Nowadays, technology has been developing so quickly that you may find it difficult to find satisfying gadgets or software. The first thing most people think about is to search for reviews online. Most people admit that online reviews have a great effect on their buying. However, have you ever thought about the authenticity of those reviews? A reliable and unbiased review cannot overstate or belittle the products introduced.

Here we provide you with the best review sites which you can trust when you search for certain products. Whether you want to keep up with the latest tech information or find the satisfying software for certain fields, you can get the perfect solution here. Let’s go for it!

1. TopSevenReviews

TopSevenReviews is a professional product review site for video, DVD, Blu-ray and other tech-related solutions. It has gained great fame since its establishment 7 years ago. The articles included in this website are written by experienced editors all over the globe. You can select the specific language on this site, which is truly user-friendly.

It provides hands-on reviews, features, product comparison with pros and cons, and guides in the multi-media field. It also rates the products with stars to make the comparison clearer. With that, you can have an all-round and thorough grasp of the topic you’re searching for or interested in. TopSevenReviews has been devoted to provide better content and experience for users. Visit this site and find the perfect solutions here.


CNET is one of the best well-known tech review sites you’ve heard of. Founded in 1994, it has been developing quickly. CNET claims itself as an all-in-one site to keep you up with all the latest tech news and information. You can find almost all you need here. It provides not only software reviews but also other tech accessories like laptops and mobiles. Although with articles of so many categories, they are organized reasonably and intuitively, which is easy for visitors to navigate.

CNET comes with the “versus” part, which is its unique feature. Here you can find the comparison of similar products and have an overview. By that, you can get all the information you want quickly and efficiently.

3. TechRadar

TechRadar has been trying to be the most trusted site and claims itself as the source of buying advice. It includes tech information and reviews of tech products like laptops, phones, TVs, Gaming PCs, etc. (both latest and earlier). You can find both satisfying product reviews and proved problem-solving solutions here.

The articles are organized in different categories and you can locate the right field quickly. Moreover, they are written in plain English so that everyone can acquire help easily. Like TopSevenReviews, it also provides users with the region-specific feature. For the detailed product review, the products are rated by the 5-star scoring system based on their design, usability, features and so on.


4. TomsHardware

TomsHardware, launched in 1996, is another powerful software review site well-known by people. It is rarely known that TomsHardware is run by the company which owns TechRadar at the same time. Therefore, they may share similar design and structure.

TomsHardware focuses on PC and other computer accessories included. If you visit this site, you can find the buying guides and product reviews you need. Unlike other regular review site, TomsHardware embraces changes. If you’re a DIY person, you can even build your own computer following the guide on this site.

5. Mashable

Mashable, founded in 2005, is one of the best review sites which provides the latest tech news and reviews the products launched all over the world. It also has its own social media account followed by millions of users. Unlike the websites listed above, Mashable covers more fields, including entertainment, politics, culture, science, business, etc. If you want to catch up with the latest news of versatile fields, Mashable is definitely your first choice. What’s more, the layout of this site adopts a magazine type, which makes a splash and brings convenience to reading. Regardless of the exquisite design, the review is in-depth and you can have an in-depth look at the specific topic.


There are more quality review websites. Whether you want to decide on which new tech product to purchase or catch up with the latest information, make good use of the review sites above. You’ll find they’ll provide you with more than enough information. Look through the detailed review for your specific needs and decide which to choose. It’s the most convenient and reliable way in your reach.

By Anurag Rathod

Anurag Rathod is an Editor of, who is passionate for app-based startup solutions and on-demand business ideas. He believes in spreading tech trends. He is an avid reader and loves thinking out of the box to promote new technologies.