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Imagine asking your client to sit in the waiting zone during the peak time in your salon. The last thing any of your customers would wish for is to sit on an uncomfortable chair. On the other hand, someone who visits your salon for haircutting or facial would always expect to rest their back and neck comfortably. In any of these circumstances, the role of a salon chair remains significant.

Investing in functional, quality, and comfortable salon chairs is one of the foundation steps toward success. Have you already planned to buy chairs and sofa sets that complement the space’s aesthetic beauty? Do not go wrong with your choice. Instead, help yourself by believing the following facts when choosing the right salon style chairs.

5 Things to Look for When Investing in Salon Chairs

#1 Consider The Cleaning Maintenance

A chair that needs the whole day for cleaning is inappropriate for your salon. Easy upkeep is one of the quintessential features you must look for when choosing a chair. Therefore, it is imperative to select salon chairs that are maintenance-free. The best way to eliminate additional time in its maintenance is by choosing darker hues.

Just a single swap should be enough to clean it because – let’s just face it, your aestheticians will have other jobs to do instead of cleaning it the whole day. And as a new business, you cannot afford to hire a professional cleaning service because that involves additional expense. So, while buying, ensure to pick up a set of easily cleanable chairs designed explicitly for salon purposes with covers like waxes. That increases the product’s lifespan and mitigates manual efforts.

#2 Seek Different Designs and Styles for Different Salon Purposes

Truth be told, a chair installed in the waiting room would not be similar to a chair installed for facial or haircutting purposes – isn’t it? So, you need to consider different styles and designs for different salon purposes. Then, choose a brand that manufactures a unique range of chairs for different purposes. On this note, the best is the Belmont Barber chair range.

The brand first originated in Japan and entered the global market in the 50s. Now, it has become a brand that manufactures different designs and models with regard to the comfort & experience required by customers.

You can choose chairs with a shock absorption mechanism & full-flat leg rest for clients undergoing any treatment. Besides, you can get styling chairs that you can install in your salon easily. They feature supreme comfort and include a full-flat armrest & leg rest heater for a comfortable experience.

#3 How Comfortable It Is

Undermining your clients’ comfort is the biggest mistake you can make. Remember always comfort is the most significant aspect when it comes to investing in quality styling chairs. In your salon, you are going to conduct several beauty treatments.

Don’t you want to outshine your rivals by offering the best treatments? For this reason, you must buy comfortable and stylish chairs, which is your priority here.

For every beauty treatment you conduct (bet it straightening or hair dying), your client should love the whole experience. And neglecting the selection of these chairs can affect their degree of comfort. While selecting these products, ensure the following features:

  • It should feature a detachable footrest
  • A sturdy construction
  • A heavy-duty hydraulic pump
  • A round chrome base
  • It should be lined with durable foam (measure the thickness)

Suppose you want a chair for threading and hairdressing purposes. Such a type should include a reclinable back alongside an adjustable headrest. These two features make it an ideal choice when choosing salon furniture.

#4 Consider the Budget

Considering a functional and aesthetically pleasing chair for your salon without giving a thought to the budget can be a big mistake. Although the right features and comfort level are prime focuses, nothing sounds as challenging as crossing the budget. So, amidst your journey of buying a quality chair, do not go wrong with the cost.

#5 Giving Importance to The Aesthetics

Ideal salon chairs feature several aesthetically pleasing elements. Seek consultation from a brand that creates chairs with a perfect touch of sophistication and function. Select chairs that blend in well with your salon’s interior.

So, whether you have a retro, contemporary, or traditional salon, you cannot go wrong with the aesthetics when choosing these chairs.

Additional Tweaks & Tips – Some Extras

The comfort level and quality of salon furniture, especially chairs, can demonstrate a lot about the salon. Your client will pay attention to these intricacies. Irrespective of how much you spend, your customers will always want you to pamper them.

The main reason why they visit your space is they want a rejuvenating session. And an uncomfortable chair can only hamper this experience. With the aforementioned parameters considered, you can walk one step ahead of your competitors to show your clients a sense of gratitude and happiness. So whether it’s a manicure or shampoo session, ensure the chairs are cushioned. That ensures your customers have no back and neck issues.

Choose one that combines a modern quality with a vintage aesthetic & construction. For example, if you are a fan of French-style chairs, seek an elegant shampoo chair with studded armrests and a buttoned backrest. It gives the wash-point the most unrivalled luxury appeal. Add an outstanding style to your salon and improve your wash unit’s aesthetics accordingly.

Alternatively, when it comes to haircutting, ask your customers to sit on a reclining barber styling chair. These haircutting chairs are built to last you a lifetime. In fact, they are durable and feature additional amenities such as armrests, headrests, and footrests.

The Final Words

Watching your customer exiting the salon with utter disappointment is the last thing you want to experience. So, to be the best host, it is time to embrace chairs that combine advanced technology crafted with functionality. Don’t disappoint your clients; let them become loyal customers who visit your salon once every month.

By Anurag Rathod

Anurag Rathod is an Editor of, who is passionate for app-based startup solutions and on-demand business ideas. He believes in spreading tech trends. He is an avid reader and loves thinking out of the box to promote new technologies.