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Roadrunner is a first-rate electronic mail carrier that is being used currently by way of tens of millions of users, both professionally and in my opinion. Roadrunner service is certainly supplied through a famous communication-primarily based agency, Time Warner Cable (TWC) Internet Service Provider. But you can use the Roadrunner offerings most effective if you are a contemporary person of TWC offerings, and “Roadrunner Email Settings” allows you to work efficaciously.

Roadrunner email services have some of the most practical capabilities that fulfill all the necessities of an email user. There are several benefits of using the Roadrunner electronic mail provider.

Steps To Set Up An Email Account Using Roadrunner

Follow those easy steps to make adjustments within the Roadrunner e-mail server settings and set up an e-mail account the use of Roadrunner:

  • Open Applications and faucet ‘My bills’
  • Select the choice ‘Add Account’
  • You are actually at the menu of ‘Set-up debts’ and there are several different icons of social networks.
  • Click on the e-mail icon.
  • Now you want to enter your entire Roadrunner electronic mail cope with this is followed via ‘@—-.Rr.Com’ the area name. Ensure that everything is in decrease case.
  • Now enter the Roadrunner password inside the area provided.
  • You want to skip the choice ‘Automatically configure account’.
  • Click on ‘Next’
  • The phone will get connected to the e-mail server. If the e-mail account is installation efficaciously, you may see ‘Success!’ on the screen.
  • Your Roadrunner email setup is complete. You can take a look at the setup by using sending and receiving a mail.

Roadrunner Email Manual POP & IMAP Settings

Roadrunner POP settings

For the roadrunner POP settings, it is crucial that you have sturdy and strong net connectivity and a roadrunner webmail account.

  • Open the roadrunner email to your device and click on on the settings
  • Select guide server settings and click on the POP settings.
  • Make the account type as POP or POP3
  • Change the incoming server mail as twc.Com
  • Change the incoming server port to 110
  • Make the security type to none for the port
  • Make the outgoing server as twc.Com
  • Change the outgoing server port to 587
  • Make the safety type as None
  • For the username, enter the entire roadrunner e-mail deal with
  • Enter the precise roadrunner email password in the respective vicinity
  • Click on the done and you are completed with POP settings

Roadrunner IMAP settings

To begin with, the roadrunner IMAP settings in your device, make sure which you have a roadrunner e-mail account and a robust internet connection.

  • Open the mail app to your tool
  • Provide the login credentials for the roadrunner email login
  • Click at the manual installation choice and untick the automated configuration choice
  • Now select the IMAP settings and make the configurations as follows:
  • Make the account kind as IMAP
  • Change the incoming server to:twc.Com
  • Make the incoming mail server port to 143
  • Make the security type as SSL/TLS and protection type as None
  • Change the outgoing server to twc.Com
  • Make the outgoing port as 587
  • Change the security kind to none and make the insecure port as none
  • Provide the complete roadrunner e-mail cope with
  • Provide the roadrunner email password
  • Uncheck the choice of the secure server within the subsequent option
  • Also, uncheck the choice of the confirmed certificates
  • After the authentication through the SMTP server, you’ll be taken to the subsequent step
  • Provide the complete roadrunner email and password once more
  • Click on the Next button
  • Provide the account call which you need to get displayed on the display
  • Click on achieved

Roadrunner Email Settings Pop3 Steps for Setting RR E-Mail

Some human beings discover it hard to set the putting of POP3 for setting up RR email. Therefore, we’ve got furnished a smooth process that you could observe to be able to set your settings for the RR email login.

In This Procedure, There Are Various Steps That Are Mentioned Below:

  1. Go to your home web page and click at the settings.
  2. After clicking at the settings, click on mail, contacts, and calendar. After clicking on it, pick the choice of the add mail account.
  3. After choosing the option, enter all your information this is required in that you need to go into your name, roadrunner electronic mail deal with, roadrunner electronic mail password, and the outline.
  4. In the sector of the description, you could enter the roadrunner. After entering a majority of this info, it’ll get verified.
  5. After the successful final touch of the verification, you need to enter the information concerning the server. In which, there’s an option of an incoming mail server. In this option, you need to select the roadrunner email settings POP3.
  6. When you may pick the POP3, you may enter some details consisting of hostname, username, and password. In host call, enter pop-server.Dc.Rr.Com; inside the username, input your roadrunner full email address; in password, enter your roadrunner email password.
  7. After getting into all these statistics, click on post. After this, you need to enter all the facts to the outgoing mail server. This ought to input a few details such as hostname, username, and password. In hostname, input cellular-SMTP.Roadrunner.Com; inside the username, enter your roadrunner complete e-mail deal with; in password, enter your roadrunner email password.
  8. After entering all the information within the incoming mail server and outgoing mail server, click at the Save button. After saving, click on your e-mail deal with in the nested boundary.
  9. After clicking on the e-mail deal with, scroll down your web page to faucet on the SMTP alternative, which you’ll get underneath the outgoing mail server.
  10. After tapping the option, pick out the mobile-SMTP.Roadrunner.Com, which can be determined under the choice of the main server.
  11. After choosing the choice, you will get a new page in which the info of SSL and server port will show. Make certain that the element of SSL must be displayed none and the element of the server ought to be displayed 25. If those details are gifts there, then it’s adequate but if it isn’t always present, then you want to do the settings once more.
  12. After viewing the information, click on the button of completed and go away the web page of the main server.
  13. After leaving the web page, you may get returned to the previous web page that you want to choose the choice of superior. In advanced options, a few details of SSL and server port will show and you need to ensure the info provided in those two alternatives.
  14. When you’ll ensure it, you want to test the detail displayed in SSL must be none and the detail inside the server port need to be pop-server-dc.Rr.Com.
  15. After making sure this, click on the executed button. When you click on this button, you’ll get back to the previous web page with the intention to be your closing step of setting up POP3 for setting up RR email.

The Roadrunner Customer Support Service is taken care of by some of the most skilled technicians who are specially trained to provide efficient support to any customer requiring help to handle their “Roadrunner Email Settings”. Call 1-855-888-8325 for more information.

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