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11 Bhutan Attractions that Tourists Love For Their Food

11 Bhutan Attractions that Tourists Love For Their Food

Bhutan is a small country packed with surprises and breathtaking views. 

Bhutan may not be a gastronomic country like Japan or Italy, but the place sure has some delicacies to offer for every visitor. 

You can locate excellent, cozy restaurants with unique and mouth-watering meals that you have probably never tasted in your life before! 

Sweet, organic, to spicy chilies, you can get tons of food items to try!

Many restaurants offer classic Bhutanese rice and curry, but that’s not it! You can also order various foods, ranging from continental to regional.

You can get Bhutanese, Indian, Chinese, Korean, Nepalese, and continental food in the country.

Here are 11 Bhutan attractions that tourists and even the locals love.

This Blog Includes:

  • The Bhutan Orchid
  • Cloud 9 Gourmet Burger & Milk Bar
  • The Babesa Village Restaurant
  • Bhutan Kitchen
  • The Hayate Ramen
  • Kalden restaurant
  • Cousins Restaurant and Bar
  • The Folk Heritage Museum Restaurant
  • Fu Lu Shou
  • The Sinchula Indian Cuisine
  • The Tou Zaiga Restaurant

Learn more about Bhutan in just two minutes!

#1 The Bhutan Orchid

An Introduction to Bhutanese Food - Inside Himalayas

One of the most famous Bhutan Attractions, The Bhutan Orchid Restaurant

Bhutan Orchid Restaurant is conveniently placed in the middle of Thimphu city, making it ideal for grabbing a quick bite while strolling through the streets.

The Orchid Restaurant in Thimphu specializes in organic and simple fine dining, serving various multi-cuisine dishes prepared with fresh organic vegetables and fruits.

The Haa valley’s distinctive cuisine, Hoentey (buckwheat flour dumplings), and the Bumthang valley’s puta are also served (buckwheat noodles).

Seasonal mushrooms and ferns are also served with cheese. This is one of the popular Bhutan attractions for foodies!

#2 Cloud 9 Gourmet Burger & Milk Bar

Cloud9 Gourmet Burger and Milk Bar, Thimphu, Bhutan Reviews | abillion

Cloud 9 Gourmet Burger & Milk Bar is a much loved Bhutan attraction for food

This Thimphu premium restaurant is tastefully decorated with modern and attractive furnishings.

Cloud 9 Café & Bar, in the heart of the capital city’s Clock Tower Square, serves the best international cuisine in town.

If you enjoy western cuisine, you should visit this restaurant in Thimphu.

Visit and try their gourmet burgers, wood-fired pizzas, salads, inventive espresso, cold-pressed fresh juice, milkshakes, and homemade ice cream and gelatos.

It’s also a great place to meet up with friends or go out on a date.

#3 The Babesa Village Restaurant

Babesa Village Restaurant, Thimphu - Get Babesa Village Restaurant  Restaurant Reviews on Times of India Travel

The Babesa Village Restaurant

Babesa Village Restaurant is a one-of-a-kind, elegant Bhutan attraction where visitors may learn about Bhutanese culture through traditional cuisine.

The structure is a 200-year-old mud-rammed house that is currently one of the most popular restaurants in the country.

It’s next to the motorway leading into the Thimphu town from Paro.

Locals and guests rave about the restaurant’s traditional and authentic home-cooked cuisine.

#4 Bhutan Kitchen

Bhutan Kitchen | VISIT TOYOTA CITY‐Toyota City Official Travel Site-

The Bhutan Kitchen Restaurant is a must-visit Bhutan attraction

The Bhutan Kitchen Restaurant is built in a historic structure and serves traditional Bhutanese cuisine.

The restaurant delivers regional meals that are suited to the preferences of its patrons. 

With a shot of Arra (local wine), you can sample some Ema Datshi (chili and local cheese). It’s a traditional Bhutanese custom!

They’ll serve you hot butter tea, rice, dry beef curry, and a variety of fresh vegetables cooked with local cheese for dinner.

#5 Hayate Ramen

Mayo Ramen · i am a food blog

Visit The Hayate Ramen Restaurant which is a much-loved Bhutan attraction

Hayate Ramen is a popular Japanese restaurant in Thimphu among local noodle connoisseurs. Locals who are on a diet frequent the restaurant.

