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Who doesn’t like a clean look no matter if it’s their home or their personal/business website. Yes, you heard it right, clean website designs are one of the most popular things being discussed nowadays.

In case if you are one of those people who wants to develop a clean website design for themselves, then do follow this post till the end. As here we are going to have a look at top 5 clean website design ideas from where you can take inspiration and generate new website design for yourself.

Not only that, we will also have a look at one of the best tools for clean web page designing. With the help of which you can generate any type of website design efficiently.

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What do clean website examples look like?

Here at this section we are going to have a look at top 5 clean website designs, from where you can fetch some ideas and generate a completely new design for yourself.

1.   Themes Kingdom:

The first option from the list of best and clean website design examples is Themes Kingdom which is a colorful but a clean looking web design. Right after visiting their website you will fall in love with the idea of playing with colors, as they have used a variety of colors all over their web pages.

Moreover you would be able to notice that with every changing color they depict a new service of their, which looks amazing. Along with that, if you have a look at the top of this webpage, they have made everything clear by adding the exact price of themes, which means they have built a good transparency with their visitors.

To make this homepage look even more interesting they added a few graphical integrations, whenever you click on the homepage at a particular section you would be able to notice a customized mouse bar.

Hence at last they have added two main sections that are for Help and the call to action button where you can fill out your email address.

2.   Media Temple:

The next option we have is a hosting service provider known as Media Temple, they haven’t added any kind of fluff on their homepage, nor in the content of their website. Right after visiting their website you would be able to notice that they have listed down all the services that they offer, along with their support services and all.

While scrolling down their website you would be able to notice that the developers haven’t used more numbers of colors on this website and this thing looks great on their website.

On the top they have added a few options such as about us, cart and the login button. With the help of which visitors would be able to pick the appropriate option on the basis of their requirements.

At last of the homepage you would be able to get their social media profiles, from where you can get in touch with them directly.

3.   Rest & Play:

The next option from the list is Rest & Play and they offer hotels and rooms services, but their places are not the normal ones and they create such rooms that offer more positivity to their visitors, so they can relax easily. Hence this was a target for them to create such a clean website design that offers a glimpse of their services and make people believe that they would be able to actually relax by visiting their place.

Whenever you will visit their homepage you would actually be able to feel the quality of their services easily. On the top they have added an graphical post with which they are showing what kind of services and features you can get at our place. Moreover this is a really good impression, as people would be able to know about the kind of services you are offering.

Scrolling down their website you will notice they have used few color options that are light. Hence they have told about the events that take place on a regular basis and many more such things.

At last the developers have added a cool looking call to action, where you can add your name and other such details for getting in touch with them. One thing that we forgot to talk about and that’s their logo, you will notice that their slogan is revolving around their logo name, which is quite impressive.

4.   Envato Elements:

The fourth option in the list is Envato Elements from where you would be able to buy & download website templates. One thing you will notice about this website is that they have a unique way of letting people know about the kind of products available on their website.

You would be able to get a few pictures of all the products, that helps users to know more about it. Hence this small step makes it easier for the visitor to make the final decision, whether he wants to buy the product or not.

Scroll down a bit then you would be able to know about all sorts of products that they deal in, hence all are clickable items. So you can directly click on it and reach the buying page.

On the top bar you can get general details such as your account information, cart details and many more. Not only that, you even get a search bar, from where you can directly search for a product you want.

5.   Sandy Dauneau:

Here at last we have a personal website which is of a motion graphics designer, and believe us once you visit this website you would not need to have a look at the services they offer. Because the user have developed the whole clean website design in such a way that you would be able to know about the services just by having a look at the site.

The person hasn’t built the website in a regular manner, but it is in the form of slides that looks innovative and visitors love playing and having a look at such websites. On the top section you would be able to get an About Us button, from where you can know about Sandy.

One of the biggest and most popular things about this website is how the user has shown-off his skills by developing and changing the whole way of visiting and viewing a website.

By Anurag Rathod

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