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Ludo has been one of the most popular games since time immemorial. The game is inspired by Pachisi- a tricky little game. But Ludo is simple and one hell of a game to play with family and friends, and with online Ludo, you can play with strangers around the globe. 

You can download the online Ludo game app from Google Play Store for Android Phones, and for iPhones, people can get it from Apple Store. Playing online Ludo is much more fun and exciting. It has so many themes, challenges, and new avatars and backgrounds. 

This game always succeeds in entertaining people. Due to its popularity, Ludo is being played across the globe. Online Ludo allows you to play with random players. And online Ludo offers Online Ludo Championships as well. Chance to win!

So, if you want to win, these tips and tricks are for you. After all, winning is what we all love. These tips and tricks will help you nail the game. 

Best Tips and Tricks to Make You Win Ludo

Ludo is a game of strategy and not a game of luck. You don’t have control over the rolls of your die but if you play smart by strategy, you will win this game of Ludo. Luck does come into the picture, but your expertise in decision-making and problem-solving skills will make the difference to help you win the game.

Here are some tips and tricks that will help you to win the game of Ludo:

Know Ludo Rules:

To win the game, you must know the rules well before you start playing. The best part about playing online Ludo is none can cheat. 

Open All Tokens:

Rolling 6 on die is one thing you don’t have control over. The smart move will be whenever you roll 6, and you must first open all your tokens. This way, you won’t be struggling or waste your turn when one of your tokens reaches a home or your token is sent back to start. 

It is the most important trick for winning Ludo.

Having fewer options on hand is not considered a good strategy, as a matter of fact, in any game.

Never Move Single Token Only:

To win Ludo, you must take all four tokens home. So, it is smart to move all tokens simultaneously rather than moving one token only.

The trick is to spread out tokens over the board. It helps you form a block and gives you a better chance to capture the opponent token. It gives a better chance of winning. 

Send Your Opponents Token Back:

Ludo is about ruthlessly sending opponents’ tokens back to the play yard. It is difficult, you know when you are playing with your loved ones, but otherwise, the best is to spread out and take on opponents’ tokens and keep sending them to play yard; whenever you get the chance, go for the kill!

Block Opponent’s Token:

Block your opponent’s tokens such that they can’t risk moving tokens around. This way, they won’t move past your token or capture it.

Keeping a close eye on your tokens and opponent tokens is necessary. You play while keeping an eye on every token on board, and then you play your move. That is key to success. 

Ensure Your Tokens Are Safe:

Move your token quickly when it is about to reach home. Also, there are places on board where it is safe to keep your token. It is the best place to safeguard your token and block opponents’ tokens. 

If you are about to reach home, keep it safe and move a token that would be less likely to get captured by opponents. 

When moving your token, it is wise to give it thought. You must calculate beforehand if there is a chance for you to take over the opponent token etc.

Decide Game Play:

Everyone has their own set of gameplay. Some play aggressively, and some play defensively. Some people don’t like to kill opponent tokens. Decide your gameplay at the start.

To win Ludo, you will-have-to play smart and safe. It is a smart mix of attack and defense play.

Ludo is best enjoyed when you play for fun; you capture and get captured to keep the thrill and fun on. Just play for fun and aim to win. 

By Anurag Rathod

Anurag Rathod is an Editor of, who is passionate for app-based startup solutions and on-demand business ideas. He believes in spreading tech trends. He is an avid reader and loves thinking out of the box to promote new technologies.