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What Things You Should Look for While Shopping for a Semi-Automatic Washing Machine

What Things You Should Look for While Shopping for a Semi-Automatic Washing Machine

There are so many washing machine brands in the Indian marketplace that buying the “perfect” model has become somewhat of a challenge. Basically, there are two  types — semi-automatic and fully automatic. Types can also be classified as top load machines and front load machines.

While there is more of a demand for fully-automatic washing machines, as they afford the convenience of washing your clothes at a button’s push, semi-automatic washing machines too offer some benefits. Today, as with any other appliance for an Indian washing machine price factors are important in a purchase that warrants value for money, in terms of durability and performance. If you’ve decided to purchase a semi-automatic washing machine, one fundamental aspect you should keep in mind is that these machines don’t do all your work automatically, requiring some manual intervention.

A Brief Description

In India, the best semi-automatic washing machines are made by famous brands that cater to a widespread consumer segment. A good option for many users, these machines have two distinct parts — one that serves the purpose of washing, and the other, used for drying clothes. As these machines have both sections in one machine, they may prove convenient for many Indian consumers who lack space for two separate bulky appliances.

Although semi-automatic washing machines appear heavyweight, you have to consider that there are actually two machines in one large device. Semi-automatic machines are user-friendly and inexpensive. They boast all the modern technology possible and give clothes a decently good cleaning.

Good Capacity

Semi-automatic washing machines are of the top-load kind, as they are fashioned like tubs in two sections. They offer large capacities, up to 10 plus kgs in some models. Samsung has a great 8.5 kg model, sufficing for a large family (Samsung WT85R4200RR). You may discover that semi-automatic models take more loads than some of the best fully automatic machines. Semi-automatics have large and efficient drums that have filters and clean themselves.

Great Price

Semi-automatic machines don’t cost as much as fully automatic machines, and that’s  a major reason why Indians like them. Some really advanced semi-automatic models come at the same prices as basic fully automatic washing machines with less capacities. Nonetheless, you need to note that the best semi-automatic washing machine may nothave scrub wash mechanisms, and may not clean your clothes as well as the fully automatic appliance.

More Conservation

In case you are concerned about water usage and power consumption, then the semi-automatic machine is for you. This machine has mechanical knobs, and uses less power than a fully-automatic machine would. It also conserves water. Semi-automatic washing machines, such as the one by Whirlpool (9 kg ACE XL 9), come with a 5-star energy rating, which will cut down your electricity cost by almost 30% compared to a fully automatic machine.

New Technology

While fully automatic machines may look attractive because they offer all the advanced features that washing clothes need, in terms of washing modes and different kinds of specifications to match clothing, the best semi-automatic washing machines of today come with scrub cycles, giving your clothes a thorough cleaning.

Although this may not be as rigorous as fully automatic machines guarantee, it’s not bad. To consumers who are Indian, washing machine price converts to value, so this is a good deal. With super soaking technology and higher motor speeds, as well as better wash quality and quieter machines, semi-automatic machines are spreading their wings in the Indian marketplace.

A Value Purchase

You can buy some of the best semi-automatic washing machines by Godrej (WS 800 PDS) or LG (P9037R3SM) by availing the Bajaj Finserv EMI Network Card. You don’t have to pay cash upfront, and make your payments in easy monthly no-cost EMIs afterwards. Select versatile tenors from 3 – 24 months, and pick your product from over one lakh partner stores, located in 1,900+ Indian cities.

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