Instagram is now an extended life pattern, for each one of us. We can share images, stories, videos, etc. on it and want people to like it. This article will educate you, on how to grow your Instagram account amongst your peers. 

Instagram personally I feel, is a platform wherein one or the other way, people are following a mundane system. Everything demands an upgrade, hence your posts need to be unique in a way that helps you to grow. You can learn so many new things through Instagram like uploading aesthetic stories and downloading Instagram Reels. 

If you are a content creator, you want people to love your content, but if it’s unable to reach the targeted audience then generating that content is of no use. We can use hashtags, tagging, and various other strategies to grow our accounts so that more people can communicate and reach them. Instagram is now with reels and various other new options to reach more audiences. How to do that and make a change will be discussed below. 

The various options out there for the users, demands a certain pattern and process. So, let’s get started.

Be Consistent:

When you are in front of the audience, a continuous interaction is necessary because otherwise, people will walk away to the other account. For continuous growth and an urge to increase followers, being Consistent is necessary. 

If you have ever been through various Instagram accounts like that of Netflix or Amazon Prime, whenever they are out with their best web-series & TV shows, for creating a continuous interaction with the audience, they keep posting pictures, images, or related memes. 

This keeps their account’s followers in a loop and also helps their OTT platform to grow as well.

Make Collaborations:

When you have an option to fetch something for free and make benefits out of it, why not use it? 

Collaboration is one such strategy. If you think your mass reach is less but your content is amazing, collaborate with others on the same platform who have more reach but not that good content.

 This will help you cater to the audience of that individual too because we know that we are there to only consume the best content. This has also proved to be one of the best strategies.

Say Hi to Reels:

Instagram to keep its users away from boredom, it every month drags something new for us to consume. One such upgrade is of Reels. Reels have been one of the most used media on Instagram to communicate. 

The only thing required is to be creative with Reels and post them without a thought. It will definitely reach the targeted audience and if your content is satisfying, your growth is a sure thing. 

Strong Hashtag Game:

A lot of people on Instagram are actually unaware of the Hashtag game. If you use Hashtags, it will separate your content from the entire pile and make it stand out. Hashtags will streamline your content if you tag them in the correct pattern.

The one way is to use the tag that widders the perspective of your content and the other is completely being specific about the tags on which that content is based on. 

For instance, if you are posting for the best web series & TV shows, you can use the tag for a wider perspective like #best #webseries #TVshows, and for being specific, you can use hashtags of the actors, directors, genres, platforms it will release on.

Promoting your content:

You can promote the content that you create so that you can earn money out of it. You just need to switch to a business account and promote your content as much as you can. 

Once your followers grow to a certain number, you can be a collaborating party to earn more and make your content reach a much greater audience.  

How cool is that, you need to be well-versed at your work and just create it and post and earn money. 

Work Towards the captions:

Images are cool but captions much cooler. If you Think only tagging, a good image can only attract people, then you are wrong. 

A lot of mass is just following you because probably you have a unique and relatable caption to your upload. This actually attracts a lot of people and if you keep the caption game up to date, you have an update on followers too. 

Interact with the audience quite often:

Being consistent is great, tagging is also fine. What creates more demand is when you interact more. You can reply to the DMs, Comments to make a noticeable mass-reach. 

Live stories and interacting with your audience can also bring you in a limelight. So, interact not just post.

What is growth, this question is directly proportional to how you communicate with your audience and reach them. All the above-mentioned strategies are tried and tested. 

By Anurag Rathod

Anurag Rathod is an Editor of, who is passionate for app-based startup solutions and on-demand business ideas. He believes in spreading tech trends. He is an avid reader and loves thinking out of the box to promote new technologies.