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You know the Captcha, those distorted letters and numbers that are designed in a way to stop the bot user from spamming. This helps the real users to stay on the webpage to do their thing while stopping the spam bots from spamming. However, it has been seen that Captcha is getting harder and harder, and mainly because the spambots are getting smarter though the option of anti Captcha will always be there but what about the constant frustration that you will have when it isn’t around. There will be the time when even understating the Captcha will not work and you will stick to that Captcha when you are away from your anticaptcha, Captcha solving service. Here are the tips to solve Captcha when you are unable to.

Load and Reload Again

Some Captcha has a short time and when that time is completed, they will simply expire and even though you are entering the right answer, it will not accept it all. It will simply ask you to code are not accepted or things alike and you will have to reload the Captcha again. However, there are some simple tricks such as open several entries of that Captcha and submit one by one. You will need to make sure that you are going to do it after waiting for a little because it may deny or consider you a bot for submitting Captcha too fast. Some Captcha will also expire because they have an anti hacking feature that will make them expire after a little time. This is especially beneficial to secure Captcha from spambots that may be reading the image to crack the code to show themselves as human users. If the problem isn’t going anywhere then you should reload Captcha once again to get the new code and complete the Captcha right away to continue further.

The “Zero” Error

Captcha, as you already know come in different design and styles and sometimes the designer may choose a poor font that may mix the look of O to 0 and they both may look same. This is perhaps one of the most confusing and frustrating moments where you will need to use the anti captcha API. You may be confused with the actual letter or word and this will consume a lot of time. Keep trying the different options.

Is it “l”, “I” or 1?

Yes, another error caused by the poor choice of fonts and design and especially when your Captcha is distorted letters. There could be confusion in understanding the right letter or word because the capital “I”, small “l” and digit “1” will look the same in Captcha. Especially when a designer has decided to mess around with the design to confuse the bots and it ended up confusing the human users. Though you can use the anti captcha key to get the things done if it isn’t an option then try to do a little harder.

Update your Browser

This might come as surprise as many of us will never care if the apps they are using in their windows or Mac are regularly updated and this same goes to the browser and remember if your browser isn’t updated that many modern Captcha will not load and show correctly and chances are the security might consider you as a bot and you may have to face Captcha again and again.

The Problem of “8” And “6”

Yes, the “6” and”8” are two different numbers and different by appearance as well. However, the Captcha design will put lines intentionally on a side of them to confuse the automatic image readers. Some Captcha comes with background elements that may appear in a way that will mix with the letters or words that will change the look of Captcha that may even make “C” look O. If this keeps happening you can either some other options or use anti Captcha, Captcha solving service.

Is This the “Wrong Case?

Another common problem with the Captcha solving is that they don’t come with instructions that if you need to care about the letter case because sometimes Captcha will not accept the right answers if they aren’t written with the original case. The only frustration is that there isn’t anything clears that of letter case matters. If you are going to submit the Captcha then it is better to submit the Captcha the way you see them and this means to take care of the letter case as well. Also, check if your caps lock is on because there may not be any indication that Captcha caps lock is on but every time you type will be entered in capital letters.

When Eyes Cannot Find It

One of the major problems with Captcha is the fact that they are difficult to be complicated for the people who have some type of visual impairments which means that they will have to rely on the anticaptcha or if not then Captcha often comes with the audio option as well which is especially helpful for those who cannot see the Captcha can take help from the audio option of the Captcha.

Using the Captcha Solver

Service like anti Captcha can help you to solve the Captcha within no time and you can take help from them to get the Captcha solved without any problem. If nothing works for you then you should feel shame for taking help from Captcha solving service. If you are using anti captcha API, then you can submit a link and wait for a little while which mostly depends on the Captcha type you are solving it can take up to 15 sec to 1 minute to get the Captcha solved. The service is cheaper and usually costs you cents so there shouldn’t be any problem paying the price. Visit death by Captcha and opt for anti Captcha, Captcha solving service and make your Captcha game easier and convenient.

By Anurag Rathod

Anurag Rathod is an Editor of, who is passionate for app-based startup solutions and on-demand business ideas. He believes in spreading tech trends. He is an avid reader and loves thinking out of the box to promote new technologies.