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Top 9 Powerful Facebook Marketing Tips For Small Business

Top 9 Powerful Facebook Marketing Tips For Small Business

Ever since Facebook has become a very crucial platform for business, people are not missing any opportunity to bring their business here and make their presence stronger, so that they can reach out to more audiences via Facebook.

If you are already using Facebook for your small business, you have probably noticed by now how it works. You have noticed that sometimes your post is getting better reach to your audience, sometimes it is not, the reach gets dropped. So you never really know how the Facebook algorithm actually works.

As a small business, you want to grow and showcase your products to the targeted audience but it becomes very difficult to get that organic reach since Facebook tends to deliver the product or service to the right people and also large businesses have already made their position in that field, also small businesses do not have huge budget to make paid post, creating a very challenging and competitive marketing situation for the small businesses.

In spite of being an older social media platform than the other rising platforms, Facebook is still being actively used by 2 billion people, making it one of the biggest social media sites. So, even though it is sometimes hard to reach out to a large audience, Facebook is considered as a great platform for business.

So how are you going to make this? Well, firstly you need to check whether you are doing your best, or if there are some mistakes. Secondly, consider investing a small amount of money on your business such as hiring a leading digital marketing virtual assistant if you find yourself on the edge of exhaustion or need some extra help on your business. And lastly, there are indeed some effective tips which we are going to discuss in this article, which will help you to grow your business with a small budget or zero budget.

  1. Post With Purpose :

Make sure that there should be a purpose behind your every post. You can’t just post your products randomly without even using a proper description or keywords which would attract your audience.

If you have zero budget, try creating your posts with decent captions and proper guidance with the help of Facebook insights.

  • Use Content Calendar for Better Time Management :

Along with posting decent and attractive posts, it is very important to create a content calendar for posting on a daily basis. A content calendar will help you to plan

everything beforehand regarding when you want to post. You can also set a

scheduling tool like Buffer, which will help you to post automatically as per your scheduled time or you can hire a leading digital marketing virtual assistant as well.

This will not only help you to reduce your extra time on social media but also stay

active and post regularly on Facebook, helping to reach out more audience and make a trustable impression on them.

  • Post on Odd Hours :

Try posting when people are active during the daytime, helping you to get more

audience to see your post. But sometimes it gets difficult when it is too busy an hour on Facebook and your post most likely gets overlooked. So what can you do? You can post it at night, when there will be fewer people who can see your post easily.

Once you are successful in catching their attention with your post, they will start

engaging with your other posts as well, which will help to reach more audience who will be active in the morning, will help in maintaining the engagement.

  • Organic Traffic Reach :

Facebook being a highly competitive platform for business, it is quite difficult to get organic reach on every post because of its unpredictable algorithm. No one wants to depend on paid posts every time, when it is already a problem for a small business. So there is a way to get more engagement is to post on odd hours, although it does not seem to be a proper way but if your business is growing at all, you can try out this technique.

  • Engage With Your Audience :

The more you will engage with your audience the better they will trust your brand. This is something a small business can maintain easily rather than a large business. Large businesses do not care about their customers, since they already have a lot of them. But small businesses can do it, replying to the comments, having fun conversation and assuring them for a better service in the future.

Caring about your followers is a great thing, and they will admire you and give suggestions for better products as well, which will ultimately help you in growing your business.

  • Experiment with new tactics :

If your one post gets viral, it does not mean the post has now become your weapon. Second time you share the same content it might not get the same engagement it got on the last one. So, do not post the same thing every day thinking it will get the same response. This can disappoint your audience, making them think that you only care about likes and engagement.

For that, you need to try new tactics to see which one is working well. Then alternatively post them while not making your audience bored.

  • Use More Visual Content :

Try posting more visual content on your Facebook Business page to attract more audience since an image or a video can get more engagement than just texts or link-based posts.

  • Ad Placements :

You should try different ad placements such as News feed ads or right-hand-side ads. Test the ads to find out which will perform better for you.

  • Power Editor Tool :

If you really want to grow your business by Facebook advertising, try learning to use the power editor tool to promote your posts.

These are some of the tips which will help you to boost your audience and grow your small business.

Author Bio:

Sunny Chawla is a Managing Director at Alliance Recruitment Agency. He specializes in helping clients for international recruiting, staffing, HR services and Careers advice service for overseas and international businesses.

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