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Santiago: The city of most beautiful tourist destinations and glowing nightlife. If you are planning to go out on a romantic vacation or want to spend quality time with your kids, then the city of Santiago would be the best option.

Don’t miss out on any opportunity to watch the massive brilliance of Andes or do thrilled rafting at Cajón del Maipo. So guys what are you waiting for? Santiago is out there for you to explore and live fully.

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Dive at Cajón del Maipo

Get ready to sway by the beautiful Cajón del Maipo Canyon range. With its outstanding picturesque scenery, with chilling fresh air, is ready to woo you completely. It’s recommended to take your camera with you and capture the charms of the canyon.

Not only for taking selfies, but the canyon is the best tourist spot for rafting too. Take a deep dive in your rafting boat. Experience it and tell your friends about it.

Be a daring Cowboy!!!

Have you ever imagined yourself as a cowboy? Yes? Then want to feel like one? Come to Santiago. You will experience an amazing horseback ride with Chilean Cowboys on a Criollo horse.

Guys! Life is full of adventures if you want to live it like that. Grab this golden opportunity of flying like a bird on a horse over a rugged mountain range across the city. You can book tickets for your entire family from the official site of United Airlines.

Excursion to San Francisco Glacier

Santiago is full of thrilling experiences. It expresses its wondrous natural life, with more than a teaspoon full of never-ending charm. You can plan a 9-mile hike through the San Francisco glacier, situated at the laps of Chile’s spectacular El Morado Natural Monument National Park.

The spell-bounding natural beauty of Andean ranges, will fresh you up. Come along with your loved ones and a guide too. Taste a delicious boxed lunch over the mountains and after an amazing day, take a rest at any cozy hotel nearby.

Relax at steaming thermal springs

Hey folks! What about a relaxing dip into the steaming hot springs over rugged Andean Mountain ranges? Guess what? A relaxing day tour to these thermal springs is waiting!

Take a half dip into the fresh thermal water bed and enjoy spectacular thermal views of snow-capped Andean peaks, ready to enthrall you. Suppose all your stress and problems end for a while, what more you expect in life?

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Ready! For a panoramic Santiago bike tour

Gear up folks! An amazing bike ride is waving at you. Befriend with the beauty of Bicentennial Park, admire the charms of San Cristobal Hill, and pedal around Barrio Bellavista of Santiago, everything in a single tour.

Are you an adventurer? Or is there anything you want to explore something unique in life? Well, Santiago is the sole answer.

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