handmade mattresses in UK

Handmade mattresses in UK are proving to be very popular with over 8 Million sold in 2017 which also includes the likes of Memory foam and pocket sprung mattresses in UK. 1.2 billion People worldwide suffer from a variety of sleep issues? Only in the US, that number is more than 70 million adults. 2.5 million people in the UK are estimated to suffer from back pain and experience back pain every day costing the NHS £1billion a year and staggering figures show 15% of the population around 3.4 million people in the UK have taken sick leave related to back pain. 

Back pain can be caused by injury, playing sports or lifting heavy objects, it can be exacerbated by sleeping on the wrong type of mattress and this can sometimes also be a cause of back pain. There are various mattresses types on the market today ranging from memory foam, orthopaedic, pocket sprung and latex others such as water mattresses are also proving to be popular. Pillow top mattresses are emerging as top sellers as customers are able to choose orthopaedic mattress with a pillow top attached for added comfort. 

Benson for beds

This online retailer provides a range of mattresses online. They offer mattresses with varied comfort ratings- From soft rated mattresses to extra firm there is something for everyone. They also offer o% interest free option for those who spend mover £300 on their website and free delivery if you spend over £100. It is very important when considering a mattress to understand the different ways a mattress is made and the ways it will affect you based on the type of sleeper you are. Visiting this website, it is clear and information easily accessible. 

Elite Beds Company 

Elite Beds Company provides quality handmade mattresses in UK online, these include, Pocket sprung mattresses, orthopaedic mattresses, memory foam mattresses which are all handmade in UK and have various comfort ratings.  It is very important that customers are aware of what type of mattress they require- Elite beds company offer on hand support to discuss type of mattresses that are suitable for individuals based on their lifestyle. Elite team provides a price match promise and have unbeatable prices online ranging from £299-£799 for high quality handmade mattresses in UK. With online on hand live chat, it ensures all visitors to the website have the reassurance with any questions answered by our live chat experts.

Dreams beds

This company offer variety of mattresses to suit every kind of sleeper. From orthopaedic to pocket sprung and latex mattresses. They also offer different types of fillings in mattresses to ensure all avenues are covered by their mattress finder app which ensures easy step by step guide to mattresses. It is very important for customers to understand what type of mattress they require and what type will suit their body shape. All mattresses differ typically due to what is inside the mattress. Different types of mattresses which are sold online usually tackle certain issues such as back pain neck and joint pain. Therefore, it is very important that buyers understand what type of mattress they are searching for.

Get laid beds

Provide mattresses online, ranging from budget mattress to high end quality mattresses. Although the focus of this company is selling made to measure wooden beds, the mattress selection is impressive, they also offer a 5-year guarantee and helpful tips to choose your perfect mattress. All their products are also produced in the UK using finest quality materials. They are able to guide the customers through main features of their products are the firmness rating is also readily available.

All companies above provide various mattresses that suit different body types and different types of sleep styles. Some may want different consistency in mattresses than their sleeping partners andElite Beds Company are able to offer them zip link mattresses to ensure both sleepers achieve the best sleep. Most handmade mattresses in UK are designed and manufactured by companies who hold comfort and quality with the utmost importance. Therefore, it is very important for customers to buy with companies who offer Warranty and guarantee for their products.

Handmade mattressestake a lot of time and effort to ensure each, piece of foam, each spring and fabric is placed together ensuring it will last long periods of time. Elite Beds Company best-selling Mattresses are Pocket sprung mattresses in UK tending to last the longest due to the nature of what is included in them. Individual pocket springs mean each pocket has its own place and prevents sleepers rolling and sinking into the middle of bed. When looking for the top online stores who sell mattresses browse through the above recommended handmade mattress in UK companies for luxury quality and affordable mattresses to suit your every need

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