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Earning money from B2B E-Commerce websites is an easy and efficient way of making money online. You can take your business to a whole new level with effective e-commerce web development techniques and by utilizing the right e-commerce SEO services.

In this article, I will walk you through some practices that are hurting your B2B e-commerce store and how to deal with them to recover your lost revenue and improve overall conversions.  Don’t worry! With Shift by your side, you can easily face any hurdle that comes your way. 

Shift will assist you in designing and developing an engaging website that will generate leads. From enhancing user retention to providing for your customers, growing your sales to forming your brand – Shift works for you!

What are Some Unfavorable B2B E-commerce Practices?

I will go over a few things that people often fail to consider while designing a website. If you want to achieve successful e-commerce web development, keep reading on!  

Not making the website mobile friendly

Do you think that people still solely rely on laptops for online shopping? It’s been ages since e-commerce has upgraded. People now use smartphones to make small-scale and large-scale business transactions online. 

Customers use their mobile phones while standing in a store to look up product and service reviews online, compare prices and even find alternative options nearby. Don’t you think you should make your offering accessible in every way possible, especially for B2B e-commerce customers?

The era has evolved, and it’s time that you should too!

Posting fewer and unrealistic photos 

Users generally prefer real pictures over flashy and edited ones. Also, you should put up enough photos to provide a good insight into your offering. It is an essential part of e-commerce web development.

Imagine that you want to get a new bag online and arrive at a website that has an attractive interface. You liked a bag that only has two highly processed pictures. You will ignore them and immediately start looking for customer reviews to find authentic pictures of the bag right? 

This was just a small personal purchase, what do you think about B2B e-commerce purchases? When you are so careful when shopping online yourself, how can you expect businesses to take it so lightly?

Not getting people to post reviews

People generally make shopping decisions based on user reviews. Encourage reviews, whether they are positive or negative, and don’t get defensive at all. Take it as an opportunity to promote your product and develop improved B2B e-commerce services.

This way, you will also start getting good reviews over time!

Not staying in contact with your customers

E-mail and SMS marketing is essential for e-commerce web development success. It is a way to provide your customers with a more personalized experience. Also, you do not only communicate your offering to them, but also get authentic feedback in return. 

Consider the feedback you receive and cater to your customers’ needs. This way, the buyers will feel encouraged to post more genuine reviews, and your customer base will gradually grow.

Not utilizing e-commerce SEO services and business listing

SEO ‘’search engine optimization’’ consists of various operations, and knowing what they are and how they function is the key to understanding SEO. Availing e-commerce SEO services make your page visible to users when they search for related content. Likewise, you will be able to attract more traffic to your website. 

Shift offers you the best e-commerce SEO services optimizing your website both locally and globally to generate leads. We ensure that your page gets targeted traffic and outplays the competitors. 

If your company is aiming for globalization, know that it’s vital to build a strong reputation at home first. With Shift’s affordable e-commerce SEO services, you can promote your offering’s visibility in local Google searches. 

This way, you will attract convertible traffic to your website and be able to have free local advertisements alongside. Furthermore, you will acquire local reviews that will assist in brand reputation management, and you may also create more leads from mobile users in the process. 

Many potential customers over the internet want to get in touch with you to attain more information about your product or service. Local listing management increases your chances of being found by the right customers through rankings or voice search. 

Our team of experts develops a personalized plan for you with achievable goals that will help you meet your ultimate B2B e-commerce objectives.  

Poor product description

Do your current captions and descriptions explain why your customers need you? Or do you only write about the features of your product? 

Know that you have to sell to them. Your description box is the best place for this. Write about how your product or service benefits them and makes their lives easier. 

Therefore, your description shouldn’t entirely consist of product features, but also the impact it will have on the users’ lives. 


Now you know enough about B2B e-commerce web development techniques and the right ecommerce SEO services to give your website a boost. 

Hit your page by trying out these guidelines now!


What can ruin your B2B e-commerce site conversion rates?

An essential aspect is whether you have a warm or a cold traffic source. Referrals and linking are your warm sources that convert at good rates, whereas, social media ads and paid advertisements are the cold sources that convert at relatively lower rates.

What are your best e-commerce web development tips for 2020?

You should acquire a customer-oriented approach and make your website mobile-friendly. Aligning your business with your social media accounts can also prove very helpful. 

What are the most common e-commerce web development mistakes?

Choosing the wrong platform, not forming a logo, not posting pictures, incomplete contact information, not using e-commerce SEO services, overutilizing pop-ups, etc, are some common mistakes.

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