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We are the world’s leading Rotary Burrs Manufacturer and Exporter based in India. Rotary Burr is a rotating tool used for removing materials. Our Rotary burrs are designed to rotate at a very high speed which enables them to manipulate the material it is working on. Rotary Burrs (also known as Carbide Burrs) are used for cutting, shaping, grinding, and for the removal of sharp edges.

Following are some of the most important type of Rotary Burrs:

v  Tungsten Carbide Rotary Burrs: DIC Tungsten Carbide Rotary Burrs are made for use in various conditions. These are applicable on Tough & Hardened Steels. For Example Stainless Steel, Hard Bronze & other Hardened Metals, etc. DIC has various types of Rotary Burrs available in Tungsten Carbide like an inverted cone, ball nose, pointed and cone shape, oval shape rotary burrs

v  Cylindrical Burrs with end cut: These Burrs are used in workshops in various head shapes designed for different applications. Also used for easy removal of material, carving, and defining. It should be noted that carbide burrs are used for lightweight removal. These are not suitable for milling a large number of materials. The overall length of these burrs is 60 – 65 mm.

v  Ball Shape Rotary Burrs: DIC is a Ball Shape Rotary Burrs Manufacturer . This Rotary Burr is used for a wide range of stock removal and grinding operations. Ball Shape Rotary Burrs are mostly useful on a wide range of materials, mainly hard ones. The Shank Size of these burrs is 3mm, 6mm, and 8mm.

v  Oval Shape Rotary Burrs: Oval Shape Rotary Burr is used in metalworking in mold and pattern making, die sinking, surface cleaning, and maintenance. Our Rotary Burrs are made of heat-treated carbide which is sharp. This can last a long working life.

v  Flame Shape Rotary Burrs: These provide fast material removal and a smooth finish. Flame Shape Rotary Burrs are capable of being used at high speeds and high temperatures. They are also used to produce soft concave cuts or V Notch with a gentle radius.

v  Cone Shaped Rotary Burrs: Cone Shaped Rotary Burr is suitable for almost all metals such as hardened and unhardened steel, stainless steel, titanium, brass, etc. DIC has all sizes and materials available as per customer requirement.

v  Long Shank Rotary Burrs: DIC TOOL  is a Long Shank Rotary Burrs Manufacturer, designed for tough and hard-to-reach applications. These Burrs can be re-sharpened when needed. We can also provide Rotary Burrs in single cut – double cut as per applications. DIC Rotary Burrs are exported to various countries worldwide.

v  Rotary Burrs Set: Rotary Burrs is used for a wide range of applications. We have a variety of options available like solid carbide burr, standard double cut, or standard single cut. Our Double Cut Rotary Burrs provides very efficient stock removal for finishing and cleaning and single cut is commonly used for purpose fluting offering stock removal for milling applications.

v  Cylindrical Rotary Burrs without end cut: Cylindrical Rotary Burrs are used at the angle to make V cuts. These are an effective way to realize mechanisms in handwork operation in airplanes, automobiles, etc. The Overall length of Rotary Burrs 70mm and diameter:16mm.

v  Cylindrical Burrs with Radius Cut: We are a Cylindrical Burrs with Radius Cut Manufacturer, designed for clearing out material in a wide range of products including wood, plastics, stainless steel, and other metals. Used in a workshop, various head shapes are designed for different applications.

v  Tree Shape Rotary Burrs with radius end: These are made from the highest quality Tungsten Carbide. This is Sharp and durable and provides a longer working life. The length of these Burrs is 3/4”. Also available in standard and non-standard sizes, lengths, and diameters as per customer requirements.

v  Tree Shape Rotary Burrs with pointed end: Our Burrs are made up of the highest quality Tungsten Carbide. These are frequently used to cut all types of steel, plastic, ferrous, and machine-able metals of all kinds. Our products are exported to various countries worldwide.

v  Inverted Cone Shape Rotary Burrs: These are useful for working, where there is a lip or edge that requires working. Also used in deburring and for engineering. Offers long term high performance than other materials. The Diameter Range of these Burrs is 3mm to 16mm.

v  60° Cone Shape Rotary Burrs: DIC is a 60° Cone Shape Rotary Burrs manufacturer, often known as multi-flute countersinks. The Burrs are used for improved finishes and closed tolerance countersinking in general–purpose operations.

v  90° Cone Shape Rotary Burrs: These are widely used in industrial sectors such as machinery, aviation, automobiles, shipbuilding, and chemical engineering. Cone Shape Rotary Burrs are available in standard and double-cut. We also have Rotary Burrs available standard and non-standard sizes, lengths, and diameters as per customer requirements.

v  Tungsten Carbide Conical Ball Nose Rotary Burrs: These are used on soft and hard materials including welding seams. We also have Rotary Burrs available in a wide range of diameters, may have long or short head length, and maybe single or crosscut.

v  Conical Pointed Nose Rotary Burrs: These Burrs are frequently used for deburring irregular objects or to complete finishing work inside a confined space. Rotary Burrs is suitable for hard metals and the tool and mold industry.

v  Inverted Cone Rotary Burrs with end cut: Our Inverted Cone Rotary Burrs, commonly used on most hard materials metals which includes steel, aluminum and cast iron, stone, ceramic, porcelain, hardwood, fiberglass, and reinforced plastics. The length of Inverted Cone Rotary Burrs with end cut range from 70mm or 2-3/4”.

v  Inverted Taper Shape Carbide Burrs: Inverted Taper Carbide Burrs are commonly used in air tools such as die grinders, pneumatic rotary Tools, and high-speed engravers.

DIC has two types of Carbide Burrs:

1. Single Cut

2. Double Cut.

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