The world is getting influenced by Apps and mobile technologies with each passing day. It is becoming mandatory for entrepreneurs to start demonstrating their products in the form of apps or on websites. To establish this on internet presence they have to plan and then implement their thoughts but While Preparing to start business online, every startup entrepreneur is suffering from task challenging questions such as:

  • Whom to hire a developer or dedicated developer or a freelancer or allocate a task to an agency? 
  • What factors must you pre-plan for the development?
  • From where to hire a developer?
  • What should be taken care of while hiring developers?
  • What does it cost to hire a developer?

Here is the End and Solutions of all your questions coming in the path and in finding Top App Developers India. Let us see what makes app development difficult and how to solve these questions. 

Let’s see “Whom to hire a developer or dedicated developer or a freelancer or allocate a task to an agency?”

Most entrepreneurs do not have knowledge of computer coding or operating systems. It seems that they might not be able to create an app of their own. And this raises the necessity to hire Developers. These days, mostly everyone possesses a smart Android phone in their hands. So, to reach more traffic one can plan the development first for the Android platform. But for this to get a secured and demanded product with expertise launch one need to hire dedicated android app development. In the market of digital development the developers can be hired in three ways:

  • In-house developer
  • Freelancer
  • Out-house developer.

What are their differences? Let us see in detail about them and find out the top Indian app developers

In-house Developer:

These are the developers whom you can hire in your team or as your staff. They complete your development at your working environment or in your organization. But the dark side of hiring an in house team for app development is you need to spend extra on them for lending them systems, required material, providing them electric needs, internet, official environment and others with their monthly salary. Hence it seems to be expensive. So hiring a permanent team for a temporary project might be a bad idea for your stuff.


Freelancers are the developers who work on the basis of their own rules. They work for many projects at a time and have many tasks to do simultaneously. This creates a mess for them to focus on one single project of yours and might not meet all the requirements you are expecting from them. There can also be communication gaps with them.  Hence freelancers are a bit risky to hire for a core or large scale project. 

Out-House Developers:

This is the project type where you hire Top App Developers India from an agency or a tech based company to create your digital requirement such as a website or an application to grow your business. They are very professional towards their work by following punctuality. It is also beneficial for you to save money as out-sourcing your project with App Development Company India is around 40% more cost-effective for you than any other country in the world with the best quality of the product and effective communication. 

This was the small difference between the types of developers you can hire for your service depending on your task and budget. Now you might be having questions about what are the factors you must out-line to prepare for your development. Here are some essential key-factors for your next project Idea!

Secondly, “What factors must you pre-plan for the development?”


App creation is not a pie task to taste. It requires a lot of research and skills to develop a unique purpose product. The experienced brains put all their expertise and knowledge in creating your app. So they need some time to figure out your business purpose and then create an app as per it. Hence time scale is as per development process. 

For an in -house team it requires more time as you need to hire app developers first and then accommodate them in an office. Then you need to explain the project and outline with training this takes more time. 

Whereas while outsourcing your project to Top App Developers India 

Will save you hiring and training time and they will give you a launched product within six months of on-boarding period. Hence they are very punctual and committed to their work. By out-sourcing your project work you will get talented developers, expertise help and technical support on each step of development. 


If you are just a start up with a new business and want to grow digitally then it may be difficult for you to develop an IT department in your office. To solve this expensive issue you can choose to Hire dedicated android app developers. Not only start-ups but well established entrepreneurs also prefer hiring these talented dedicated developers. The reason is they are cost-effective and reduce development cost up to 45%. Hence they are proved as budget friendly when looked towards the uniqueness of their work with an enhancing product with highly traffic grabbing designs. Hence out-sourcing your project can bring happiness to your budget as they are pocket-friendly. 

Lack of skills:

When you choose to hire an in-house team you will need to hire different developers with different skills. The reason is you can get everything in a box hence to access different stages of development a variety of skills are required which increases the salary cost of developers. To save your hard earned dollars you can do is hire developers from App Development Company India which will give you various skills within the package cost of the application with the training of the developer.  Hence you will not have to face any crises during the development process and all you will have to do is sit back and wait for the project to be launched. 

Publishing App on App store:

When you hire a freelancer or a developer in your company the last problem is launching the developed app because there are several rules and restrictions for uploading an app on the app-store. To broadcast an application on the Play store is not a piece of cake. Also they have many projects to work on so it might cause delays in the launching dates. To gain security towards such developing problems all you need to do is Hire android app developers from any agency or company of India so that they can develop projects on time with punctuality and easily launch your product with high productivity and efficiency. 

Not clear about development:

Entrepreneurs plan their development on the aim of the application but they are not aware about the features and development process. Hence to clear all these minute hassles all you want to do is get consultation with India app developer. They will help you to get clear about the feature list and what you need to take steps for your development. They will also provide you with a cost for package development and dedicated developers which will help you to get clear about the budget friendly options also. 

Thirdly, “From where to Hire App developers?”

When you have pre planned your development with Aim and Cost or budget you will start searching for the best and Top App Developers India. So the thing is from where you can find these developers, and What are the platforms for searching developers or app development companies. Here is your answer. You can find these app development companies from:

  • Clutch
  • Google
  • Good Firms
  • Guru
  • Freelancer
  • Upwork
  • Dribble
  • Behance.

You can enlist the companies from these sites and Sort the list as per your requirement and research or by contacting them. 

Next thing to be taken care of is “What should be taken care of while hiring developers?”

You will find thousands of app development companies and developers on the sites. But all of them are not trustworthy. Some of them are phishing sites also so to check and save yourself from scamming all you want to do is check their sites and look at following factors:

Reviews and Ratings

Reviews and ratings are also known as testimonials which will show the service of the company in the form of reviews from their previous clients and their experience. Hence you can figure out their work by contacting their previous clients also. 

Previous work

This is also known as the portfolio of the company which shows their developed products. You can install their product and check the efficiency of the product and productivity. This will prove the quality of the application they are creating. 

Experience level

Experience will be shown on their site. Their developed work and clients will show you their expertise and the developed digital Applications and websites will help you to check their skills of working. Hence it becomes easy to figure out their experience with their work.  

Lastly the main factor comes is “What does it cost to hire a developer?”

When you choose to hire a developer you need to know their costing structure. Here is the answer to this. To develop a basic functioning app you can expect up to $5000 for an application on one platform. To develop an intermediate complex app all you need to have is $ 10k to 50K. For innovating apps with high class functions and Complex integrations all you need to spend is $ 50k to $1.5 lacs or more. But if you go for hiring developers from the companies of USA or other there might be chances of cost-rising up to 4 times. Hence out-sourcing your idea with Indian app developers can be very effective in terms of development with every factor in consideration. 


You can develop your application with awesome features and working efficiency by hiring developers from Top app development company India. They are experienced and cost-effective. If you are looking to develop an app and want to bring your idea to reality, Get in touch with India app developer and get various skilled dedicated developers for your project. 

By Anurag Rathod

Anurag Rathod is an Editor of, who is passionate for app-based startup solutions and on-demand business ideas. He believes in spreading tech trends. He is an avid reader and loves thinking out of the box to promote new technologies.