VPS Ecuador

If your website is growing day-by-day, it means the footfall is also increasing. To cater this, you need to prepare yourself with better technology and resources. Web hosting is the first pointer of preparation. You need to a hosting service which provides you an isolated environment so that there would be no hindrance while working. What’s better than a VPS plan to serve this purpose?

Talking about VPS or Virtual Private Server, it is a server providing a completely isolated environment for hosting. VPS Hosting Ecuador comes at a much lesser price if we compare it with a dedicated server. There is a physical server which hosts many clients but it is divided by a virtual layer called ‘hypervisor’.

This layer keeps their works separated, furthermore maintaining the privacy of each client. As the name suggests, it will keep your data safe. Especially, in a country like Ecuador where everything is online, one needs to stay updated all the time. They need to hire the best hosting plans, technology, etc. You can always opt for VPS Ecuador by Serverwala, as it will come under your initial budget and will make your website work supremely fine.

 VPS Hosting vs Shared Hosting

People get so confused between shared and VPS hosting. My friend, these two are not same at all, neither in terms of performance nor in services. Shared hosting is a very budget-friendly hosting and works well with many business owners. In this hosting, there are 100s of clients sharing the same resources like RAM, storage, etc.

Any individual’s website performance depends on the other people on the server and type of work done on the server. On the other hand, VPS Hosting Ecuador provides an isolated environment to work on the server. It provides dedicated storage, RAM, bandwidth to each client so that they can work comfortably. They’ll get what they’ve paid for. You can opt for a VPS plan from Serverwala according to your needs in Ecuador.

When should you Upgrade to VPS Hosting Ecuador?

Take a stroll on your website, and if you find the below specs in concern, it’s time you need to rent a VPS:

Security concern

If you are concerned about the security of your website and you need something upgraded for your website then you must opt for a VPS Ecuador plan from Serverwala in Ecuador.

High traffic

If you are using shared hosting just after starting your website, it is possible that things will work. But, if the traffic continues to increase as your website gains popularity, then it’s high time you need to switch on to a VPS plan. There are chances of website crash, downtime when the traffic increases, so it’s better to make a smart move.

Slow website

When the website gains popularity and gets overwhelmed by high traffic, you need to make sure that you have sufficient RAM, storage, etc. If you opt for Ecuador VPS from Serverwala you’ll be able to conquer that very easily.

Online store

If you run an online store, then VPS is a must. As the name suggests, VPS- Virtual Private Server; means it works privately. The hosting environment it provides to the clients is completely isolated. Every website having payment options should be very secure and that’s exactly what a VPS does. It makes everything secure by the isolated hosting environment it provides.

Custom software

If you want to install a custom software, you will be needing something that offers root access and maximum control. For that, VPS Hosting Ecuador by Serverwala is the correct choice in Ecuador. If you opt for a shared server, you’ll be frustrated because you can’t do advanced programming with a shared server. It’s better to pay a little more instead of getting something which will not be useful for you.


The problems that are stated above can be addressed by a dedicated server easily. But, if we look over the price range of a dedicated server, you’ll find out that it’s much pricier than the VPS. VPS in Ecuador provides nearly the same experience as that of a dedicated server.

Take a Glance into Serverwala

When we hear VPS and hosting together, the next thing that comes to mind is Serverwala. Serverwala is one of the best hosting providers in Ecuador. It provides best quality services and robust performing servers. It has served 1000s of customers globally.

Serverwala has a team of skilled technicians who are just behind your screen, just to make sure your website works fine. Serverwala provides root access and 99.99% uptime. So, your customers will always remain happy due to minimum downtime.

Plans & Features of Serverwala’s VPS Hosting in Ecuador

Serverwala VPS hosting in Ecuador is a boon for the new bees in the web market as they have a limited budget but want excellent performance from the server. Dive in, to take a look on its features:

Options to choose- With Serverwala, you have an option to select between managed and self-managed VPS Hosting in Ecuador. If you have basic tech information like service management, apps, and much more than you can opt for unmanaged VPS. On the other hand, if you’ve no idea on what these terms are and you want to focus only on work, then managed VPS will be best for you Ecuador.

OS support- Never miss out on this; always check if your service provider provides OS support like Linux/Windows to choose from. Hosting package needs to be supported by the operating system you own. Serverwala has that choice, don’t worry!

Reliability- Serverwala provides you reliability like no other hosting provider in Ecuador. With its VPS in Ecuador you get 99.99% uptime throughout. It means you are not going to face site crashes, downtime with your website. No website dizziness means no loss of customers with Serverwala.

24×7 Support- Serverwala in Ecuador provides 24×7 support for their clients. No matter how good the plan is, there are some glitches that arise while working. Serverwala got you covered! It has some amazing set of technicians, sitting behind your screen just to make sure your website works fine.

Backup- Backups are very important if all your work is present virtually. Imagine yourself stuck in a situation where you’ve lost data due to website failure and you didn’t prepare the backup earlier. What will you do? Jitters, right? It could result in money loss, reputation loss and a lot more. Serverwala makes sure that your backup game is strong.

Clients’ Words

Talking about clients, if they indulge with the services of Serverwala in Ecuador, there is no going back. They turn from customers to loyal customers. They’ve claimed that their business has experienced crazy growth after shifting online.

 In a Nutshell

By reading all of the above, I hope your doubts are cleared. I accept that a VPS plan is more expensive than the shared hosting one, but in the long run VPS is better. For beginners, VPS Hosting Ecuador is a boon which no one should waste.

There is no tension of maintaining a physical server or paying loads full of money to a dedicated server provider. You should definitely go for a VPS hosting plan if you’ve just started out. To check out some VPS plans in Ecuador, you need to take a look at Serverwala as your hosting service provider. It’s the best!

By Anurag Rathod

Anurag Rathod is an Editor of Appclonescript.com, who is passionate for app-based startup solutions and on-demand business ideas. He believes in spreading tech trends. He is an avid reader and loves thinking out of the box to promote new technologies.