Structure of Perfumes

Psychology of Fragrance 

Humans have five basic senses which are regarded as an important area of psychology. The smell is one of them. The sense of smell is called olfaction. It allows us to identify the chemicals present in the air with the help of epithelium present inside the nose. 

A good smell can stimulate a person’s mind by arousing positivity in them. The sense of smell has the power to impact the psychology of humans. There is a therapy called aromatherapy which helps in balancing soul energy centres. These soul energy centres are the core need for survival, security and livelihood. 

One of the fundamental components of the psychology of smell is the strong connection between smell and memory. The brain, when interacts with the smell, provides emotional reactions and memories. 

Different people have different preferences. This implies that your signature scent can be different from the other person’s scent. Perfumes are prepared from a wide variety of ingredients. Making of perfume requires good knowledge of chemical compounds as well as a creative perspective in combining layers of fragrances into a single perfume. Study of chemical compounds helps us to understand the structure, properties and bonding patterns of chemical and natural compounds. 

Making of perfume

The making of branded fragrances involves a variety of methods.

  • Distillation that involves heating and condensing of aromatic material.
  • Maceration where raw ingredients are soaked in some solvent to extract fragrance out of them. 
  • By compressing aromatic materials and squeezing out oil from them.

Structure of Perfumes

The scent is made up of a wide variety of layers that gets unfolded over time. When a designer fragrances for him are formulated, it harmoniously mixes with other different essential oils used for making scent. The scent has three phases or notes and each note will have a different intensity over time. 

The Top Note

The top note usually contains fragrances that are intense and fresh such as citric, green or watery scent notes. The essence here is intense but volatile. The effect reduces just in few minutes after the mobile application. Top note is the first impression that perfume imparts. 

The Middle/Heart Note

The heart note is the one that lasts for long. It spreads out when the top note gets evaporated, creating space to diffuse the fragrance of middle note. The middle note usually has warm fragrance such as flowery or of sweet spices. The heart note acts as a pleasant connection between the top note and base note.

The Base Note

The base note is the last phase of the fragrance. The smell of the base note can last not for hours but days. It is more intense than the top and middle note. The scent present in the base note creates a subtle difference, making it an individual part of the fragrance. The base note is least volatile and is made up of heavy and intense fragrances such as spices, animal, moss or woody. 

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