device will enable your TV to become a downloading beast. In addition, the device is also capable of granting the user access multifarious streaming engines from where 4K content can be streamed for free.

4. Video Doorbell

Tired of answering the door unnecessarily while you could have simply avoided answering it? Wide range of tech-gadgets has a solution to this particular problem and so it doesn’t matter how many times your doorbell rings. There is this Video Doorbell with built-in high resolution available at a very cheap price. So whenever your doorbell rings, through this gadget you can see at your preferred device who is at the door and whether you need go by yourself and open the door. The preview of the Video Doorbell can be set up with computer, TV, mobile phones and smart watches. 

5. Smart Wake-Up Disk Light

It is an adjustable light-cum-alarm in disk shape which can easily be installed anywhere in your house. By setting up alarm the user can increase and decrease density of light according to the user’s liking. It has 5 built-in settings of sunset and sunrise. The brightness of this unique device also has 10 density levels. For instance, it can be turned into a reading light or sleep mode light etc.

Bottom Line

Believe it or not, technology and innovation finds its own way into the house whether the owner likes it or not.In simple words, there is no escaping from it but the future lies in embracing it.

By Anurag Rathod

Anurag Rathod is an Editor of, who is passionate for app-based startup solutions and on-demand business ideas. He believes in spreading tech trends. He is an avid reader and loves thinking out of the box to promote new technologies.