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Beautiful bathrooms are necessary in modern homes. People want bathroom Budget Decor Ideas that are both functional and exceptionally beautiful in their own unique way for their modern bathrooms. Keeping in mind the amount of money many people are ready to lash out for their elegant bathroom designs, it is easy to see why these bathroom designs get discussed so much in the interior designing community worldwide.

Mirrors are just a simple given in modern bathrooms. It is an uncommon to see a bathroom without at least one mirror these days as it is to see a modern home without a bathroom itself. However, different home owners and interior designers use different mirror designs in their bathrooms to create elegant looks that look and feel great.

Here are some of the very best bathroom Mirror Frame Ideas that can make your bathroom show off your beautiful style:

Twice the Mirror, Twice the Fun

Do you have a double faucet and sink setup in your bathroom? A stunning new look can be created by using two separate Frameless Bathroom Mirrors in equal dimensions attached on the back of the two faucet sink designs. Have a floating vanity under the mirrors to really create an awesome look and feel that almost looks right out of a Hollywood TV show.

Creative and Unique Heart Shaped Bathroom Mirror

Why use simple square, rectangle or round shaped mirrors for your bathrooms at all? You can get really creative with mirror designs that flows right into your whole bathroom design with a heart shaped bathroom mirror. These beautiful mirror designs are available from high quality mirror sellers or home stores, be sure to find one that has no frame and is all  glass right to the edges to make it look floating and you are good to go.

Mix and Match Mirror Wall for Large Bathrooms

Got a large enough bathroom with a wide wall? You can create something truly stunning by having a unique colored backdrop for your mirror wall and then adding many similarly shaped round Frameless Bathroom Mirrors in different sizes right across the wall. Have the largest bathroom mirror right on top of your faucet, sink and vanity setup, the rest can be irregularly place to create a unique mix and match sort of design finish.

Hanging Bathroom Framed Mirror

For elegant bathrooms that are a bit cramped for space, hanging a mirror down can create the illusion of having much more space than there actually is. When you have a mirror frame that is in line with its color and design with the rest of your surroundings like vanity cabinets, hanging it over from the ceiling can make the whole setup look unique and elegant. Be sure to use quite sturdy and durable hanging ropes however, you don’t want it to fall down and break into small sharp pieces at all.

Backlit Illuminated Frameless Bathroom Mirror

Do you have a dark color tone in your bathroom? A really fancy design implementation is to have a backlit large frameless bathroom mirror that stands tall right above your floating vanity case and faucet installation. Keep all the surroundings minimal and neat, the whole thing will look unique, elegant, clean and beautiful. Have only the mirror backlight running with all other lights off to create a truly beautiful look and feel while your face shines bright whenever you stand in front of this large mirror.

Go Big or Go Home

Without being rude, this big frameless bathroom mirror design can look really elegant when done right. This not only suits large bathrooms well but when you have a smaller space, a large mirror design implementation can create an ultra-wide scene that provides the illusion of a much bigger space as well. A full side wall mirror flowing right down to the sink and vanity setting and going all the way up to your ceiling is a great implementation. Keep surroundings minimal in design and color for this to shine bright on its own.

Large Oval Shaped Mirror with Lights

If frameless bathroom mirrors are your thing, you can make one look great by using lights on its sides. It doesn’t need to have those high power light bulbs as you would rather have on a dressing table however, just dim lit lights will do great and make the whole setting look unique. This is a nice alternative from the backlit frameless mirror design and twist some decoration keys on its own. Be sure have a floating vanity with an elegant faucet design under it for the whole setting to look great and use an oval shaped mirror stood tall for a complete view of yourself when standing in front of it.

Frameless mirrors can be made to look great with the right setting in modern bathrooms. However, when you have framed options, be sure to test your creativity skills to the max and implement whatever designs that suit your taste. It can all be changed pretty easily if you are not happy with anything as well.

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By Anurag Rathod

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