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Honor will launch two products (Honor Band 6 & Honor View 40) this year on Europe markets. In the end of 2020, Honor band 6 has been launched on China at affordable price 24¥ equal to around 38$ or 36£. As for Honor View 40, it is estimated to be globally launched on next month.

Featuring a 1.47inch touch display which is considered the biggest display compared with other smart bracelets. According to Honor official report, HONOR Band 6 will handle the mission to lead smart bracelet into a new era with full screen.

Honor Band 6 Features & Specs

Honor Band 6 Basic Specs

HONOR Band 6 weighs 18g without the strap coming with 1.47 inches AMOLED touch color display, and the resolution of display is 368*194.


The strap of Honor Band 6 is made of skin-friendly silicone rubber, which is dirt resistant and pretty comfortable to wear.


Honor Band 6 is available in three different colors, Coral Powder, Meteorite Black, and Seagull Grey. And customers have the option to get the version without NFC or with NFC according to different requirements.

Health Monitoring

Regarding other features, HONOR Band 6 includes various useful functions, such as 24h heartbeat monitoring, sleep monitoring, menstrual cycle tracking, SpO2 monitoring, stress monitoring, and breathing exercises. 

Workout Modes

Honor Band 6 also supports more than 10 workout modes, including indoor running, outdoor running, outdoor cycling, outdoor walking, indoor cycling, pool swimming, indoor walking, elliptical, rower, and freestyle training while auto-detecting workout modes are also supported.

Battery Life

HONOR Band 6 has a decent battery, which could last for 14 days in typical use and 10 days in heavy use. And its water-resistant level is 5 ATM.

HONOR Band 6 vs Xiaomi Band 5

Why do we want to compare HONOR Band 6 with Xiaomi Band 5, instead of any other wearable products’ model? This is because brand Xiaomi as the 3rd player, according to a report from IDC, now has 11.8% of the wearable market share, while similar to the brand HONOR, this brand is famous for competitive electronic devices.

Table of Specs of Xiaomi Band 5 & Honor Band 6

ModelXiaomi Band 5Honor Band 6
Screen1.1-inch AMOLED 294*1261.47-inch AMOLED 368*194
Water Proof Function5 ATM5 ATM
Motion Sensor6-axis A+G Sensor6-axis A+G Sensor
Heart Rate MonitoringSupportedSupported with TruSeen 4.0 Tech
SpO2 MeasurementSupportedSupported
Sleep MonitoringSupportedSupported
Stress TestSupportedSupported

Workout Modes
Indoor running, freestyle training, pool swimming, cycling, outdoor & indoor walking, outdoor & indoor running, elliptical, rower, jump rope, yoga
Auto-detect workout
Indoor running, freestyle training, pool swimming, cycling, outdoor & indoor walking, outdoor & indoor running, elliptical
Auto-detect workout
Workout can be synced and recorded between the phone and smart bracelet
Battery Life14 days (Standard Version & NFC Version)Typical usage: 14 daysDeeply usage: around 10 days

According to the above table to compare the features of HONOR Band 6 and Xiaomi Band 5, we can see that, though both have quite a lot of the same features, there are several differences.


Honor Band 6 is equipped with 1.47-inch AMOLED touching-screen, while Xiaomi Band 5’s screen is only 1.1-inch. HONOR Band 6’s screen is 33.6% bigger than Xiaomi Band 5.


Honor Band 6 comes with a strap made of Silicone Rubber, while Xiaomi Band 5 with TPU instead. After searching online, it’s found that compared with TPU, silicone rubber has better high and low-temperature resistance, while feels comfortable to wear and non-toxic and eco-friendly.

Health Monitoring

Also, it is worth mentioning that HONOR Band 6 support SpO2, blood oxygen measuring. During the pandemic, this is a pretty useful feature to protect ourselves and our family.

Workout Modes

Another difference is the workout modes. Though both HONOR Band 6 and Xiaomi Band 5 support around 10 workout modes and could detect workout modes, the modes available are a little bit different.


The price of Xiaomi Band 5 currently from Amazon is $37, which is $8 cheaper than Honor Band 6.

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