My love for travel is for ages and when I got to live this moment, I can’t stop myself from sharing all my experiences. So, I visited Thailand, a dreamy beachside paradise. Despite being a popular tourist destination, it is a nation that has been able to preserve its cultural integrity. From historic monasteries to coral reefs, stunning beaches to vast forests, and Buddhist monks to floating marketplaces, one may find everything here. And lastly, the delectable meal to pamper your taste buds. My journey started at Delhi International Airport and my arrival location was Bangkok. I had booked a vacation package since I didn’t want to waste my time managing everything myself. It took me 4 hours and 20 minutes to reach my destination and I was very much excited to start my voyage.

How to Reach Thailand?

Bangkok and Phuket are home to Thailand’s two largest international airports. These have excellent connections to all the nations. Various Indian cities fly to Thailand. Therefore, there are plenty of flight booking options. There are further international airports at Krabi, Koh Samui, Chiang Mai, and Hat Yai.

Best time to visit Thailand:

November to February, during the country’s cold and dry season, is the ideal time to visit the country. Besides, the shoulder season, which lasts from April to June, is when the rainy season begins and temperatures range from the late 20s to the early 30s. This season is ideal for budget travel because both airline tickets and hotel rates are on the decline.

Insider Tips:

  • In Thailand, using cash to pay is considerably more practical than using a credit card. Fortunately, there are many ATMs in popular regions because many street markets, neighborhood restaurants, and many tourist sites typically only accept cash as payment.
  • Check the legitimacy of any hostels, guesthouses, volunteer opportunities, or tours before making a reservation. Unfortunately, Thailand’s increased tourism has fueled a rise in swindlers and fraud companies looking to bilk travelers out of their money.
  • Hostel accommodations will be less expensive than hotel lodging. Although this advice for traveling to Thailand applies to any country, you can find hostels there for as little as 6 USD per night. Hostels typically cost between $6 and $13 per night.
  • You must adhere to the dress code when visiting temples. You must take off your shoes and wear clothing that covers your stomach, knees, shoulders, and chest.

My Arrival:

So as I said it took me 4 hours and 20 minutes to reach the location. My arrival city is Bangkok, the capital of Thailand. This is a bustling metropolis that is home to many diverse cultures and religions. Tall skyscrapers coexist peacefully here with temples and monasteries. During my stay, I visited various temples since I am spiritual and I love to also learn more about its history. Furthermore, here the street bazaars and floating markets compete with the upscale shopping complexes and malls. However, I couldn’t stop myself from exploring the Palladium World Shopping Mall and shopped a few things for myself.

I also tried Thai and international cuisines out there during my visit; they are prominently displayed in rooftop restaurants as well as on the streets. If you are here, you can not forget the city’s nightlife. Bangkok’s nightlife focuses on flashy nightclubs, rooftop, and go-go bars, vibrant neon light signs, and inexpensive cocktails. I did step inside a nightclub and had an amazing time there. Well, I was here in Bangkok for 3 days and it was so much fun. But, I also wanted to check out more places, so I left this place to travel to other cities.

More Places I visited in Thailand:


The largest island in Thailand, Phuket, offers all that the nation has to offer. It is on the Andaman Sea coast in southern Thailand. The island, which is served by the Phuket International Airport, never lacks visitors throughout the year. Phuket is best described as having countless outlying islands, vibrant marketplaces, and exhilarating watersports. Phuket is also one of Thailand’s beach locations with the quickest access. During my visit, I had fun at Surin and Kata beaches; both of them were enjoyable. I also tried a few watersports and I can’t describe how amazing my experience was.

Hua Hin

Hua Hin, the country’s first beach resort city, is well-known to both residents and visitors. The city is also served by Hua Hin Airport, which is about three hours south of Bangkok by car. This beach town is becoming a chic retreat for those seeking to get away from Bangkok’s particularly noisy metropolitan life. Hua Hin offers a lovely blend of seaside and urban living with magnificent golf courses. On my visit, I checked out a vibrant market, hip café, restaurants, and an entertaining waterpark.

Chiang Rai

I know I am not going to stop at all. I visited Ching Rai too. In northern Thailand, close to the borders of Laos and Myanmar, is the mountainous city of Chiang Rai. Along the Mekong River, there are numerous ancient temples and tribal settlements. Chiang Rai is a great starting point for exploring the Golden Triangle, which consists of Thailand, Laos, and Myanmar. Due to the White Temple, the small backpacking destination has gained popularity. My foremost goal here was to cover visiting famous temples which I completed in my 1.5-day stay.

Khao Yai National Park

Khao Yai National Park, which was founded in 1962 and is now a UNESCO World Heritage site, is Thailand’s oldest and most popular national park. It extends over a surface area of nearly 2,100 kilometers. The park is home to exotic bird and animal species, a rich green environment, rough mountains covered in dense forest, beautiful waterfalls, and luscious greenery. Animals like leopards, tigers, gibbons, bears, elephants, and many more are available for us to appreciate. During my visit, I was able to see different bird species (there are more than 300 bird species here). Due to the captivating hiking trails, tourists from all over the world swarm to this location.


This charming tiny town of Pai, which is close to Chiang Mai and is surrounded by mountains on all sides, is a traveler’s dream location. In this region, rafting is a popular sport owing to the picturesque river Pai. Other exciting options include trekking and hiking. One of Thailand’s most beautiful landscapes, it offers endless trekking opportunities in the mountains and resting opportunities along the picturesque Pai River. There are also a few Burmese-inspired temples, waterfalls, and hot springs. I tried all the water activities and also visited the hot spring. I captured all of these beautiful memories on my phone. The two-day trip here was sufficient enough to see everything this mini-town has to offer.

Bottom Lines:

Hope you got a fair idea of how well my trip to Thailand was! If you are thinking about whether I’ll revisit here or not, then my answer is for sure yes. I would like to see more of Thailand’s places and I am going back here very soon.

By Anurag Rathod

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