This restaurant delivers Japanese specialties and cuisines to the Bhutanese table with fresh vegetables, herbs, and fruits from Bhutanese farmers.

It is one of the most renowned Bhutan attractions to taste Japanese food. You can try Hayate Ramen, Chashu Don, Pork Gyoza, Chicken Miso Ramen, Sushi, and more on their menu.

You can also check out the 10 best restaurants in Thimphu for an authentic Bhutanese experience.  

#6 Kalden Restaurant

Bhutanese Food: 25 Best Dishes To Eat When You're In Bhutan!

The Kalden Restaurant is a tourist-friendly Bhutan attraction

The Kalden restaurant is the most appropriate place to try traditional and classic home-cooked meals in Bhutan.

The delicious local food makes up for the little area and rustic atmosphere. It’s pretty popular among folks from all walks of life.

The restaurant is also well-known among travelers who want to fit in with the locals while sampling the unique cuisine of Bhutan!

#7 Cousins Restaurant & Bar

Cousin Restaurant and Bar in Thimphu - Bhutanese and Western dishes

Cousins Restaurant & Bar

Cousins Restaurant in Thimphu is an excellent place to sample a variety of foods!

It is quite a popular Bhutan attraction since the place serves traditional Bhutanese cuisines and Indian, Chinese, and continental cuisine.

A group of varying taste buds can visit this place and enjoy a meal they like! Don’t have to fight about ‘I want Chinese or Indian for dinner.’ 

They will serve you fresh, organic vegetables and meats as per your order. 

#8 The Folk Heritage Museum Restaurant

Thimphu, Bhutan - the world's only capital city with no traffic lights - The  A to Z Journey

The Folk Heritage Museum Restaurant in Bhutan

Stop by the Folk Heritage Museum restaurant for a delicious Bhutanese supper and learn more about traditional Bhutanese living.

The Folk Heritage Museum is one of the top Bhutan attractions, so we believe it should be on your itinerary.

It’s the perfect chance to try the cuisine prepared by the chefs at the Folk Heritage Museum Restaurant!

We’re sure you’d at least want a taste of fresh farm food (veggies) steamed with cheese over an open fire.

#9 Fu Lu Shou

Fu Lu Shou – rooftop bar & eatery – Hong Kong | Asia Bars & Restaurants

The Fu Lu Shou Restaurant – A favorite Bhutan attraction of all

Hot pot restaurants are trendy in Bhutan. Locals adore the Fu Lu Shou Restaurant in Thimphu for a switch from everyday rice and curry. 

It is a new trend for food lovers to visit the Hot pot restaurant every week or fortnight.

If you want to try it, visit Fu Lu Shou when you are in Bhutan. 

The restaurant is a well-managed spot with Chinese cooking techniques and Bhutanese organic food.

#10 The Sinchula Indian Cuisine

Restaurants in Thimphu that serve the best of Indian cuisine, Thimphu -  Times of India Travel

The Sinchula Indian Cuisine

The Sinchula Restaurant is recognized for its fantastic Indian cuisine. Their tikka masala, paneer tikka, and karahi chicken are very famous. 

This is the place to go if you want to experience Indian cuisine. There are plenty of vegetables and meats to choose from.

#11 The Tou Zaiga Restaurant

Seasons (Thimphu) - Bhutan -

Tou Zai Ga Restaurant is a renowned Bhutan attraction

The name Tou Zaiga which directly translates to ‘did you eat?’ is a renowned restaurant in Bongde, Paro. It is located just five minutes from the Paro international airport.

The place has a special emphasis on high-quality service. The food is fresh since it originates directly from local farmers.

The Tou Zaiga, a five-star restaurant with three-star pricing, is a must-visit for anybody visiting Paro.

Final Thoughts

You should visit these 11 Bhutan attractions to try some of the delicious foods served in the country.

These 11 spots are very reputed among visitors and the locals for serving delicious food. 

When you visit Bhutan, don’t forget to check out these restaurants and try the food you never tasted before! 

Visit Norbu Bhutan website, one of the trusted travel agents in Bhutan, to cater to all your traveling needs! 

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