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Whether it’s an adult or a newborn puppy, the health of your dog has to be taken care of at any cost. As the owner of your dog, the proper hygiene and wellbeing of the dog is your responsibility too.  Here are more than 15 tips that’ll help you ensure that your dog’s healthy –

1. Don’t overfeed your dogs

Apparently every pet owner loves to feed their dogs and cats out of compassion. However, overfeeding your dog could lead to abnormalities in metabolism and cardiovascular diseases. Make sure your dog is under a diet prescribed by the vet. By letting them into a proper eating routine you’re doing both you and your dog a favor.

2. Check your dog’s nose

Dogs normally have a wet nose. Even though the moisture levels vary between different dog breeds and seasons, it’s likely that your dog will have a slightly wet and cold nose in its good health. It’s because they sweat through their nose and it’s important for them to maintain a healthy body temperature.

3. First aid kid

A first aid kit for your pet is a must. Emergencies and accidents don’t come with a warning. In that case, it’s better to be prepared with a proper medical supply. A DIY medical kit is something every dog owner should keep with them.

4. Brush dog’s teeth

In order to avoid expensive dental treatments in future, keep your dog’s teeth free of germs. Brushing our dog’s teeth is something we often overlook. However, it’s as important as the other hygiene measures.

5. Keep your trash away

Dogs have a natural tendency of smelling and eating everything they find juicy. Your daily household trash is something which draws in their attention the most. The food leftovers and toxic substances ware indigestible and harmful, and in the worst case scenarios it can also lead to emergency surgeries. Make sure the trash is kept away from them and at a secured place.

6. Exercise together

One of the best ways of bonding with your pet is by doing activities together. Whether you’re playing snatch in the lawn, racing with your dog or climbing stairs, it all counts. Exercising and doing activities together can keep your dog fit and healthy alongside having fun.

7. Take them for walks regularly

Dogs are social in nature, taking them for walks not only fulfills their daily exercise regime but also keeps their mental health in check. Take some time from your busy schedule, make it a routine and try taking them for a stroll every once in a while

8. Keep them away from human food items

Food items like chocolate, onions, avocados, etc. are toxic to your dog. Foods like these can cause serious ramifications to your dog’s health. Don’t feed your dog what you eat, unless its recommended by the veterinarian. So next time you fall for those puppy eyes, think twice.

9. Turn training into a fun game

We already know how important it is to train your dog in order to make him obey your commands. However, introducing a little fun into the training regime might help your dog to learn skills more quickly.

10. Moisturizing their paws

Cold weather and wet floors can cause your puppy’s paw to crack. Applying mild moisturizers can keep them healthy and prevent further cracking. In these circumstances walking for your dog can be painful, make sure it doesn’t go through it.

11. Avoid taking them to lakes

We know how tempting it is to take your dog out for a fun bath in the pond or a lake during the summer time. However, you should be aware of the cons coming alongside that fun. Many ponds and lakes contain toxic algae which is extremely harmful for your dog. If ingested, it can be fatal as well. Make sure you’re avoiding dirty lakes that have harmful pesticides and toxic algae in them.

12. Keep them hydrated

Just like humans dogs also have the need to stay hydrated too. Dehydration is extremely harmful for your dog’s health. Make sure your dog has access to a clean bowl of water at all times. Check in for symptoms of panting, dry nose and signs of lost appetite. These are generally caused through dehydration.

13. Wash your dog accessories frequently

Germs, bacteria and pollens end up in your dog accessories like the collars, sweaters, blankets and soft toys. These items must be washed at least once every week. Make sure you’re always keeping your dog in a tidy ambience unless you want your pet to catch seasonal allergies.

14. Paying a visit to the vet

Making annual visits to your veterinarian keeps your dog’s health in check. Under expert supervision it’s highly unlikely that your dog might face unwanted heath issues. Examining your dog on a regular basis keeps them fit and healthy for many years.

15. Grooming

Every dog breed has its distinctive way of training. On-time hair trim is a fix to the issue of excess hair on their body. Make sure to cut off unkempt secures as it may cause them uneasiness while walking. Also, untidy toenails break out too easily which is very sore for the dogs. Grooming is a key for maintaining good health for your dog.

While the health of your dog is your primary concern, it’s legit that you ensure their safety as well. A safe atmosphere for your dog is as important as its health and hygiene. There are various technologies introduced in the market keeping that issue in mind. Due to the recent rise in dog theft in the past two years, modern technologies including GPS trackers and Wi-Fi cameras have come into the limelight. An electric dog fence is also considered as one of the finest ways of ensuring your dog’s safety. Most of the technologies are inexpensive and easy to access. Always remember, an ideal pet parent keeps its dog safe and healthy at all times.

By Anurag Rathod

Anurag Rathod is an Editor of Appclonescript.com, who is passionate for app-based startup solutions and on-demand business ideas. He believes in spreading tech trends. He is an avid reader and loves thinking out of the box to promote new technologies.