In the previous century, sexual harassment was called marital duty and women could do nothing but suffering. Even until recent times sexually abused women kept silence and tended to file divorce online without any details and explanations.

Nowadays, with the prosperity of women rights organizations and the freedom of speech, there is no reason to wait for better chance or quietly gather divorce documents online to run away from the abusive husband. Women should speak up and defend their rights and get punishment for abusers. 

Yet, it doesn’t mean that the way to success over domestic violence and sexual harassment is straightforward and deprived of underwater stones. Still, you shouldn’t be afraid and cooperate with the specialists facing the very first attempts of sexual assault until it gets late. 

Sexual Assault Causing the Divorce

Sexual assault is a common problem for many married couples. They usually keep silent simply being ashamed of the situation and doesn’t want it to be revealed, or they simply don’t realize where sexual assault starts. In fact, there doesn’t need to be any physical interaction to call it sexual assault. Even if you receive some lustful or suggestive comments, you feel uncomfortable or humiliated with and they do not stop after you ask for it, it can be treated as sexual assault. Usually, women get concerned and ask for help when it comes to unwelcome touches and actions, but they can prevent it, reacting and reporting about sexual harassment on the comments stage. 

If after all, you want to save your marriage and exclude any kind of violence from your family relationships, you are to visit a couple therapy with your partner and talk openly about your problem. But in most cases, you’d better get divorced to protect yourself and your kids from the even worse scenario.

In our country, you shouldn’t have serious reasons to get cheap divorce papers online and file for divorce. Yet, if you do have a reason, you have to prove whatever you accuse your partner of. Sexual assault is not easy to prove since it usually doesn’t leave physical traces unless it is supplemented with domestic violence. So, you need to act very carefully and cooperate with appropriate specialists to confirm your sexual assault allegations. You may also be accused of having a S.A.I.D. syndrome when a person makes false sexual assault allegation for personal benefits. 

Still, if you manage to prove the fact of sexual harassment in your marriage, you will certainly get the beneficial divorce and prevailing parenting rights, so you really have what to fight for.

Sexual Assault In the Process of Divorce

Sexual harassment in the process of divorce is a widespread problem as well. It often happens that one partner initiates the divorce and impatiently waits for marriage to come to the end while the other spouse hopes for reconciliation.

Although from the moment you file for divorce or even start cooperation with the attorney and reports to your partner about your desire to get the divorce he has no right either to ask you for or force you into any intimate relationships, sexual harassment often takes place during the divorce process. 

So, if you happen to suffer from your soon-to-be ex’s lustful or suggestive comments or intrusive behavior that makes you uncomfortable, you should ask your divorce attorney for help. Your lawyer may reach your partner’s lawyer to settle the issue or get a court order for your husband to restrict an amount of contact he can have with you. This issue is to be settled as soon as possible to prevent it from getting into violent sexual abuse. 

Sexual Assault Outside the Marriage

There are also cases when the divorce is caused by sexual assault allegations coming from outside the marriage. It means that your husband is accused of committing the sexual assault to some third person. If the case is proved and you believe that your partner is guilty, you have two options: either you get an easy divorce online and finish up this humiliation as fast as possible or go through the full divorce procedure and get most out of it. 

It is obvious that if the accusation of sexual assault is proved, you are to get all the privileges stated in the marital agreement. Apart from that, you are going to win a custodial argument almost definitely. Your husband’s behavior will be defined as an “inappropriate” for a parent, so, he will receive poor rights in parenting. Yet you should be careful with your own behavior during the procedure. It may be emotionally difficult to take the fact of your partner’s infidelity and sexual violence to another woman. But if you react too emotionally or speak poorly about your husband in front of your kids, you may be also defined as an “inappropriate” parental model and lose your beneficial position as well.

By Anurag Rathod

Anurag Rathod is an Editor of Appclonescript.com, who is passionate for app-based startup solutions and on-demand business ideas. He believes in spreading tech trends. He is an avid reader and loves thinking out of the box to promote new technologies.