Job in Canada from India

Getting a job in Canada? How difficult it can be? That is why we are here to dispel all your myths, so that you know how easy it is to get a job in Canada, but there are some steps you need to follow. Because without the right direction and path, you can get lost. 

If there is anywhere where having a well-paid job and a place to live permanently can come true, it is Canada. When you apply for Canada PR from India, your goal is not only to settle but to find a place where you can earn enough money.

The focus of Canada as a nation that is diverse and tolerant, is to welcome newcomers with talents and qualifications. Having a job offer can also help you get 10 points extra along with others. It is like having bonus points. 

Here are the top 5 steps that can easily help you get a Job from India in 2024 

Step 1 – Look at how the Canadian market works 

Look into which sectors are hiring presently. Go to Google or Linkedin and see what kind of job postings are in demand. That will give you a fair idea of what exactly Canadian employers are looking for while hiring. 

See the roles and responsibilities as well as the licenses and certifications required for you to apply for the job. Because without that it is not possible to apply for any job as they have specific eligibility criteria.

You can even connect with recruiters through their LinkedIn network and ask whether they have any openings in their department. Since advertisements for jobs is done in public, it is best to consider Canada Job Bank. All the latest jobs in every province are advertised here. 

Step 2 – Make a resume according to the ATS 

Wondering what is meant by the term ATS? Once you have created and updated your resume you can need to make it ATS-friendly. But your first step is to work it out. Because when you make a resume, you need the time and seriousness which many do not offer. 

Because thousands of resumes come to employers, so filtration is not possible because of the volume. Because of this Canada has created what is known as the Application Tracking System. This is an advanced HR software that is used to filter out applicants without any human involvement. 

Hiring processes are for those people who wish to immigrate to Canada as workers. Because there are tens and hundreds of applications that come daily. But only those who meet the maximum criteria of the job will be chosen for the job role in Canada. 

Depending on keywords, profile, photos and formats in which your resume is created, this choice is made by the ATS system. It scans all kinds of applications which are received from all job portals of Canada which has advertised job postings to be filled. 

You can search for an ATS resume template online to make a favourable impression on the employers. 

Step 3 – Make use of online job resources for getting a job 

When you seek, you find. And, that is exactly the mantra you are supposed to follow when you search for a job in Canada. Because it can take time, but the result can be a job offer in hand. Now who does not want that? 

Now you are secure with that job in your kitty, and you join once you land in Canada. But to be able to get to this stage what you really need is curiosity to know. Go on Linkedin, or you can see jobs on sites like Indeed or Monster which have active job postings all the time. 

Many job recruitment agencies for newcomers are also a great way by which you can find a job of your choice. Just search for them and you will have some the top ones to choose from. Do this before you apply for Canada PR visa. 

Directly applying to the company website can also be a smart option you should not be missing. Write to them, along with an attached cover letter and updated resume. Wait to see whether they respond. But, most importantly be relentless in your job search.

Step 4 –  Now be ready to go ahead and apply for Canada PR visa 

Many jobs need you for a long time, for which you need to stay here. This is possible if you become a Canadian permanent resident. With this, your employers know that they need not worry about spending on your stay. That ways it is a definite plus. 

Upon having a PR your employers are sure that spending time and resources on training you, shall not go to waste. As an Indian with a PR visa you can work in the country without adhering to any kind of restrictions.

Step 5 – Always be ready to slay the interview 

Now this is where, you need to buckle up and be ready to face the questions. Do have a look at the description of the job, and the roles and responsibilities attached to it. That will help you get an idea of what the occupation demands. 

See what technology is used by the company, and whether you can work with it. You can even create your own job portfolio highlighting all your past work experience. Along with that design samples can also be attached to give them an idea about all the previous work experience you have gathered over the years.

You can practice at home by telling your friends or family to participate in a mock interview where they ask all the questions which can be asked. This process gives you the confidence to face your interviewers.


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By Anurag Rathod

Anurag Rathod is an Editor of, who is passionate for app-based startup solutions and on-demand business ideas. He believes in spreading tech trends. He is an avid reader and loves thinking out of the box to promote new technologies.