Automobile Sector

After the automobile industrialization revolution the industries grow up with the huge transformation from its starting point to ending point, it is not seems like the old version of industrialization where each production or each model come up with too much time or after coming on the roads creates many challenges for the manufacturers and the end users, this transformation leads to idealization of perfect production and safety model which take care system from the beginning till end and further to the end user the industrial development means the development for the concerns.

Automotive Eco System

The changes in the industrialization leads to the high expansion in the digitalization of all automobile sector began from the manufacturers, investors, dealers, suppliers and parts supportive chain on one single page of transformation world or the you can say the automobile eco system, with that digitalization and networking chain leads to central control system which helps to automatically to complete system to work digitally with in few frame of time, this become much more faster and effort less and not like old days for long and time wasting repetition of same procedures again and again, the artificial intelligence, robotics, cloning, smart computing, high speed internet enhanced every area with the digitalization all the sectors become much more responsive and accurate with the option of multiple flexibility control for production and user demands.


The collaboration in the fortunate industrialization is like complete management system is controlled by the auto pilot intelligence system where human decision making system is very minimal, the pre define settings and procedures mostly the daily task for the production in that machines automatically doing all things but for the material chain management need to involve human handling to make sure proper systematic things on the production, that all system actually performed with the help of digital system which allow integration of suppliers, material in and out cycle, reordering and stock matters with in define limits and system which are now a days followed in united states of America and the @Japan Motor.


As per the many progresses due to digital transformation of the industries but as artificial intelligence taking place different decisions from the human it leads to inhuman and same pattern of work where still artificial intelligence is not capable to beat human mind multiple and different dimensional  thinking here we don’t need to forget it all the development of machines, technologies, development and digitalization belongs to human mind not to the artificial intelligence in current era we can say that artificial intelligence and digitalization make different task and production much easy and perfect.


But they all with the combination can’ t produces self-made new technology because at current stage they are still dependent on human mind and its creation but the Japan Motor is willing to make fully automotive and innovative AI system for the future of automotive industry, during the last year the automobile consumer industry doing study o the consumer behavior and its association towards the artificial intelligence during, after and before ride and that studies leads to the new update that now the consumers are ready to adopt any heavy change in artificial intelligence which makes their vehicle as robotics partner not limited to the vehicle only, in that study it has been identified that the connectivity, freedom and auto ordering is the top leading function which is more desirable for consumers and that can make vehicle accessibility globally to track and trace or to order them on particular location before you reach there are some prototypes.

Investor reactions

The investors of the automobile sector are now more willing to invest where more technologies and innovation expected to touch sky soon like Japan Motor, as the Japan now fully focus on extra advancement of artificial intelligence with the collaboration of satellite base technology in other words most advance technology are going to knock our vehicle doors in new few years with full of advancement and uniqueness, that kind of revolution attracting investors in America and Japan to be a winner with the good technological team, because they know it very well investments leads to the high and best technology and who has that technology can enjoy premium from consumer market, initial technologies always be available with some protocols and premium for limited number of peoples.

Current Practices

The automobile sector now totally focused  with two areas number one the mechanical advancement and its improvement and at other hand electrical intelligence system advancement and its improvement, the demand of market is not constant it keep changing according to the different technological changes even in the different sectors or in different industries, for example if many cellular manufacturing company introduces any new model with some new function the automotive industry will do focus on it also how they can integrate that function in the latest vehicle model for example Bluetooth option in cars, so that kind of changes in they market always pushed industries to keep eyes on in surroundings.

Global Manufacturing Setup

The automobile manufacturers are now playing very smartly because they are not moving their production in multi countries only to support demand and supply matters or to access maximum market the other hidden agenda is to adopt best possible technology immediately as its mature or available the Japan Motor and other brand in Japan doing same, many companies opening new manufacturing units in America, Japan and other countries where automobile sector on its boosting stage not to fulfill the requirement of the country but to adopt any fast available technology.

Here we say it is the beginning of new era in which only technology and artificial intelligence is the main focus for all to make things which work automatically with few instructions or you can say cruise control for everything less control more time saving and more innovative for other domain within or outside the industry most likely Japan Motor and Tesla are top leading in those particular areas and they are in competition with each other for first winner.

By Anurag Rathod

Anurag Rathod is an Editor of, who is passionate for app-based startup solutions and on-demand business ideas. He believes in spreading tech trends. He is an avid reader and loves thinking out of the box to promote new technologies.