Spanish language courses in India

Spanish is one of the prominent foreign languages in India. The reputation of the Spanish language is now on an all time high, with more people showing interest in learning it for the past few years than before. This recent rise in Spanish fascination can be achieved through the several available Spanish language courses in India. Some of the institutes listed below provide the best training in Spanish language.

1.  Henry Harvin

Not only around the globe but Henry Harvin Education is one of the leading Spanish Language Courses in India as well. They stress innovation with quality in everything they do. The Spanish language course is an online certification course. To differentiate yourself with others, Henry Harvin helps one in achieving mastery in the domain through practical learning methods and techniques. The Spanish language course is a 9 in one course that includes training, project, internship, certification and such. Their course includes practical learnings and live projects with trained and experienced trainers.

2.  Swayam

Swayam is the online education portal introduced by the government for Spanish Language Courses in India . This is a popular name mainly among college students. The courses, including the Spanish language course are easily accessible and one can learn the course through the Swayam website or through the Swayam app. The course is divided into 12 week modules and all the major basic topics that need to be known for the Spanish learners. This course is a perfect one for the beginners. The lectures are available as videos and students can equip themselves with it.

3.  Indian Institute of Foreign Languages

At Indian Institute of Foreign Languages, classes are conducted by the expert tutors and the classes are conducted online and offline as well. The classes consist of small batches with maximum 3-4 students in each batch. And the classes are further divided into weekdays and weekend batches which are conducted both online and offline. The classes are very interactive and students are welcomed to write feedback on day-to-day classes. The interactive classes help the students to learn easily and easier for the tutors to track the progress of the students.

4. Lets Talk India

Spanish Language Course in India website focuses on teaching Spanish at 5 levels. From elementary A1 to advanced  C1 level. Also the training is divided into four levels. Grouptraining, one-on-one training, private group training and corporate training. The course materials are provided through e-books accessed throughout the course. Two assessments are conducted during the course which tracks the progress of the students.

5. Urban Pro

Urban Pro is a unique platform for the learners where the choice of choosing the tutors is given to the learners. One can find the best of coaching and tutors in the locality. They have both online and offline classes depending on the tutor. And one can book a demo class to see if the class works out. One can view the profile of the tutor and can learn the credentials of the tutor. One can contact directly with the tutor of one’s choice and gather further information about them. The class timings and fees may vary from one tutor to another.

 6.  In Lingua Chennai

Here, they prepare the learners to crack the international examinations and DELE exam. Inlingua chennai provides courses at different levels, from beginner level A1 to Mastery C2, completing different topics in each level. Each group consists of not more than 8 participants and the main purpose of this is to make the learned participate rather than the tutors. And they provide different diplomas in Spanish Language Courses in India for the learners who are preparing for university and embassy examinations.

7.  Institute of Spanish Studies

They provide advanced, beginner, intermediate and elementary courses. They have both weekday and weekend batches for learners ranging from students to homemakers to business officials. The trained tutors help in mastering all the basic parts of learning a language, like grammar, vocabulary and LSRW skills. Spanish Language Courses in India also offer short term courses with tourists, businesspersons, and students as the targeted learners. Students who can not attend the offline classes are provided with the classes with the same quality via online methods. They make sure every student is trained as in the offline classes.

 8.  British School of Languages

In this course, the trainees are taught by the native Spanish speaking tutor. This helps the learners listen to the language constantly and develop a sense out of it. They also have modules at different levels to cater different levels of the Spanish language. The course module is divided into six parts with A1 as the beginners level and C2 being the master proficient level. It is one of the Spanish Language Courses in India where the student gets an actual Spanish speaker as a tutor. They also focus on making the learners learn a little bit at a time and not stuffing new concepts all at once.

 9.  Academia Espanol

At  Academia De Español, the course is taught by experienced tutors and native translators. The institute has teaching experience of more than 20 years. They offer a wide and diverse course modules. They have their own books devised mainly to complement the training process provided at the academy and it is one of the prominent Spanish Language Courses in India. They also provide corporate training. They also offer private tutoring for the students with their choice of timings. Apart from all of these, they also offer one-on-one training, e-learning and much more.

10.  Udemy

Udemy offers several courses online and is one of the leading online trainers in India. They also offer the Spanish Language course in India with a different approach. They offer the course in such a way that the learners might be able to converse in Spanish with the help of a top class of Spanish Language Courses in India tutors and they offer different packages of videos for different needs. The learners can choose the package of their desire and the timings of the videos of their choice. One can purchase the course after seeing the reviews given to the course.

Spanish is now in demand in many countries and earning a course certificate by learning Spanish can be very useful in moving forward with one’s career. It adds credibility to one’s resume.

By Anurag Rathod

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