Things You Should Never Ever do in USA

The United States of America (USA) is one of the world’s largest and most powerful nations. Every year millions of tourists apply for a US visa to fulfill their dreams of visiting this wonderful country and experience its diverse cities and attractions. However, like any other country, travelers must follow specific rules and regulations while visiting this great nation. Here are some things you must never do in the USA.

  1. Drunk driving

Drunk driving is completely unacceptable in the USA, and in case you are found guilty, you will be charged with hefty penalties.

  1. Do not underestimate the size of the USA.

The USA is colossal, and it is impossible to see the whole country in one trip. It is better to pick one or two regions and try to cover them.

  1. Showing the middle finger

Pointing a middle finger at someone in the country can get you killed.

  1. Don’t joke about terrorism.

The rule of the thumb is to not speak about terrorist attacks, bombs, guns, and the likes in front of strangers for obvious reasons.

  1. Don’t break these driving rules.

Do not use cell phones while driving to call or text someone. Do not travel in a car without wearing a seatbelt. Never park in a handicap space unless you have the right to park there. Don’t honk unless you are in some danger. And lastly, avoid getting into an argument with a police officer, reaching for your pocket, or getting out of the car when stopped by one. The officer will take this as an aggressive act, and you don’t want to mess with them.

  1. Do not stare at women.

Staring, gawking, and flirting with women is considered rude. They may get uncomfortable or offended and call the police. If you are interested in a woman, you can go and talk to her or approach her with courtesy.

  1. Commenting about race, gender, obesity

Avoid making jokes about race, gender, obesity, etc., as it is considered extremely rude and offensive to comment about people’s physical appearance. In case if you are part of such a discussion, smile and keep mum.

  1. Smoking in public

Smoking cigarettes have become taboo in the country nowadays, so avoid smoking in public or do so only in areas dedicated to the same.

  1. Don’t intrude on someone’s personal space.

Americans like their personal space and don’t like to be touched. If you get too close to them, they become uncomfortable. So, maintain a comfortable distance while interacting with people.

  1. Avoid comparing any country with the USA.

Americans consider their country the best, so refrain from comparing America with any other country or your country.

  1. Do not use the metric system.

People in the US always measure in miles, pounds, ounces, cups, or gallons, and temperature is measured in Fahrenheit and not Celsius. So, familiarise yourself with these conversions before visiting the country.

  1. Refrain from discussing politics/religion

Politics and religion are considered sensitive topics. So, avoid speaking about them or taking sides, especially in front of strangers.

  1. Don’t forget to tip

Although tipping is voluntary, it is customary to tip at least 15-20% of the bill, especially at sit-down dinners. Waiters in the US earn less than the minimum wage and depend on tips to boost their income.

  1. Don’t say you dislike football.

Football is the most famous sport in America and is played at many levels, such as high school and college. No one will tolerate a word against this sport or any comparison with soccer. You must love this game in the US.

  1. Don’t get sick or injured without insurance.

The cost of treatment in hospitals and healthcare, in general, is insanely expensive in the US. So, ensure that you have suitable travel insurance to cover your medical expenses and treatment.
in any unfortunate circumstances.

  1. Do not disrespect the American flag or the troops

Do not criticize or make any negative remarks about the soldiers. Americans honor and respect those who sacrifice for their land and are immensely proud of them. Also, under no circumstance, disrespect the American flag as it is considered a symbol of freedom.

  1. Avoid interacting with people’s kids.

You must not stare, play, or interact with stranger’s kids. So, do not peck, hug, or pull the cheek of a child who is not yours. Americans are very paranoid about strangers being nice to their kids, and it can show you in a terrible light.

  1. Avoid silences

Americans like to keep the conversation flowing and are incredibly uncomfortable with silences. Silences that last longer than 3 seconds freak them out, so if you struggle with the language, use fillers such as “so, yeah, sure,” etc. 


The USA has an array of attractions, each one more unique than the other. So, follow these rules and social etiquette to enjoy an outstanding holiday in the country.