Indian vegetarian restaurants

Here, in this blog post, we are going to talk about some popular Indian vegetarian restaurants. A vegetarian diet directs to a diet that satisfies its standards by excluding meat and animal tissue products. For most common Lacto-Ovo vegetarianism, eggs and dairy products such as milk and cheese are allowed. 

For the earlier type of Lacto vegetarianism, a person can eat eggs but can’t eat dairy products. The difficult form of vegetarianism is fruitfulness. It restricts all animal products, including dairy products and eggs, and even some polished sugars if screened with bone char.

List of Top Best Indian Vegetarian Restaurants 

Food is a basic need of human beings. With time, many changes have taken place in it. When people’s pockets started getting heavy, they went out and started eating as per their choice.

You can find vegetarian restaurants everywhere. Instead of listing all possible, we only list either we have dined at or more popular ones.

Vegans should be familiar that most Indian vegetarian recipes comprise dairy in either ghee, curd, or paneer. Being a vegan in India is not so simple, but being vegetarian is.

In India, with a population of more than 1.1 billion, more people are vegetarians than anywhere else on the planet.

The prevalence of Indian vegetarians is vegetarian because of tradition or religious moralities. Food takes advantage of a major function in the method of religion in India.

During the old Aryan Vedic period, meat was eaten up after animal prey to the Gods.

This slowly improved with the rise of Jainism and Buddhism since their creators supported the belief of ahimsa, the method of non-violence.

Many types of vegetarian restaurants have come out in the market. Some restaurants have become history. There were restaurants a hundred years back and now it changed the way of offering all over the world. 

Let’s discuss some of the great Indian vegetarian restaurants.

The Brahman priests, who supported animal gifts as subsidies in the name of religion, also started to preach vegetarianism since it was increasingly popular. The priests eventually started to intake a vegetarian diet themselves. Rural Indian food in the small towns is often vegetarian. Food like seeds, cereals, pulses, wheat, and rice are the main bases of the rural people’s diets.

Indian Gandhi Restaurant:

Indian Gandhi Restaurant in one such place in Amsterdam, once you step into this place you will start feeling like you have stepped in some traditional restaurant in India. Not only the place looks good, but along with all that you would be able to notice that there food is amazing too.

Hotel Saravana Bhavan 

Hotel Saravana Bhavan is the best South Indian vegetarian restaurant in Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India. There are 33 places in India (24 in Chennai) and 78 in 22 countries in Asia and other countries. 

P. Rajagopal opened a small grocery shop on the outskirts of the city. In 1992, Rajagopal observed the management of multinational fast food joints such as McDonald’s on his Singapore outing and utilized them as a model. 

By the 1990s, the Sarvana Bhavan chain had spread to the entire area of Chennai. It finally spread its branches to Paris, London, New York City, Dallas, Doha, and Auckland. 

Saravana Bhavan transfers workers from India and America to do their job in their overseas branches. Franchisees run overseas outlets. 

Ananda Bhavan

Adyar Ananda Bhavan is also known as A2B. It is a chain of Indian vegetarian restaurants and confectioners inaugurated in Rajapalayam. It is headquartered in Adyar, Chennai, India.

It is one of the oldest such chains in Chennai and has over 145 outlets in India. Over the years, its range of products has expanded to include a variety of vegetarian foods and snacks.

Late Thiru founded A2B. KS Thirupati Raja is the owner of Guru Sweets in Rajapalayam. Later, he acquired Srinivasa Sweets in Bangalore, and Sri Ananda Bhavan in Washermanpet, Chennai. It now operates with more than 145 branches across India, most of them in South India.

Namma Veedu Vasantha Bhavan

Namma Veedu Vasantha Bhavan (Tamil) is a series of Indian vegetarian restaurants. Its headquarter is in Egmore, Chennai, India, started in 1969.

Apart from the restaurant division, it also places catering orders for individuals and corporations. A food and beverage manager, assisted by a team of chefs, looks after the health aspects.

The team works not only on taste and quality but also on nutritious value. Namma Veedu is also working as an official caterer in most corporations.

Kesar da Dhaba

Kesar da Dhaba is one of the most popular Indian vegetarian restaurants in Amritsar, Punjab, India. This emerged as a small restaurant selling lentils and roti. It is a small dhaba in a narrow lane in Chowk Pasiyan, near the Town Hall.

There are so many options! Vegetarians are happy – this is a vegetarian-friendly place. Urban vegetarian restaurants are options for all veggies, but as the view expands, many vegan restaurants often overlap in vegetarian restaurants. Outside of veggie locations, this restaurant also offers many vegetarian menu items.


375 million people all over the world are vegetarians. While in India alone, 31 percent of people like to eat pure vegetarian food. Many research also suggests a vegetarian diet is better than a non-veg. However, come and visit the most famous Indian vegetarian restaurants around the world.

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