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When you first move into a new apartment, the interior can be a bit drab. This creates a great opportunity to design the inside of your apartment to reflect your personal style. Making your space your own is the best way to express yourself in your home. Whether you just moved into a new space, or are looking for ways to freshen up your apartment, here are the top seven emerging apartment interior design trends right now.

1. Bold Pops of Color

Adding a bold pop of color to a small apartment is an incredible way to make the space unique. You can mix and match the ways that you use color throughout your apartment to reflect your style.

If there is a wall that is looking boring, consider taking a bright blue and making it something completely new. You can also add colorful pieces of furniture to brighten up a space. If you’re intimidated by using bold colors on the walls or furniture, finding little knick-knacks and decorations in bright colors can help bring your apartment to life.

2. Taking Inspiration from Travel

An emerging trend for 2022 interior design is to use motifs from far away travels. These motifs can be found on eye-catching wallpapers as well as show-stopping rugs. To make this trend more renter-friendly, you can use peel and stick wallpaper. This is an easy way to add some intrigue to your wall, without having to paint the wall again before moving out.

Taking inspiration from travel or other parts of the world is a great way to customize your space as well. While you can take motifs from far away places, you can also take inspiration from your own travels. Maybe you’ve visited the Italian countryside, you can incorporate parts of that natural landscape into your decorations.

3. Contemporary Coffee Tables

Sometimes it can be hard to find furniture that fits into an apartment while being unique. But an emerging trend for apartment interior design is contemporary coffee tables. Instead of a plain old rectangular coffee table, you can elevate your space by finding something chic and modern.

Popular ideas for coffee tables include curved wooden designs, as well as interesting plastic pieces. The best part about unique coffee tables is that you can find them on almost any budget. Be sure to check your local thrift store for some 70s inspired, curvy coffee tables. There are bound to be plenty of unique options that will fit your personal interior-design aesthetic.

4. Pops of Neon

Although it’s easy to think of neon as flashy, incorporating neon into your interior design is a beautiful way to make an apartment space unique. Everyone from college kids to celebrities are incorporating neon signs into their interior design. One of the best parts of neon signs is that you can find completely customizable signs.

You can even create a DIY neon sign using this easy-to-follow guide from thehomeblog. Neon signs can help us express our style and show off some of our favorite words and phrases without looking cheesy. Neon signs are also great for their dual-purpose use. Not only do they look stunning, but they help light up the small interiors of apartments in a unique way.

5. Maximalism

Minimalism had its time to shine, but now maximalism is here to take the stage. Maximalism is the interior design trend of mixing a lot of different patterns and colors. It is the art of filling a room with gauche furniture and over-the-top wallpaper patterns, and even though nothing should match it all seems to work beautifully. Creating a maximalist apartment is all about having fun and showing off personal style. Think about adding in lots of knick-knacks around the apartment. Show off your favorite colors in the furniture, walls, and rugs as well.

There’s been a great resurgence in retro interior design themes, and many trends that involve maximalism bring these retro themes to life by mixing them with modern pieces. There isn’t much of an end to maximalism in an apartment, just make sure it’s not too cluttered and it should all look like it’s meant to go together.

6. Cottagecore

If you aren’t already familiar with cottagecore, it’s the interior design trend that swept the internet this year. Cottagecore is taking inspiration from little cottages out in the countryside. Think lots of soft colors and palettes as well as natural elements.

Exposed wood, lots of floral prints, and baking fresh pastries with berries from the garden. Although you probably don’t have a garden in your apartment, it’s easy to pick and choose elements of cottagecore to incorporate into your interior decorating. Creating a calming environment with soft tablecloths and nature-inspired decor around your apartment.

7. Natural Elements

Although this is a classic way to brighten up any apartment, an interior design trend for apartments right now is plants. Adding plants to your apartment is a wonderful way to create intrigue. With so many people spending more and more time in their apartments, it can be hard to get out and get back in touch with nature. So why not bring some of nature to you?

It’s as easy as finding your favorite indoor plant, a good pot, and space for them and just making sure you water them when needed. Plants can also help purify the air in an apartment and create a calming environment.


Whether you’re just moving into a new apartment or feel like it’s time to redecorate, these emerging interior design trends should help give you the inspiration you need. There are so many ways to incorporate interior design trends into an apartment setting. It’s all about picking what speaks to you and makes your space feel like home.

With so many people spending more time in their apartments than ever before, now is the time to make sure you are comfortable in your space. Taking inspiration from these 7 emerging design trends can help turn your normal apartment, into a personal paradise

By Anurag Rathod

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